OSRS Rusty Sword Guide

The Rusty sword OSRS

The "Rusty Sword in OSRS is, quite literally, a rusty and broken sword. There's a chance to give it a second life. To do so, players can take the Rusty Sword to Tindel Marchant, a skilled artisan with a workshop in Port Khazard. Tindel Marchant presents two options for bringing the sword back to its former glory: one involves forking over 100 coins for the service, and the other entails using a whetstone or an armor stand in your own house's workshop. It's important to note that in any of the three methods, there's a risk that the sword might break even further during the restoration process. Fortunately, this chance decreases as players enhance their skill in Smithing

Rusty Sword


The most common reason why players want this sword is because it's a necessary requirement to complete a task in the Easy Ardougne Diary. Which is that Tindel Marchant identifies you the rusty sword

Tindel Marchant location

Engage in a conversation with Tindel Marchant, offering up your Rusty Sword accompanied by 100 gold pieces in your possession. Once he verifies your blade, you'll successfully tick off the Ardougne Easy Step. Be prepared for the possibility of repeating this process, as there's a 1 in 96 chance that the sword's outcome will amount to nothing.

How to get the Rusty sword

Acquiring the Rusty Sword with minimal effort involves pickpocketing (or killing) H.A.M members within the confines of the H.A.M Hideout located in Lumbridge. This method requires 15 Thieving

H.A.M Hideout

Go to the blue box in the image, you will find a trapdoor which is in a ruined building, open the trapdoor and you will be inside the hideout.

H.A.M member

Continue pickpocketing them until you secure a rusty sword within your inventory.

Fortune might smile upon you, leading to a swift acquisition of the Rusty Sword. On the other hand, if fortune is not on your side, you'll likely find yourself ejected from the hideout multiple times, necessitating a return to the hideout in Lumbridge to resume your efforts. If you choose to kill them, the sword has a drop rate of 1/25

Another method: Conversely, gamers who've initiated The Dig Site quest can opt to excavate initial tier earth at the Dig Location.

Dig Location

The player needs a Trowel and must be wearing leather gloves and leather boots. These requisites are procured in the course of the quest. Level 1 soil boasts a 1 in 12 probability of give you a Rusty Sword.