[OSRS] Prince Ali Rescue quest guide

Prince Ali Rescue OSRS

Prince Ali Rescue is a quest available to free-to-play players and was one of the earliest quests to be introduced. One of its significant features is that it grants access through the Al-Kharid/Lumbridge gate without requiring the usual fee of 10 coins.


Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:


Items required         

Start point

start point Speak to Hassan in the palace at Al Kharid


Items required: 3 balls of woolrope (unless buying from Ned), 2 onions or yellow dye, 1 redberriespot of flourashes, a bucket of watersoft clay, a bronze bar, and 50 coins (unless teleporting).

Your quest journey commences within the confines of the Al Kharid palace, where your first task is to engage in a conversation with Chancellor Hassan. He will direct your attention to spymaster Osman, positioned just beyond the northern perimeter of the palace. Osman will impart a mission upon you—to locate and interact with his daughter, Leela. You'll find her strolling east of Draynor Village, situated just south of the wheat field. Engage in a dialogue with Leela, and she will provide you with the necessary details.

talk hassan

talk osman

talk leela

From your current vantage point, if you cast your gaze westward, you'll spot the entrance to Ned's house. Approach Ned and request the crafting of a wig for you, utilizing the balls of wool. If you haven't acquired the rope by this juncture, you can beseech Ned to create one using four balls of wool, or you have the option to purchase a rope from him for 15 coins. Once you possess both the rope and wig, proceed to the abode situated directly west of Ned's residence. Inside, seek out Aggie, the witch, and solicit her assistance in crafting skin paste. In case you lack the necessary dye, Aggie can fashion it for you; this entails two onions and five coins. Transform the hue of the wig to yellow using the dye.

talk need

talk aggie

With haste, enter the jail building positioned to the east of Draynor, taking care to avoid the aggressive level 26 jail guards. Should your combat level be 53 or higher, the guards will disregard your presence. Within the jail confines, engage in a conversation with Lady Keli. Begin by mentioning her widespread fame across Gielinor, then inquire about her most recent scheme, acknowledging her skillfulness. Subsequently, question her regarding her certainty that her captive's people won't attempt a rescue. Inquire if it's possible for you to inspect the key and inquire if you could briefly touch the key. If you possess soft clay, an impression will form in the clay.

talk lady keli

Make your way to the bank to retrieve the bronze bar and 20 coins. Return to Osman so that he can utilize these materials to fashion the bronze key.

Saving the Prince

Items required: 3 beersrope, a bronze key, a pink skirt, a wig (dyed yellow), and paste.

Engage in conversation with Leela, who will express her contentment with the devised plan and entrust you with the bronze key. She will also provide a recommendation: approach the witch to procure the skin paste. Should you have assembled all the necessary components, converse with Leela once more. Subsequently, set your course for the jail.

talk joe

Upon reaching the jail, interact with Joe. Extend an offer of a drink, taking into account that only regular beer will suffice. Continue this until Joe becomes sufficiently intoxicated. Next, employ the rope on Lady Keli, utilize the key to unlock the cell door, and then engage in conversation with Prince Ali. He will employ the disguise you've provided and make his escape.

rope lady keli

Upon successfully liberating the Prince, make your way back to Lumbridge. Traverse the gate that links Lumbridge and Al Kharid—hereafter, this passage will be accessible without any charge. Proceed to Al Kharid palace and converse with Hassan to claim the reward rightfully due to you.