OSRS Rag and Bone Man 1 Quest Guide

Rag and Bone Man I Guide OSRS

Some individuals collect stamps, while others gather shoes. Your particular interest is what sets you apart. As for the Peculiar Old Man, he has a unique fascination with collecting body parts, and he has a special list for you.


Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

Level 20+ Combat with at least level 5 Defence is recommended.

Items required

8 coins for 8 pots of vinegar (bring 68 coins if walking to and from Karamja for boat fare)

8 pots

8 logs of any type (or an axe to obtain them)


Light source (a lantern is highly preferred)

Start point  

Speak to the Odd Old Man, located at the end of the northern path in central Silvarea.

start point


Journey to the residence of the Eccentric Elder, situated just west of the limestone quarry and to the northeast of Varrock. Upon arrival, engage in conversation with the Odd Old Man, who will provide you with instructions for collecting a variety of bones and guide you on their preparation. Below, you'll find a list of the bones you'll need to gather.

talk to odd old man

Please note: The most convenient method to reach Varrock is by utilizing the Varrock teleport spell. You are free to collect the bones in any order you prefer. The suggested locations and monsters mentioned below are merely recommendations. Some of these creatures can be encountered elsewhere, and certain bones may also be obtained from similar creatures.

list of bones

Once you have gathered all the required bones, make your way to Draynor and seek out Fortunato. Engage in conversation with him, and upon doing so, you will gain the opportunity to acquire 8 jugs of vinegar.

talk to fortunato

Now, take a Jug of vinegar and combine it with a pot. Repeat this process eight times, and then add one bone to each pot of vinegar. This will result in "Bone in Vinegar."

Return to the Odd Old Man's location. Next to him, you will discover a pot-boiler. Place a log into the pot-boiler, add the "Bone in Vinegar" to it, and proceed to ignite it. Repeat this procedure for all eight pots of "Bone in Vinegar."

use bone in vinegar in pot boiler

Converse with the Odd Old Man to conclude the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Rag and bone man 1 completed