OSRS Phosani's Nightmare Guide

Phosani's Nightmare Guide OSRS

Phosani's Nightmare stands as a formidable solo boss within the depths of the Sisterhood Sanctuary, an ominous dungeon concealed beneath the town of Slepe in the chilling region of Morytania. This perilous entity represents an enhanced iteration of The Nightmare, showcasing heightened strength and challenge. The only requirement is the completion of   Priest in Peril to access Morytania.

Phosani's Nightmare



How to get there

Getting There Swift access to Slepe, where Phosani's Nightmare awaits:

1. Drakan's Medallion (Slepe Unlock): Unlock Slepe teleport on Drakan's Medallion using the Slepey tablet, an item dropped by Phosani's Nightmare.

2. Ver Sinhaza and North: Teleport to Ver Sinhaza with Drakan's Medallion and head north. Pass the dock, proceed east to reach Slepe.

3. Ectophial and Passage: Use the Ectophial to reach Ectofuntus. Go north, pay Andras 10,000 coins for a passage to Slepe.

4. Hallowed Crystal Shard and Shortcut: Teleport to the Hallowed Sepulchre and take the shortcut on Darkmeyer's eastern wall to reach Slepe.


To stand a solid chance against the formidable Phosani's Nightmare, it is strongly recommended to possess high combat stats. While not mandatory, the following skill levels are advised for optimal preparation:

Attack Level: 90 or higher

Strength Level: 90 or higher

Defence Level: 85 or higher

Magic Level: 70 or higher

Hitpoints Level: 90 or higher

Prayer Level: 70 or higher

Furthermore, to facilitate swift access to the battle, the completion of certain quest points is highly beneficial:

1. Completion of "A Taste of Hope" quest for the Drakan's Medallion, the most expedient teleportation method available.


2. Completion of "Ghost Ahoy" quest for the Ectophial, the second quickest teleportation method.

By meeting these skill and quest point prerequisites, you significantly enhance your odds of success in facing Phosani's Nightmare.

Recommended equipment for Solo

Recommended equipment solo



 runes pouch

Phosani's Attacks

Standard Attacks Breakdown

Dissimilar to the regular Nightmare encounter, employing prayers against Phosani's Nightmare's assaults will entirely nullify the inflicted damage. Notably, the Magic and Ranged attacks utilized by Phosani's Nightmare exhibit remarkable potency, with an unmitigated potential of dealing up to 80 damage. Her melee attack possesses slightly reduced strength, capping at 73 damage.

1. Magic Attack: Phosani's Nightmare performs a twirling motion, enveloping herself in pink flower petals, which she subsequently propels towards players. Although her claws emit a faint glow during this maneuver, the emphasis is not as pronounced as in her melee attack.

2. Ranged Attack: Phosani's Nightmare undergoes four rapid contortions before firing projectiles at players during the fourth movement. Enabling in-game sounds proves advantageous, as each contortion generates a distinct clicking sound. It is advisable to activate Protect from Magic initially, transitioning to Protect from Missiles upon hearing the distinct clicking.

3. Melee Attack: With a pink-hued radiance, Phosani's Nightmare charges her claws, drawing them back before executing a swift frontal swipe. This motion scrapes her claws across the ground, inflicting harm upon targets within melee range. Notably, this attack consistently connects regardless of defensive attributes. However, its effects can be easily evaded by promptly maneuvering away from her, aligning with her facing direction.

Master these attack patterns to enhance your odds of success against Phosani's Nightmare, leveraging your skills and reflexes to conquer this challenging encounter.

Special Attacks Overview

Phosani's Nightmare employs a dynamic rotation of special attacks, introducing strategic complexity to the encounter. Each phase includes a 3-special attack sequence, featuring 1 "spawn" special (husks or parasites) and 2 other specials (flower power, curse, surge, spores).

1. Spawn Indicators: Flower Power and Spores may foreshadow the upcoming summon special. Spores herald husks, while Flower Power precedes parasites. Curse and Surge are randomized and may appear in consecutive phases.

2. Sleepwalkers: At phases two to five, Phosani's Nightmare summons Sleepwalkers, increasing in number with each phase. These creatures march toward her, absorbing them strengthens her final attack. Avoid this unavoidable blast by defeating sleepwalkers before they reach her.

3. Grasping Claws: Phosani's Nightmare spawns black portals and sticks her claws within. Stand away from portals to evade damage. In the final phase, this special attack persists indefinitely.

4. Prayer Deactivation: In phase four, Phosani's Nightmare deactivates your active protection prayer. Reapply it promptly.

5. Curse: Prayers shuffle; counter by switching prayers after 5 attacks.

6. Surge: Swift teleport and surge across, inflicting damage. Move to safety to evade harm.

7. Husks: Spawned husks immobilize players until defeated. Crush attack style deals optimal damage.

8. Parasites: Inflict damage and heal Phosani's Nightmare. Use Sanfew serum or Relicym's balm to weaken parasites.

9. Spores: Explosive puffshrooms impair movement and attack speed. Beware extended Grasping Claws attack.

10. Flower Power: Divide room into safe and unsafe quadrants. Avoid the latter to prevent healing Phosani's Nightmare. Extended Grasping Claws follow.

Master these intricacies to navigate Phosani's Nightmare's repertoire and secure victory through precise execution and adaptability.

The Fight/Strategy

Fight Initiation and Instanced Battle

Initiating the battle with Phosani's Nightmare is straightforward. To commence the encounter, step into the Pool of Nightmares situated north of The Nightmare's arena on an elevated platform.

Notably, this battle is solo and instanced, eliminating the need to switch between worlds. As you enter the instance, Phosani's Nightmare springs to life in a mere 10 seconds, a notable contrast to the 30-second awakening time in the original encounter. After prevailing over her in combat, players can choose to continue the engagement by disturbing her once more.

Prepare yourself for this intense showdown and step into the Pool of Nightmares to confront Phosani's Nightmare on your own terms.

Phosani's Nightmare retains the same combat levels as the original but boasts five distinct phases in this encounter. Her aggressive bonuses have been significantly amplified, resulting in more accurate and devastating attacks. Prepare for an intensified battle of adaptability and precision.

The tótems: Compared to the regular encounter, totems are identical in the Phosani's Nightmare encounter, though their health is dropped to 200.

To approach Phosani's Nightmare with utmost effectiveness, follow these key steps:

1. Preliminary Boost: Prior to confronting Phosani's Nightmare, bolster yourself with an Anglerfish and a sip of a stamina potion, ensuring heightened readiness for battle. Begin your approach from a bank.

2. Mechanical Familiarity: Grasp the mechanics from the standard encounter, as they persist across all phases. With adequate experience, you can mitigate damage and restore any incurred through solids or the amulet of blood fury.

3. Essential Equipment: The toxic blowpipe stands as a crucial asset for tackling three and four sleepwalker spawns. Viable alternatives encompass the Craw's bow, Chinchompa, Hunters' crossbow, and Karil's crossbow. Their expanded ranges of 4 and 3 tiles, respectively, compensate for a minor tick difference compared to the blowpipe.

4. Crush Attack Efficiency: In this specific engagement, weapons set to a crush stance invariably deliver maximum damage on husks and parasites, circumventing accuracy considerations. Utilizing strength-enhancing gear, achieving 20s on husks becomes feasible with various weapons, including unconventional choices like the ham joint and goblin paint cannon. While these fun options attack a tick quicker than weapons like the Inquisitor's mace, the mace itself suffices to vanquish husks without additional weapon swaps. Parasites, when weakened, can be dispatched with a single strike from an elder maul, supported by an imbued berserker ring or ultor ring. If a parasite remains unweakened, incurred damage compounds atop its max health, and the assurance of a maximum hit diminishes.

5. Combat Replication: The battle mirrors the original encounter's flow. Learners often grapple with the extended claws attack, which wields potential damage up to 65 per hit. To evade this, retreat several tiles from your prior position, as shadows tend to converge. Typically, one shadow targets the player's previous location during the attack. Alternatively, advanced players can employ a "rift skip" maneuver. This involves positioning oneself in a corner, evading damage as long as no shadow spawns there, then stepping out after the claws emerge but prior to the next set of shadows materializing.

During the phase transition, it is important not to miss any sleepwalkers as doing so can result in high or outright fatal damage. The table below indicates how much damage is dealt depending on how many sleepwalkers Phosani's Nightmare manages to absorb:

El daño se inflige dependiendo de cuántos sonámbulos absorban.

Damage taken at the end of a phase

Phases Overview

In Phases 1 to 3, the encounter mirrors the standard version, with random use of special attacks. An extra sleepwalker spawns per phase, culminating in four after Phase 4.

Phase 4: Phosani's Nightmare disables your protection prayers upon initiating her attack animation. Quick reactions can counteract this. She's more prone to melee attacks in this phase. Players should maintain high hitpoints and be vigilant of melee assaults.

If husks emerge, their initial attack syncs with the Nightmare's, reducing damage vulnerability. If the boss wields melee, slay the magic husk first; otherwise, both attacks can be blocked, though with a narrower gap.

Rapidly neutralize sleepwalkers at phase end, aiming to eliminate two before they move. Swiftly dispatch the fourth using a blowpipe or fast melee weapon (e.g., ham joint) to prevent Nightmare absorption.

Phase 5: Rooted at the arena center, Phosani's Nightmare regenerates to 150 hitpoints. Grasping Claws are her sole focus, with sleepwalkers incessantly spawning at the edges. Sleepwalkers reaching her trigger a 15-damage energy blast.

Prioritize healing, melee stats, and full special attack energy pre-phase. Employ powerful special attacks like voidwaker and dragon claws against the Nightmare. Ornate granite maul or Redemption are alternative options.

Due to the unending claw attack, corner rift or move strategically to minimize lost ticks amid this swift-paced phase.

With this strategic approach, you're poised to master the phases and triumph over Phosani's Nightmare's escalating challenges.


Mastering the encounter's nuances can make a critical difference:

Grasping Claws Safety: After a Spore special attack, rifts won't spawn where spores were. Use this knowledge to move safely to those tiles.

Husk Prioritization: When husks appear, target the Ranged husk first, then the Magic one. This enables dual protection prayers against both Phosani's Nightmare and husks. Note, however, that if husks spawn in phase four, their initial attacks are delayed slightly.

Fast Phase 5 Start: Begin the final phase with a full 100% special attack. Swiftly defeating the boss is paramount here.

Optimal One-Hits: For assured one-hit kills on husks and parasites, ensure your max hit equals or exceeds their health (20 HP for husks, 55 HP for parasites). Utilize melee gear, pray piety, and combat potion boosts. Note that goblin paint cannon and Ham Joint won't suffice for parasites; use an elder maul or godsword.

Powered Staff Strategy: Employ long range attack style when wielding a powered staff. The negligible experience from totems doesn't warrant accurate style. The extra range simplifies totem attacks.

By implementing these tips, you enhance your mastery of Phosani's Nightmare, positioning yourself for victory over this formidable challenge.