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Rune Axe Guide OSRS

Ranked as the fifth most potent axe within the game, the rune axe trails behind the crystal, infernal, 3rd age, and dragon variants. Remarkably, the latter three exhibit uniform Woodcutting capabilities. In the realm of acquiring logs, the runite version—alongside the gilded axe—takes its place as the third tier among axes. This holds true for members, while in the realm of free-to-play, these two emerge as the premier choices.

The rune axe, akin to all hatchets, serves as a quintessential implement for felling trees, thereby yielding logs and augmenting one's Woodcutting skill experience. The threshold for utilizing this hatchet stands at a Woodcutting level of 41. Its utility extends even when not wielded, as it can be held in the inventory to fulfill the same function. In terms of efficacy, the success rate in procuring logs is approximately 350% higher than that of a bronze axe, thereby surpassing an adamant axe by 17%.

Aside from its utilitarian role, the rune axe can also be employed as a melee weapon, necessitating an Attack level of 40 for wielders.

Prospective wielders possessing a Smithing prowess of level 86 can forge a rune hatchet from a runite bar, consequently gaining 75 Smithing experience. Alternatively, the rune axe can be acquired from Perry's Chop-chop Shop for a price of 40,960 coins.

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How To Get a Rune Axe on Ironman (OSRS)

Obtaining Rune Axes in Ironman mode can be accomplished through three primary avenues:

1. PvM Drops: Defeating enemies in Player vs. Monster (PvM) scenarios can yield Rune Axes as drops. This method, however, is applicable solely to members.

2. Woodcutting Guild Purchase: Members have the option to procure Rune Axes within the Woodcutting Guild, offering a convenient means of acquisition.

3. Crafting via Skilling: Crafting emerges as the sole pathway for free-to-play (F2P) Ironmen to secure their Rune Axes, as the first two methods are exclusive to members.

Rune Axes hold significant value as intermediate Woodcutting tools, necessitating a Woodcutting skill level of 41 for effective use, and a minimum of level 40 Attack for wielding.

Method 1: PvM Drops

For low-level members, securing a Rune Axe drop from adversaries might be the most optimal strategy. The prime choice in this regard involves engaging Tree Spirits, situated within the Enchanted Valley. Accessing the Fairy Ring network is a prerequisite for reaching this location.

The advantage of this approach lies in the ability to conveniently position yourself out of harm's way while engaging these enemies, rendering them easily safespotted. In return, Tree Spirits bestow a variety of valuable items, including herbs, seeds, nature runes, and axes spanning up to rune grade.

Of particular interest, Rune Axes boast a favorable drop rate of 1 in 32 encounters, rendering the endeavor a relatively brief endeavor if luck is on your side. Additionally, this undertaking rewards you with a diverse assortment of resources that can prove valuable in subsequent pursuits.

Should the Tree Spirits not be a viable option, you might find yourself pitted against more formidable opponents like Ancient Zygomites, Steel Dragons, or Kurasks, each with drop rates around 1 in 45 encounters. While these adversaries demand higher prerequisites and potentially necessitate expenditure on supplies, the prospect of encountering them could coincide with your concurrent Slayer tasks.

Method 2: The Woodcutting Guild

Individuals boasting a Woodcutting skill level of 60 and possessing 75% Hosidius favor can gain entry into the Woodcutting Guild, strategically nestled within the realms of Great Kourend.

Within this establishment lies the exclusive vendor offering Rune Axes, each obtainable at a cost of 40,960 coins.

While undoubtedly the simplest and most direct avenue for acquiring Rune Axes, it's worth noting that this route necessitates attaining a Woodcutting level of 60, employing an Adamant axe or inferior for progression. This endeavor, though not the most arduous undertaking within the game, could certainly extend over a more substantial duration compared to attaining the axe through other means.

However, should you possess the privileges to access the Woodcutting Guild, it's highly recommended to procure your Rune Axe via this NPC shop, given the sheer convenience it provides.

Method 3: Skilling for a Rune Axe

The last and least recommended option is to craft your Rune Axe through the Smithing skill. This requires level 86 Smithing to create a Runite bar, smelt it with coal to make a Runite Bar, and then smith the axe at an anvil.

This method is not advisable for members due to more efficient alternatives, but it's the only option for Free-to-Play ironmen, as other methods are unavailable to them.

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