OSRS Sea Slug Quest Guide

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Sea Slug Quest Guide OSRS

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30 Firemaking

Items Required:

Swamp paste (made by mixing flour with swamp tar then cooking the mixture on a fire; can also be bought from a Trader crewmember for 75 coins, from Rasolo for 60 coins west of the Fishing Guild, or from the Khazard General Store for 42 coins at full stock)


Small fishing net for Ardougne Medium Diary (can be bought near quest start in Witchaven)

Unlit torch (a small glitch might occur where you do not receive the torch during the quest)

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Ok let’s do this!

Beginning the Quest

To initiate the Sea Slug quest, start by speaking to Caroline. She can be found on the coastline north of Witchaven and east of Ardougne.

start point

Caroline explains that both her husband, Kent, and her son, Kennith, are missing. She urges you to head to the Fishing Platform to search for them. Holgart, who owns a boat, might be willing to take you there.

Repairing the Boat

Engage in conversation with Holgart and learn that his ship requires repairs. He requests that you bring him one unit of swamp paste to fix the vessel. Obtaining swamp paste can be achieved in several ways:

1. Purchase it directly from the Grand Exchange.

2. Visit the general store in Port Khazard, situated to the south of Ardougne, as a reliable source.

3. Consider taking a ship from Ardougne to Brimhaven (prior to using the boat for this quest) and buying swamp paste from a Trader Crewmember. This option incurs an additional cost of 60 coins (30 coins per trip).

Upon delivering the swamp paste to Holgart, a cutscene will depict him repairing the boat. Engage in another conversation with him to set sail for the Fishing Platform.

Important Note: Keep in mind that swamp tar cannot be used directly. However, you can combine swamp tar with flour, and by cooking this mixture on an open fire (not on a range), you can create swamp paste.

Exploring the Fishing Platform

Upon arrival at the Fishing Platform, you'll notice the eerie behavior of the residents, who seem to be under some sort of trance. It's best to avoid direct interaction with the sea slugs, as they will inflict 3 points of damage if picked up.

Locate Bailey inside a small room situated in the south-western corner of the platform.

Talking to Bailey.

Engage in conversation with him to learn more about the peculiar events taking place and the hauling up of the sea slugs. While there, make sure to pick up the broken glass from the floor, as it will prove useful later in the quest.

Aiding Kennith's Rescue

Begin by collecting some damp sticks located near the ladder in the platform's north-east corner. Once you have the damp sticks, proceed to climb up the ladder. On the upper floor, enter a room on the west side, past the crane, where you'll find Kennith. He'll recount how his father, Kent, attempted to leave days ago but was prevented by the fishermen. Kennith will implore you to locate his father and provide assistance.

Return to Holgart and engage in conversation with him. He will transport you to a deserted island, where Kent, Kennith's father, is stranded. Talk to Kent to learn about his situation and hear his story. Afterward, ask Holgart to take you back to the platform.

Speak to Bailey, who will share valuable information about the sea slugs' weakness – their fear of heat. He'll hand you an unlit torch, explaining that he cannot light it himself due to the damp conditions. To light the torch, combine the broken glass you collected earlier with the damp sticks found near the ladder.

Using the glass to dry the sticks.

 Rub the dry sticks together to ignite the torch. Note that if you attempt to go upstairs without a lit torch, you'll suffer damage from a fisherman.

Climb the ladder once more (located on the north-east of the platform), and enter the room to speak with Kennith. From outside the room, kick the badly repaired wall to create an opening. Use your lit torch on any nearby fishermen or sea slugs, then engage in conversation with Kennith again. You'll need to rotate the crane to successfully rescue him; this will be shown in a cutscene. To conclude the rescue, talk to Holgart and arrange your return to the shore.

Finally, wrap up the quest by speaking to Caroline and updating her on the successful rescue mission.

And that is! Quest Complete!

completed sea slug