OSRS Plague City Guide

Plague City Quest Guide OSRS

Plague City is the initial quest in the Elf quest series. In this quest, you delve into the mysterious plague that has struck West Ardougne.


Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

No Requirements.

Items required          




4 buckets of water (Can be used one-by-one, there is a water source and bucket spawn near Edmond)

Hangover cure or the ingredients to make one:

Chocolate dust

Chocolate bar

Knife or pestle and mortar

Bucket of milk (Obtained by using a bucket on a dairy cow, one is north of Ardougne, or bought from Hudo or Heckel Funch.)

Snape grass (Spawns west of the Crafting Guild or the peninsula north-east of Hosidius. It can be grown at 61 Farming. Can also be obtained from killing Tribesmen in Karamja.)

Picture of Elena (Inside Alrena and Edmond's house)

Start point  

Talk to Edmond, living next to the wall surrounding West Ardougne, north of Ardougne Castle

start point


Speak with Edmond, who can be found in the garden of his residence in the northwest part of East Ardougne. He will inform you about his daughter's journey to West Ardougne to investigate the plague and request that you speak with his wife.

talk to edmond

Speak with Alrena, who is located nearby. She will explain the situation in West Ardougne and advise you to acquire a gas mask to enter the city. If you have a dwellberry, she will craft a mask for you. After receiving the mask, she will suggest talking to Edmond. Before proceeding, be sure to obtain the picture of Elena, which can be found on the table inside the house.

talk to alrena

Engage in a conversation with Edmond, who will explain that pouring water on the soil is necessary. Use your Spade and 4 Buckets of water on the mud patch to create a hole that you and Edmond can use to access the sewer.

As you progress through the sewer, head southwest and discover a Sewer Pipe. Remove the bars that are blocking the pipe, use a rope on it, and speak to Edmond. He will advise you to go ahead alone. Make sure to wear your gas mask and then search the pipe to continue your journey.

use rope in the pipe

Upon arriving in West Ardougne, seek out a resident named Jethick and explain your mission to find Elena. He will inform you that she is assisting the people of this city and ask you to return a book on his behalf. Ensure you have the picture of Elena in your possession.

Proceed north until you come across a house. Attempt to open the door, but the occupants will initially refuse you entry. Mention that you're returning a book from Jethick, and they will allow you to come inside.

open the door

Inside the house, engage in a conversation with one of the individuals, and they will reveal that Elena has been abducted. They will direct you to go upstairs and speak with Milli.

Ascend the stairs and have a conversation with Milli. She will inform you that Elena is being held captive in a building situated in the southeast corner of the city.

talk to Milli Rehnison

Make your way to the southeastern corner of the city and search for a building marked with an X on the door. Attempt to open the door, and a Mourner will inform you that the house has been contaminated by the plague. Explain that a girl named Elena is inside, and inquire about how to gain entry. The Mourner will direct you to speak with Bravek.

Open the door marked with an X.

To create the Hangover Cure, follow these steps:

1. Obtain a bucket of milk.

2. Mix chocolate dust into the milk.

3. Add some snape grass to the mixture.

Once you have prepared the Hangover Cure, give it to Bravek to cure his headache. Then, inform him that the Mourner is not willing to cooperate, and he will provide you with a warrant.

talk to bravek

Return to the house in the southeast corner of West Ardougne, where Elena is being held. Use the small key you found in the barrel to unlock the door and speak with Elena. She will express her gratitude and mention that her father will reward you for your assistance.

Afterward, head back to the sewers and speak to Edmond to claim your reward.

completed plague city