[OSRS] Phantom Muspah Guide

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[OSRS] Phantom Muspah Guide

After completion of Secrets of the North, the Strange Creature can be fought again in the form of a Phantom Muspah. This time, it is stronger.

Getting there

A photo of the location of the Phantom Muspah in Old School RuneScape.

In OSRS, the quickest methods of reaching Weiss, where the Phantom Muspah resides, are as follows:

  1. Using an icy basalt: Go through the gap in the fence to access the icy basalt teleport location. Activate the icy basalt to teleport directly to Weiss.
  2. Using the Weiss teleport in the portal chamber or portal nexus of a player-owned house: If you have a player-owned house with a portal chamber or portal nexus, you can set the Weiss teleport as one of the available teleport destinations and use it to instantly travel to Weiss.
  3. Using a teleport option from the Lodestone Network: If you have unlocked the Lodestone Network, you can select the Weiss teleport option to be instantly transported to Weiss.
  4. Using a teleportation item: There may be various teleportation items or spells available in the game that can directly teleport you to Weiss.
  5. Using a quick transportation method from a specific quest or event: Some quests or events in the game may provide temporary or permanent teleportation methods to Weiss.

Once you arrive in Weiss, head to the salt mine, which is accessible from the staircase in Snowflake and My Arm's hut. Proceed deeper into the cave to enter the Ghorrock Dungeon. From there,run south to reach the location of the Phantom Muspah.

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Phantom Muspah Forms

During the challenging battle against the Phantom Muspah, be prepared for its shapeshifting tactics. After sustaining approximately 100 damage (excluding the teleport attack), the Muspah will undergo a transition, slamming the ground and creating dangerous spikes around the arena. Take note of the following crucial points during this phase:

Shapeshifting Transitions: The Phantom Muspah will change forms after receiving around 100 damage (excluding the teleport attack). Prepare for each transition as it triggers a spike-generating event.

Spikes Creation: As the Muspah undergoes its transformation, it will create spikes around the arena. One spike will appear on the player's current position during the transition, while several others will emerge elsewhere.

Avoiding Spikes: Standing on a spike is perilous and will result in being knocked back to a clear tile. Additionally, the Muspah will heal approximately 75% of the damage you dealt to it.

To navigate this dangerous phase successfully, maintain constant awareness of the Phantom Muspah's health and anticipate its transformations. Stay vigilant, avoid the spikes at all costs, and continue to deal damage strategically to secure your victory against this formidable foe. With determination and skill, you can overcome the Phantom Muspah and earn valuable rewards

Ranged Phase

A photo of the the Phantom Muspah in it's Ranged Form in Old School RuneScape.

Prepare to face the Phantom Muspah in its Ranged form, where it launches deadly attacks from a distance. During the battle, it will occasionally charge up for a potent magic attack. Pay close attention to the following critical points to ensure your survival:

Magic Attack Charge: Keep an eye on the Phantom Muspah as it charges up for a magic attack. During this animation, it generates energy in its mouth and raises its arms before launching a magical blast at the player.

Activate Protect from Magic: When you see the magic attack animation begin, react swiftly and activate Protect from Magic prayer to completely block the incoming attack. Failing to do so in time will result in heavy damage. If prayed against midway, the damage will be moderate instead.

Corruption Effect: Taking damage from the magic attack will inflict corruption on the player. The corruption will drain 3, 6, and 9 prayer points every 6 seconds, totaling 18 prayer points over 18 seconds. To counter this, players can cast Ward of Arceuus to gain temporary immunity to corruption or to nullify its effects afterward.

Ranged Defense: The Phantom Muspah has a significantly lower ranged defense bonus compared to its magic defense bonus in this form. Exploit this weakness by using ranged attacks to deal maximum damage.

By promptly activating Protect from Magic, managing the corruption effect, and capitalizing on the Muspah's lower ranged defense, you can effectively counter the Phantom Muspah's ranged form

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Shielded Phase

A photo of the the Phantom Muspah in it's Shielded Form in Old School RuneScape.

In its Shielded form, the Phantom Muspah adopts a reinforced ranged state, rendering it immune to all regular sources of damage. During this phase, it becomes impervious to typical attacks until its prayer shield is removed. To effectively counter this formidable defense, take note of the following tactics:

Prayer Shield Removal: The key to dealing damage to the Phantom Muspah in its Shielded form is to remove its prayer shield. Once the shield is down, it will revert back to its ranged form, becoming vulnerable to regular attacks.

Prayer-Draining Attacks: Utilize prayer-draining attacks such as Smite or enchanted sapphire bolts to expedite the process of draining the prayer shield. These attacks can weaken the shield, making it easier to remove and transition the Muspah back to its vulnerable ranged form.

Coordinated Attacks: Work with your team to coordinate well-timed prayer-draining attacks. By synchronizing your efforts, you can efficiently bring down the Phantom Muspah's prayer shield, exposing its ranged form and enabling you to deal damage.

Stay Vigilant: Remain vigilant throughout the battle and be prepared to respond to the Muspah's transitions between its Shielded and Ranged forms. Adapt your strategy accordingly to maximize your impact during each phase.

With well-coordinated prayer-draining attacks and strategic planning, you can break through the Phantom Muspah's formidable defenses and emerge triumphant.

Melee Phase

A photo of the the Phantom Muspah in it's Melee Form in Old School RuneScape.

Prepare to face the Phantom Muspah in its Melee form, where it engages in close combat with powerful melee attacks. During this phase, the boss will deal significantly increased damage the longer it stays still. To succeed in this intense battle, consider the following strategies:

1. Avoidance of Melee Attacks: Prevent the Phantom Muspah from landing its powerful melee attacks by employing the stepback method. Three ticks before the boss initiates its attack animation, move away from it. This technique, demonstrated in the provided example, will help you avoid damage altogether.

2. Stepback Method: To execute the stepback method effectively, time your movements three ticks before the Muspah's attack animation begins. Mastering this technique will enable you to stay out of the boss's striking range and minimize the damage you take.

3. Lower Magic Defense: Take advantage of the Phantom Muspah's lower magic defense bonus during its Melee form. If you possess ranged attacks, consider utilizing them to deal damage more effectively during this phase.

4. Kiting Strategy: For lower-level players struggling to freeze the Muspah, employ a kiting strategy. Attack the boss with ranged while keeping a safe distance to avoid damage, similar to kiting Commander Zilyana. Utilizing an "octagon" run pattern proves more effective due to the Muspah's size.

By actively avoiding the Muspah's powerful melee attacks, capitalizing on its lower magic defense, and employing kiting techniques as needed, you can navigate through this challenging phase and emerge victorious.

Fight overview

Prepare for a dynamic battle with the Phantom Muspah as it alternates between its melee and ranged forms. Adjust your prayers accordingly to defend against its attacks. The boss will unleash two special attacks after reaching specific health thresholds:

Lightning Clouds: When the Phantom Muspah spawns in its ranged form, it will initiate the Lightning Clouds attack. During this attack, the boss will teleport rapidly around the arena, leaving behind lightning clouds that move across the area.

Lightning Cloud Damage: Getting hit by a cloud can deal up to 20 damage. To avoid this, identify and stand on a specific tile where the spikes won't protrude during the attack.

Attack Window: Wait until the attack occurs before standing on the safe tile to avoid the clouds' damage.

Continual Attacks: Despite teleporting, the Phantom Muspah remains attackable during this phase, during which it will have the combat stats of its ranged form. It will always appear to the north-east when the move finishes.

Homing Spikes: If the Phantom Muspah spawns in its melee form, it will utilize the Homing Spikes attack. During this move, the boss will slam the ground, causing 2-4 spikes to home in on the player. After approximately 20 seconds, the spikes harden and remain stationary.

Defense Strategy: Players can position themselves behind hardened spikes or icicles to avoid the homing spikes from reaching them, especially when multiple spikes are grouped together.

A photo of the the Phantom Muspah in it's Ranged Form in Old School RuneScape.

During the Homing Spikes attack, players can cleverly employ a defensive strategy to block the incoming spikes. By positioning themselves behind some icicles, they can effectively shield themselves from harm and avoid the spikes' homing trajectory.

As the Phantom Muspah slams the ground, causing the spikes to home in on the player, those standing behind the icicles will be protected from direct hits. The icicles act as a reliable barrier, preventing the spikes from reaching the player and inflicting damage.

A photo of the the Phantom Muspah in it's teleportation phase in Old School RuneScape.

Shielded phase

Standing on the highlighted tile allows the player to completely avoid the lightning clouds during the Phantom Muspah's attack. Using a weapon with an attack range of 10 ensures the player can attack the boss without being dragged out of the safe spot. This clever tactic keeps the player out of harm's way, allowing for uninterrupted combat and successful navigation through the battle.

When the Phantom Muspah's health drops below 127, it executes a devastating shockwave attack engulfing the entire arena. Players must seek refuge behind a spike to evade the attack, preventing up to 80 damage. After the shockwave, the Muspah transforms into its shielded form, activating a prayer shield and Soul Split, while also increasing its max hit and attack accuracy.

The prayer shield has 75 health and depletes by 2 after each attack. The Muspah heals for 50% of the inflicted damage (rounded down), making it crucial to utilize prayer-draining methods like Smite or the ancient mace to expedite the drain. Timing attacks differently from the Muspah ensures effective prayer usage.

Using a crossbow with enchanted sapphire bolts is recommended for their high activation chance against the prayer shield, draining approximately 33 prayer from it.

In the shielded state, the Muspah's magic and ranged attacks have a smaller delay, requiring swift prayer switching. Depending on attack timing, blocking the attack may be more prudent than flicking Smite.

Once the prayer shield is depleted, the Muspah returns to its ranged form, creating multiple spikes across the arena. Players must prepare for this onslaught, as spikes will emerge every four attacks and cover more tiles, growing from existing clusters

A photo of the the Phantom Muspah doing it's ground slam attack in Old School RuneScape.


In the ideal setup, utilizing both Ranged and Magic attacks proves advantageous, as it allows players to exploit the weaknesses of both Phantom Muspah forms. This versatile approach maximizes damage potential and offers a well-rounded strategy.

However, for lower-level or less well-equipped mages, penetrating the Muspah's defense with magic attacks might prove challenging. In such cases, Ranged-only setups become invaluable, serving as a practical option, especially for those lacking a Tumeken's shadow.

By adopting a Ranged-only approach, players can effectively engage the Phantom Muspah, making the most of their ranged gear and abilities to tackle the boss's ranged form. This strategy offers a reliable alternative for those who may encounter difficulties with magic attacks, allowing them to still participate in the encounter and pursue victory.

A photo of the recommended gear to fight the Phantom Muspah in Old School RuneScape.

A photo of the recommended gear to fight the Phantom Muspah in Old School RuneScape.


A photo of the unique drops from the Phantom Muspah in Old School RuneScape.