OSRS Ratcatchers Quest

Ratcatchers quest osrs

"Ratcatchers" is a quest centered around aiding individuals with rat-related problems. This quest introduces the concept of Rat Pits, a collection of underground arenas where cats are trained and participate in combat activities.


Start point: Minimap icon Talk to Gertrude west of Varrock. 

start point varrock


  • Completion of the following quests:
    • Icthlarin's Little Helper
      • Gertrude's Cat
  • Access to Keldagrim
    • The Giant Dwarf started

Items Needed at Quest Start:

  • Any type of cat or hellcat (a cat with a high rat catch rate is recommended for most of the quest, and overgrown cats cannot be used; during the Hooknosed Jack part of the quest, any cat with strong combat stats is recommended)
  • 4 cheese (or 4 Poisoned cheese)
  • Rat poison (if cheese is not already poisoned; can be found in the Clock Tower Basement), or you can make it during the quest using the following items:
    • Empty vial
    • Cleaned kwuarm (grimy will not work; Zahur in Nardah cleans grimy herbs for 200 coins)
    • Red spiders' eggs
    • Cleaned marrentill (grimy will not work)
    • Unicorn horn dust
    • Bucket of milk
  • Catspeak amulet (unless Dragon Slayer II is completed)
  • Pot of weeds (use an empty pot with weeds)
  • Tinderbox
  • 101 coins (or 51 coins with a ring of charos (a))
  • Snake charm (obtained during the quest)


Speak to Gertrude. She will instruct you to speak with Phingspet and Grimesquit, both of whom can be found in the Varrock Sewers. After a brief conversation with them, your cat needs to catch eight rats before they will engage in further dialogue. You can check your quest journal or talk to them to find out how many rats your cat has caught. An alert will also appear when your cat has caught the required number of rats. Note that the success rate of catching rats might be influenced by proximity, so using a kitten and making a rat aggressive towards you might help in keeping it close. However, this approach won't work for rats encountered later in the quest.

To catch eight rats in the Varrock Sewers, select the "Chase" option on your cat. Once you've caught the rats, speak to Phingspet and Grimesquit again to obtain a rat pole. They will then direct you to Jimmy Dazzler in Ardougne.

Jimmy Dazzler

Note: Be prepared to spend 45+ minutes on this part and switch between multiple worlds unless you're very lucky. World hopping significantly increases your chances of success, especially once inside the house. Mere guard distraction won't suffice to evade their notice.

Jimmy Dazzler can be located in a house to the west of the Flying Horse Inn in East Ardougne, positioned on the west side of the river. He requires the unofficial rat clearance for a client's house, aiming to avoid any harm to the client's reputation. Thus, your task is to navigate the house without being detected by the guards, who will mistake you for an intruder. Jimmy provides you with Directions to follow for the house. After reading the directions, you'll be instantly teleported to the house's location (which is not on the world map).

Upon arriving in the gardens in front of the house, your objective is to infiltrate the house without alerting the guards. Keeping your Run on is advisable, and a hefty dose of patience is key. Guards won't pay attention to your cat. The route involves three "checkpoints." If guards spot you, they'll send you back to these checkpoints rather than to the very start of the house.

Part 1

rute part 1

Observe the red and blue tiles, which mark the guards' stopping points on their routes. It's important to remember that guards backtrack and halt at each spot on their return journey. For instance, the south guard follows the path (1-2-3-2-1).

Commence at tile A. As the south guard reaches blue tile 1, swiftly move to tile B. Promptly proceed to tile C.

Part 2

rute part 2

Initiate from tile A. While the south guard stands on blue tile 1 and the north guard is at any red tile from 1 to 4, advance to tile B. When the north guard reaches any red tile from 4 to 7, swiftly proceed to tile C. While the north guard is positioned on any red tile from 4 to 7, ascend the trellis to reach tile D. Immediately transition to tile A in Part 3 below if you're not caught. Climbing the trellis will create a secure checkpoint north of the trellis.

Part 3

It's advised to access your Settings, navigate to "All Settings," and activate the "Hide Roofs" option in the Display category for this part. This will enhance visibility of the guards' movements as you try to enter the mansion.

Note: If the guards' pattern makes it impossible to pass, you'll need to either change worlds or intentionally get caught by the same guard multiple times.

During this section, it's recommended to keep your cat in your inventory to prevent it from getting stuck on obstacles. Alternatively, you can use the 'Call follower' option in the equipment tab to teleport your cat to you.

rute part 3

Starting from tile A:

  • When the west guard is on any blue tile 6-7 and the east guard is on any red tile 4-7, move to tile B and enter the door. Catch the rat in this room, making sure not to stand in the doorway when the guard passes by.
  • When the conditions are met again, move to tile A.
  • When the west guard is on any blue tile 4-7 and the east guard is on any red tile 6-7, move to tile C and enter the door, avoiding the doorway when the guard passes.
  • When the west guard is on any blue tile 1 or 3-6 and the east guard is on red tile 1, move to tile D.
  • Catch the two rats in this room and proceed down the ladder. No more guards will be present after descending.

Catch the remaining three rats in this room and the kitchen to the north. All six rats must be caught to progress. A dialogue with your cat will initiate automatically after catching the last rat.

Hooknosed Jack

Upon capturing all six rats, teleport out of the mansion or sneak back to the trellis to return to Jimmy Dazzler. He will grant you access to the Ardougne Rat Pits and inform you about your next task: finding Hooknosed Jack.

You can locate Hooknosed Jack in the southeast area of Varrock by looking for the minigame icon. He will inform you about a rat infestation in a nearby warehouse. To poison the rats, obtain rat poison or create it by providing Hooknosed Jack with a vial, red spiders' eggs, and a kwuarm. Apply the poison to four pieces of cheese to make poisoned cheese. Head to the warehouse south of the pub, climb the ladder to the top, and use the poisoned cheese on the four rat holes. Return to Hooknosed Jack.

He will reveal that his cat, Pox, consumed some of the poisoned rats. Visit the Apothecary in the western part of Varrock. He will require a marrentill herb, crushed unicorn horn, and a bucket of milk to craft a special cat antipoison. Offer the antipoison to Hooknosed Jack to cure Pox. Pox will then inform you about one rat that remains - the largest and most malicious. Return to the warehouse, climb upstairs, and within a room, you will spot the King rat. Unfortunately, you cannot reach it on your own.

Ensure you have an adequate supply of fish (8-10 recommended). Use your cat on the hole in the wall (not the rat holes) to challenge the King rat. You will encounter two dialogue options:

"Be careful!": Your cat will retreat automatically if it's left with only one hitpoint, allowing you to restart the battle (the King rat regains its hitpoints). "Don't hold back!": Your cat will continue fighting until either it or the rat is defeated. Caution: This option is risky, as it could lead to the loss of your cat. You can withdraw your cat at any time by descending the stairs or calling it via the worn equipment tab.

The King rat has 10 hitpoints and inflicts a maximum damage of 1 at a time. Your cat's combat stats correspond to its type. When your cat sustains significant damage, heal it by using fish on the hole in the wall (not directly on the cat). Each fish will fully restore your cat's health.

Upon vanquishing the King rat, return to Hooknosed Jack. He will grant you access to the Varrock Rat Pits and inform you about Smokin' Joe.

https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/imaking rratges/thumb/Ratbattle.png/300px-Ratbattle.png?dbc8a

Smokin' Joe

Visit Keldagrim (accessible through the minecart entrance northwest of the Grand Exchange, the Blast Furnace minigame teleport, or the city's entrance east of Rellekka). Find Smokin' Joe to the east of the pickaxe shop, situated at the far eastern part of Keldagrim. He will describe his rat predicament and explain that smoking the rats out of their hole is the only solution. However, Smokin' Joe's lung condition prevents him from doing so. Volunteer to assist him.

Ignite a pot of weeds using your tinderbox and use it on the rat hole to the east of Smokin' Joe. Rats will emerge and swiftly retreat back into the hole. Position your cat on the ground and wear the catspeak amulet. Apply your smouldering pot to the rat hole again. Your cat will offer its help. Accept the offer, and your cat will ambush and eliminate the rats. Speak to Smokin' Joe once more. He will grant you access to the Keldagrim Rat Pits and brief you about The Face.

If your cat vanishes after using the smouldering pot on the rat hole, simply log out and log back in, or use the Call follower option to bring your cat back beside you.

The Face and Felkrash

Warning: Ali (or Badir) will demand all your coins unless you're wearing the ring of charos (a).

Locate The Face in Port Sarim near the fishing shop (look for the minigame icon). She will direct you to Felkrash down in the rat pits. Descend the manhole to find Felkrash, who will request you to eliminate all of Port Sarim's vermin simultaneously.

Consult The Face once again, who will divulge information about a snake charmer in Pollnivneach.

Travel to Pollnivneach in the Kharidian Desert. You will find Ali (or Badir) the Snake Charmer south of the bar. Use a coin on his money pot to get his attention. Inquire about charming other animals. He will explain the falling out between him and Felkrash due to her animal killing. When presented with dialogue options, offer him some money. Express disinterest in his offer and gradually walk away until given the option to stop. He will reluctantly provide you with a music scroll and snake charm for 100 coins. (If you already have a snake charm from The Feud quest in your inventory or bank, you will not receive another.) The ring of charos can lower the price to 50 coins and allow you to skip the walking away part.

Return to Port Sarim and stand near the docks. Play the tune on the snake charm according to the order on your music scroll (D, G, E, F#, raise octave D, B, C#, A). Remember, the fifth note is an octave higher, which requires pressing the "Raise an Octave" button on the top left of the scroll. Click "PLAY" when ready. Note: You can't play the tune without the music scroll from Ali (or Badir) the Snake Charmer.

Your character will perform the tune, charming the rats. A cutscene will show you leading the rats into the ocean. Converse with Felkrash in the Port Sarim Rat Pits to conclude the quest.

music scroll 

coticket complete quest