[OSRS] Romeo & Juliet quest guide

Romeo & Juliet Quest Guide OSRS

Romeo & Juliet Quest Guide


Items required:

  • Cadava berries (Can be obtained during quest)


  • Several teleports to Varrock


Ok Let’s do this!


Romeo is located either in Varrock Square or nearby. Initiate a conversation with him, and he will passionately express his affection for Juliet. Inquire about your potential assistance, prompting him to request that you visit Juliet in her mansion.

start location varrock


Interacting with Juliet:

Proceed to have a conversation with Juliet, situated on the upper floor of the mansion directly to the west of Varrock's western bank. The mansion is positioned just outside the western walls of Varrock, and Juliet can be found on the upper floor balcony. She will entrust you with a letter intended for Romeo. Return to Varrock Square and locate Romeo to deliver the letter. In case you have trouble finding Romeo, he might be inside the general store positioned to the south of the square.


Father Lawrence Involvement:

Upon reading the letter without a clear course of action, Romeo proposes seeking guidance from Father Lawrence. You can find Father Lawrence at the church situated to the northeast of Varrock Square. Engage in conversation with Father Lawrence, and he will bring up the topic of a Cadava potion, suggesting that you consult the Apothecary about it. Before proceeding, it's recommended to discuss the matter with Romeo, as he will direct you to consult the Apothecary for further information.


The Potion Aspect:

A time-saving tip is to prepare by collecting Cadava berries beforehand and having them in your inventory prior to conversing with the apothecary. For Ironman players, it's advisable to also gather some redberries alongside the cadava berries, as they will be useful in subsequent quests. The Apothecary's location is in the southwestern part of Varrock, situated west of the Varrock Swordshop. Look for a building marked with a purple potion icon. Engage the Apothecary in conversation regarding the quest. He will indicate his requirement for cadava berries; you might need to prompt him to discuss other topics.

You can find cadava berries on a bush positioned west of the mine southeast of Varrock. Once you have acquired the berries, return to the Apothecary. Upon your return, he will furnish you with the Cadava potion.

Should you desire multiple Cadava potions, drop the one already in your possession before requesting another from the Apothecary.

A word of caution: Ingesting the potion yourself will lead to temporary incapacitation.

Subsequently, journey back to Juliet and offer her the potion. A cutscene will unfold, depicting her apparent "death," though she has, in truth, fallen into a coma.


map ture

Points of interest during the quest

  • Romeo
  • Juliet (upper floor)
  • Father Lawrence
  • Apothecary
  • Cadava berries


Proceeding to the Crypt:

Return to Romeo and inform him about the necessity of rescuing Juliet from the crypt. Recognize that he requires a companion for this endeavor, a role that falls upon you. Subsequently, you will be treated to another cutscene depicting your entry into the crypt alongside Romeo. Within the crypt, Romeo's focus unexpectedly shifts upon encountering Juliet's cousin, Phillipa. His attention swiftly diverts from Juliet, and he becomes enamored with Phillipa.



And that is! Quest Complete!


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