OSRS Rurask Slayer Guide

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Kurask Slayer Guide OSRS

The Kurask represents a unique enemy in OSRS. Classified as a leafy creature, it possesses distinct immunities that can pose a challenge if you're not adequately prepared for the encounter. In terms of its appearance, this creature stands as a formidable figure, balancing on its hind legs while its fists trail along the ground, reminiscent of a silverback gorilla. Its striking features include vivid red eyes and formidable horns jutting from either side of its head. Engaging with Kurask requires a Slayer level of 70 to deal damage, alongside the use of leaf-bladed weapons, broad bolts, broad arrows, amethyst broad bolts, or Magic Dart spells. Notably, Kurask are impervious to both poison and venom. Moreover, they exhibit immunity to damage inflicted by a dwarf multicannon and thralls.

Note: With Bigger and Badder you have the chance that a stronger version spawn


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Fremennik Slayer Cave

Fremennik Slayer Cave

Some ways to get there:

(Fastest method) Players may use the slayer ring to teleport next to the cave exit.

Players can get there via the fairy rings (code A-J-R). This is also a fast way to bank in Zanaris.

Players can set out from Rellekka and head south-east past the Golden Apple Tree.

locations of the kurask in Fremennik Slayer Cave

And Players who have completed Song of the Elves, can also kill them in the Iorwerth Dungeon as well.

Recommended Equipment


Prioritize Leaf-bladed battleaxe > Leaf-bladed sword > Leaf-bladed spear for weaponry. Outfit yourself with sturdy melee armor (rune or better, if possible), and don a Slayer helmet or black mask. Enhance your combat abilities with a Super set, combat potion, or other potions that boost your stats. Carry nature runes and a fire staff or fire runes for alchemizing collected drops. Include a herb sack in your inventory for convenient herb storage.


Opt for Broad bolts or a Rune crossbow, or alternatively, Broad arrows with a Magic shortbow for ranged combat. Equip suitable ranged armor, and consider using a Slayer helmet (i) or black mask (i). Boost your ranged capabilities with a Ranging potion or a suitable mix. Ensure you have nature runes along with a fire staff or fire runes for alchemizing loot drops. Include a herb sack in your setup to conveniently manage collected herbs.


Consider using a Slayer staff or a staff of the dead, alongside over 2000 casts of Magic Dart. Equip armor that boosts magic damage, and opt for a Slayer helmet (i) or black mask (i). Enhance your magical abilities with a Magic potion, magic essence potion, or wizard's mind bombs, if preferred. Ensure you have nature runes and a fire staff or fire runes to alchemize acquired items. Include a herb sack in your inventory to efficiently store gathered herbs.

It can be safe spot in some points

safe spot

Thats the lower level are of the Fremennik Slayer Cave

safe spot number 2

And that is available on the east side of the task-only area.