OSRS Prince Ali Rescue Guide

Prince Ali Rescue Guide OSRS

This quest demands a shrewd and courageous explorer to liberate Prince Ali from the clutches of the malevolent Lady Keli.


Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:


Items required     

Soft clay

3 balls of wool

Yellow dye or 2 onions and 5 coins



Bucket of water or jug of water (obtainable during quest)

Pot of flour

Bronze bar

Pink skirt

3 beers


At least 100 coins

Start point  

Speak to Hassan in the palace at Al Kharid.

Start poin


Items required: 3 balls of wool, rope (unless buying from Ned), 2 onions or yellow dye, 1 redberries, pot of flour, ashes, a bucket of water, soft clay, a bronze bar, and 50 coins (unless teleporting).

Your adventure commences within the opulent confines of Al Kharid's palace, where your first step is to engage in a conversation with Chancellor Hassan. He will promptly guide you towards spymaster Osman, situated near the palace's northern perimeter. Osman, the adept spy handler, will entrust you with a vital task: to locate and engage his daughter Leela. She can be spotted wandering to the east of Draynor Village, just south of the wheat field. Engage Leela in dialogue, and she will impart the necessary details.

talk to Hassan

From your current vantage point, cast your gaze westward to identify the entrance to Ned's residence. Approach Ned and make a request for a wig, to be crafted from the collected balls of wool. Should you lack a rope, this is the opportune moment to secure one—Ned can fashion a rope from four balls of wool, or you may acquire one from him for a modest sum of 15 coins. Once in possession of the wig and rope, proceed into the domicile directly west of Ned's abode. Here, converse with Aggie, the resident witch, and petition her to concoct skin paste. Should the dye elude your possession, Aggie's skills can be employed to create it. This recipe mandates two onions and five coins. Embolden the wig with a vibrant shade of yellow.

talk to aggie

Swiftly infiltrate the adjacent penitentiary to the east of Draynor, deftly evading confrontations with the formidable level 26 jail guards. It's worth noting that they will overlook your presence if your combat prowess surpasses level 53.

Upon gaining access to the jail's interior, engage in discourse with Lady Keli. Start by acknowledging her fame across Gielinor, then pry into her latest machinations and the evident skill behind them. With finesse, question the security of her captive prince and whether his subjects might mount a rescue. Seize the opportunity to inquire about viewing the key and even requesting a brief tactile interaction with it. With soft clay at your disposal, you shall leave an indelible impression upon its malleable surface.

talk to Lady Keli

For the subsequent phase, procure a bronze bar and 20 coins from the bank. Present these resources to Osman, enabling him to forge the much-needed bronze ke

Saving the Prince

Items required: 3 beers, rope, a bronze key, a pink skirt, a wig (dyed yellow), and paste.

Engage in conversation with Leela, who will manifest evident enthusiasm for the devised strategy and entrust you with the bronze key. Her contentment shall radiate as she transfers this crucial item into your possession. Subsequently, she will provide sage counsel to consult the witch regarding the necessary paste. Should your inventory accommodate all the essential components, talk to Leela once more before embarking toward the jail.

Inside the confines of the jail, establish contact with Joe and extend an offer of refreshment, a normal beer to be precise, until a merry inebriation overtakes him. This particular libation shall serve your purpose. Now, the sequence of actions unfolds: utilize the rope on Lady Keli, apply the key to unlock the cell door, and then converse with Prince Ali. His Highness will deftly assume the disguise and effectuate his escape.

talk to Joe

use the rope on lady keli

Finished Quest

Having successfully liberated the Prince, make your return to Lumbridge. Traverse the gate connecting Lumbridge and Al Kharid without any accompanying toll – a privilege granted henceforth. Your subsequent destination is the Al Kharid palace. Initiate a dialogue with Hassan therein to rightfully claim the reward that awaits you.

prince ali rescue quest completed