[OSRS] Rune Mysteries quest guide

Rune Mysteries OSRS

"Rune Mysteries" is an introductory quest available to free-to-play players. Completing this quest is essential for accessing the Rune Essence mine and utilizing various runecraft-related features like lamps and books.

It's worth noting that by employing the drop trick at Duke Horacio, players can acquire multiple air talismans. This technique involves dropping items to manipulate the game mechanics, leading to the duplication of talismans. Accumulating 50 to 200 talismans through this method can be advantageous for early runecraft training strategies, such as creating air tiaras or crafting mist runes. For more in-depth instructions, refer to the associated guide.


Skill/Other Requirements:

No requirements.

Start point

sstart point

Initiate the quest by conversing with Duke Horacio, found on the 1st floor of Lumbridge Castle. Politely inquire if any quests are available, prompting him to reveal an intriguing discovery. He divulges that he has stumbled upon an enigmatic talisman. Intrigued by its origin, Duke Horacio bestows upon you an air talisman and requests that you deliver it to the Archmage at the Wizards' Tower.

talk with duke  horacio

A noteworthy point is that, at this juncture, players have the opportunity to utilize the drop trick to amass additional air talismans. This can be advantageous for various purposes, including banking Runecraft experience for ironman accounts or generating modest profits. For more insights, consult the money-making guide.

Embark on a journey to the Wizards' Tower, located to the south of Draynor Village. Once there, descend into the basement via the ladder and engage in a conversation with Archmage Sedridor. Surrender your air talisman to him, receiving a research package in return. His instructions are clear: deliver this package to Aubury in Varrock.

wizard tower

Seek out Aubury, positioned south of Varrock's eastern bank within his rune shop. Engage in a dialogue with him, resulting in the acquisition of informative notes and a subsequent directive to convey them back to Wizard Sedridor.

Seek out Aubury, positioned south of Varrock's

Retrace your steps to the Wizards' Tower and reconnect with Archmage Sedridor. He will return your air talisman and take the time to elucidate the fundamental principles of Runecraft.

With these tasks completed, the quest draws to a close

complete quest