[OSRS] Monkey Madness Quest Guide

1. Requirements and Preparation:

- Make sure you have completed the quests "The Grand Tree" and "Tree Gnome Village" before starting "Monkey Madness."

- You will need the following items: a gold bar, an empty inventory space, a ball of wool, and monkey bones or the corpse of Karamja (obtainable during the quest).

- It is recommended to have a combat level of at least 65, as well as a Prayer level of 43 or higher. Prayer will be useful during combat as you will face melee enemies in multiple combat areas.

- Additionally, it is advisable to bring antivenom or antidote++ potions, as well as items that restore energy like energy or stamina potions. It is also useful to have prayer potions and high-healing food.

- Consider bringing a lockpick to open locks, lightweight clothing to reduce weight, and an emergency teleportation method like a ring of life or an Ardougne Cloak (if you have access to it). A knife will also be useful as there are pineapple plants around Ape Atoll that can be used for healing.

- If you want to save time, you can have 200,000 coins with you to skip a puzzle in the quest.

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2. Tutorial:

This quest is divided into 4 chapters:

Monkey Madness Chapter 1:

Required items: 3 free inventory spaces, Gnome Royal Seal, lockpick, high-healing food, poison protection, and a knife.

In this chapter, you will once again be drawn into Glough's web of deception. Start by talking to King Narnode Shareen at the Tree Gnome Stronghold. He will ask you to investigate Glough's old shipyard for traces of the lost 10th squad and give you the Gnome Royal Seal. Head to Karamja and take the glider at the top of the Grand Tree to get there.

If you don't have monkey bones (or a monkey corpse), kill a monkey in Karamja to obtain some. Enter the shipyard north of the glider landing spot and look for GLO Caranock, a suspicious gnome located in the southern building of the shipyard next to the fence. After talking to him, return to the king.

Once back with the king, you will receive orders from Narnode and he will tell you to speak with Daero. Before that, make sure you have food, antivenom potions, and any other items necessary to survive on Ape Atoll. You can obtain these items from the bank inside the Grand Tree on the second floor. Then, talk to Daero on the second floor of the Grand Tree, near the Blurberry Bar. Go through all the chat options and tell him you are ready to depart.

Daero will blindfold you and take you to an underground hangar. Speak with Daero again, who will introduce you to Waydar. Afterward, you will have to solve a "reset" puzzle. To do this, click on the panel southeast of the southern glider. If you need help, you can take some spare controls from the nearby box to see the solution.

The solution to the sliding puzzle is as follows:

a. Move pieces 1, 2, and 3 to their correct positions in the top left corner.

b. Place piece 4 in the top right corner.

c. Place piece 5 below piece 4 (you can mix it with other pieces if they are not in the correct order).

d. Slide piece 4 to the left and piece 5 upward to complete the first row.

e. Repeat this process with the second and third rows, keeping the rows complete.

f. The pieces in the last two rows should be solved together, completing the last rows as columns of 2-tile height.

If you can't solve the puzzle or don't want to spend time on it, you can pay 200,000 coins to Glough and then return to the hangar via Daero. Glough will provide you with a completed mosaic. After solving the puzzle, talk to Daero and then with Waydar. Both of them will land on Crash Island, where the 10th squad crashed. Speak with Lumdo and ask him to take you to Ape Atoll.

However, due to conflicting orders from Garkor, his sergeant, Lumdo will initially refuse to take you. Speak with Waydar again, avoiding clicking "Travel" to not return to the Grand Tree prematurely. Then, speak with Lumdo again, and this time he will agree to take you to Ape Atoll.

Chapter 2: This second chapter is divided into 4 parts:

Part 1:

Required items: High-healing food, poison protection, knife for obtaining pineapples for healing. In this chapter, there won't be any necessary combat until Chapter 4. However, it is recommended to have high-healing food, a form of poison protection, and a knife for obtaining pineapples to be used for healing.

Note: At any time, you can teleport or escape from Ape Atoll to replenish your items. To return to the bank, you can speak to Lumdo and go back from Ape Atoll to Crash Island. Then, speak to Waydar on Crash Island to return to the Tree Gnome Stronghold and use the bank at the Grand Tree. To continue with the quest, speak to Daero on the second floor of the Grand Tree to return to the hangar, and then speak to Waydar in the hangar to return to Crash Island. Finally, speak to Lumdo on Crash Island to return to Ape Atoll.

Please note that all native creatures, except for level 5 Birds of Ape Atoll, will attack you regardless of your combat level while in human form. You can avoid the venomous snakes and spiders by hugging the southern coast of Ape Atoll and waiting for one or two snakes to pass before advancing.

Once on Ape Atoll, head west along the southern coast until you find a mahogany tree. Then, run north. Beware of the aggressive level 24 snakes, level 38 scorpions, and level 42 jungle spiders, all of which are poisonous. Activate "Protect from Missiles" while traveling north, as you will be hit by a barrage of poisoned arrows when you approach the Monkey Atoll gate. You will be knocked out and sent to prison.

You will wake up in a cell guarded by Trefaji and Aberab, the two prison guards. Speak to Lumo, one of the captured members of the tenth squad. Stay one tile away from the north wall of the cell (near the path of the patrolling guards), otherwise, you will take damage. The guards patrol the prison twice and then switch shifts. Take advantage when the guard moves away from the door of your cell to close it. Once outside, follow the guard when he goes to switch and walk behind him to reach the exit. Please note that this may require several attempts.

Travel north from the prison and then east to find Karam, another member of the tenth squad, hiding in the bushes near the crafting shop. Karam is mostly translucent and can be difficult to spot, so pay attention. Then, head south, pass through the large gate, and stay in the jungle grass. The monkey archers will not shoot at you while you are in the grass, but activate "Protect from Missiles" as a precaution. Continue east, circling the castle counterclockwise until you reach the east side of the white building south of the castle. There you will find Garkor, the sergeant of the tenth squad.

Speak to Garkor and make sure to complete all the dialogue until he tells you to meet Zooknock. Then, run west through the grass, with "Protect from Missiles" activated. Keep heading west, south of the buildings, in the grass until you reach the northern gate. Go through it, and you will enter a closed area with a sleeping monkey guard, a box of bananas, and a box of false teeth.

Inside the house, stay on the dark brown floor to avoid being sent back to the prison. The spiders inside are aggressive and poisonous, but their venom only causes 1 point of damage, so you won't need to use antivenom. You will find bananas in the boxes southwest, next to the staircase. Proceed east and then north, searching the stacked boxes in the center of the room to obtain the monkey false teeth. Be careful not to speak to the sleeping guard as he will call the other guards. Search the box in the southeast corner to find a notice.

If you need to restock, you can exit the city by heading to the southeast corner and running past the guards and the gravedigger until you reach a staircase. Go up it, jump off the bridge, and return to the boat on Crash Island. You can also teleport if you prefer.

Part 2:

Required items: Monkey dentures, m'amulet mold, gold bar. Recommended: 1 or 2 antivenom potions, over 4 energy potions (or any energy-restoring item), over 4 prayer potions, food, plank, emergency teleportation (Ardougne cloak or ring of dueling recommended).

Note: It is recommended to teleport and bank at this point. Keep in mind that zombie monkeys pose a threat as they will hit you while running, have good accuracy, and can deal moderate damage (maximum of 7). The entire dungeon is a multi-combat area. Gorilla skeletons are the main threats as they are grouped together and have good accuracy and strength (up to 12).

Ape Atoll Dungeon:

If needed, return to the Grand Tree and talk to Daero on the second floor to return to the glider hangar, then return to Ape Atoll. Travel south of the island, west of Lumdo, and enter the tunnel. You can obtain a plank in a ruined shack further west on the island.


Once inside the dungeon, you will need to navigate a long and winding underground path. It is suggested to activate "Protect from Melee" as you progress towards the northern passage and deactivate it when you are away from enemies to conserve prayer points. Occasionally, you will be hit by rocks, but you can avoid them by taking cover under the ledges along the path. The claw traps near the end of the dungeon can be avoided by stopping one square before them and then running past. The plank is not truly necessary, but it can be placed on a flat rock. Inside this area, you will encounter level 1 spiders, level 98 zombie monkeys, and level 142 skeletons. At the end, you will find Zooknock, Waymottin, and Bunkwicket. Talk to Zooknock and then use your m'amulet mold, gold bar, and monkey dentures on him. Make sure he gives you an enchanted bar before leaving the tunnel. It is important to talk to Zooknock again! (If he did not give you the enchanted bar, use the monkey dentures, m'amulet mold, and gold bar on Zooknock). Do not use the m'amulet mold on Zooknock if you already have the enchanted bar, otherwise, he will keep it and you will have to obtain another.

Part 3:

Required items: Enchanted bar, m'amulet mold, ball of wool, five inventory slots for bananas. Recommended: 1-2 antivenom potions, lockpick (optional), teleportation (Ardougne cloak or ring of dueling recommended), food. If you plan to do the "Recipe for Disaster" quest, kill a Monkey Guard to obtain a Monkey Greegree later on (this requires ranged/magic at lower levels, as Monkey Guards will heal when below 20% health in melee combat).


If needed, teleport and bank. Return to Ape Atoll and proceed northwest until you are put back in the jail cell. Escape the cell as before. Travel east until you reach the temple gate.


Now, descend through the trapdoor to the east in the temple. Activate "Protect from Melee" to avoid attacks from the powerful Monkey Guards. You can pass by most of the guards, but not the bearded ones near the trapdoor. The easiest route is to go up the stairs and down the eastern staircase to approach the trapdoor. If you cannot do so, wait for the guards to move away. Hide in the northeast corner of the temple until there is enough space to descend. Be careful not to get surrounded or trapped by the monkey guards, otherwise, you won't be able to escape (if surrounded, go up the stairs and switch worlds). The staircase near the trapdoor can only be climbed from the EAST side. If needed, you can restore prayer points at the monkey altar.


Go down the trapdoor, praying against melee. Ignore the zombie monkeys and quickly use the enchanted bar on the wall of flames. Then, climb the staircase or find a safe spot to move away from the enemies. Teleport away from Ape Atoll if you need to restock supplies. Use the ball of wool with the amulet. Once you have created the M'speak amulet, you can teleport to restock or proceed to the next step. Be cautious, you are likely to get trapped again when climbing the staircase, so make sure to activate "Protect from Melee" if you haven't already. Head to the building west of the jail, making sure to hide in the grass or use "Protect from Missiles" to run straight there. West of that building, you will find a banana plantation with a baby monkey. The baby monkey is guarded by its aunt. The monkey's aunt follows a predefined path around the wooden house next to the plantation. Do not enter the banana plantation when the monkey's aunt is present, or she will call the guards to arrest you (if this happens, you can quickly escape by climbing the ladder in the nearby building). Wait for the aunt to move away and then talk to the baby monkey.

Tip: Using the ladder in the nearby house of the monkey's aunt can help you escape the guards if the monkey's aunt catches you, but do not talk to the monkey's uncle upstairs, as he will also call the guards.

Tell the baby monkey that you are its uncle. After revealing that you need to gather 20 bananas, search for and pick five (5) from the nearby trees. You actually don't need 20; five are enough as the monkey cannot count. Wait for a few moments in the corridor and then return to the baby monkey when the aunt is not present. Ask the baby to borrow your monkey talisman.

You can obtain more than one talisman; get one for each transformation you want. You must speak to the baby monkey again, tell it that you have lost the talisman, and it will start crying. Attempting to talk to it after this will result in "The baby monkey is too busy crying..." until you log out and log back in (using quick world hop is a fast way to do this; you can also simply wait several minutes). Then, talk to the baby monkey again, and it will give you a new one. You do not need to drop your existing talisman to receive more. Alternatively, talismans can be bought from Tutab's Magical Market for 1000 coins. The buying method only works if you have already done at least one monkey transformation, as Tutab will not open his shop unless you are in monkey form.

Note: For the "Recipe for Disaster" quest, you will need 3 additional talismans (4 in total: 1 for "Monkey Madness" and 3 for "Recipe for Disaster"). Each of these requires a talisman and additional monkey bones: you will save time by obtaining all of these before going to Zooknock at this point. To obtain all the bones, you will need to kill a monkey (monster) for the current quest, a monkey archer, a zombie monkey, and a Monkey Guard for the "Recipe for Disaster" quest. Killing a Monkey Guard is easier to spot as they will only heal in melee combat. The easiest ones to kill are found upstairs. Go through the main entrance (with "Protect from Melee" activated and then deactivate it once you climb the staircase), and then go towards the southern staircase. You will encounter a monkey guard in a safe corridor.

Warning: If you use any form of teleportation that takes you out of Ape Atoll while carrying a talisman, it will be forcefully removed from your inventory by fate. If your inventory is full, you will lose the talisman and have to obtain another.

Once you have all the required bones and talismans, take them to Zooknock to create your grade(s). If you do not take the additional bones he gives you after receiving your grade, talk to him and ask him to make another grade. If that doesn't work, try dropping the talisman or bones to reset the process. Leave Ape Atoll.

Part 4:

Required items: Materials to make the desired grades. For "Monkey Madness I," only a monkey talisman and monkey bones or corpses are needed (make sure they are Karamjan monkey bones or corpse; otherwise, you will have to return). Recommended: 1-2 antivenom potions, energy potions, prayer potion, food, plank, Ardougne teleportation.

Bank the required items and make sure you have a teleportation method back. If you have already given Zooknock the bones or corpse, you won't need to obtain another. Return to Zooknock through the tunnel once again. Return to Ape Atoll. Travel through the tunnel for the second time and use the monkey talisman and monkey bones (left-click option for all bone types is "Bury") (or corpse) on Zooknock. After a short pause and conversation, you will receive a grade corresponding to the bones you used. To make another grade, you must first talk to him again and ask if he can make another. If you accidentally cancel the conversation, ask how to make the monkey talisman, and it will resume.

Chapter 3:

Required items: Karamjan monkey grade, m'speak amulet, 1 free inventory space.

Recommended: Ardougne teleportation.

Note: In this chapter, you will be asked to speak to Awowogei and rescue a monkey from the Ardougne zoo. If you wish to deposit or restock, you can go to Ardougne to retrieve the monkey (Step 4). You can speak to Awowogei when you return to Ape Atoll (Steps 1-3).

- Step 1: Use the monkey grade (only the Karamjan grade; the others will NOT work) to transform into a monkey. This way, none of the monkeys or wildlife on the island will approach or attack you.

Return to Garkor and speak to him in monkey form. Then, with the m'speak amulet equipped, speak to the Monkey Minder near Garkor, and he will tell you to speak to Kruk.

Step 2: Run west until you pass the main gate into Marim and reach the western coast of Ape Atoll (do not exit through the gate). Head slightly south and follow a path up to the western hill, then climb the bamboo ladder at the top and cross the bamboo bridge. Take the staircase on the east side to go down and speak to Kruk; he will conveniently take you back to King Awowogei.

Step 3: Speak to Awowogei and offer an alliance. He will ask you to rescue a monkey from the Ardougne zoo. IMPORTANT: If you have a full inventory, DO NOT TELEPORT while wielding the grade, as it will drop and may be lost.

Step 4: Travel to Ardougne and enter the zoo. Use the grade to transform into a monkey. Speak to the Monkey Minder (as a monkey), who will place you in the cage. Speak to a monkey (the one with the "Talk" option) and it will jump into your inventory. Unequip the grade and speak to the Monkey Minder again. He will be confused and let you out. Now, you will have to travel on foot to the Tree Gnome Stronghold and go upstairs to speak to Daero and travel back to Ape Atoll as usual. IMPORTANT: Any form of teleportation (including random events) will cause the monkey to leave your inventory.

Extra: Your new monkey friend will provide some humorous dialogues, and examining it will make you itchy. If you have bananas in your inventory, it may eat them. There is also a 1/256 chance it will give you a clue scroll (medium) if you use bananas directly on it. Note that you must go through all the dialogue. Only one clue can be obtained per player.

Return to Ape Atoll and equip your grade.

Speak to Awowogei again. (If you have already spoken before, you can simply speak to the Monkey Greegree Guard, and he will let you in. If you haven't, refer to Steps 1-3 above). The monkey will automatically leave your backpack, and Awowogei will consider an alliance.

Speak to Garkor to start Chapter 4.

Chapter 4:

In this final chapter, the Grade is required. It is recommended to bring 1-2 antivenom potions, food, and combat equipment to defeat a level 195 Jungle Demon.

"The Final Battle"

Note: You can teleport to the Jungle Demon fight from anywhere in Gielinor, except Wilderness, simply by equipping the Tenth Squad Sigil.

Speak to Garkor once again (as a human or monkey). He will give you a Tenth Squad Sigil. Do not equip it until you are ready for the final battle! If you lose your last sigil, you must speak to Garkor again, who will send you to Waymottin at the end of Zooknock's tunnel. Do not lose it.

Prepare for the fight against the Jungle Demon and bank your items. Make sure you have full prayer points and health. When you are ready to fight, use the sigil. You will be teleported to the Jungle Demon's arena shortly after. Defeat the demon to progress. The gnome members of the Tenth Squad will be nearby to assist you, but you must deliver the final blow yourself, otherwise, the demon will heal 25% of its maximum health.

Note: This is not a safe battle. If you die during the fight, you will respawn with your 3 most valuable items. Go to the Death Office to reclaim your sigil and greetings, as well as many other items for free. If you teleport to the fight immediately, you will be able to retrieve any other lost items.

Possible strategies for fighting the Jungle Demon include using a dwarf multicannon, ranged/magic, or luring the demon towards the Tenth Squad gnomes. Bring prayer potions, good food (such as lobsters or better), and a one-click teleportation method just in case. Protection against magic is crucial and should ideally be activated just before teleporting. Also, bring an antivenom for the post-battle sequence.

Once you have defeated the Jungle Demon, speak to Garkor, who will be indicated by an arrow. He will instruct you to speak to Zooknock to be teleported. Speak to Zooknock to be teleported back to Ape Atoll. If you choose to stay, you will be able to explore the banana plantation, but Zooknock will leave, meaning the other gnomes will be in charge of teleporting you. At the base of the statue, there is a crack you can enter and speak to Bonzara. He will offer to teleport you out of the arena at the end of the conversation.

Warning: Both teleporters will take you to the jungle in Ape Atoll, near venomous and aggressive monsters, so make sure you have antivenom! It is recommended to simply teleport off the island as quickly as possible. If you wish to stay on the island, you must equip your Greegree immediately after being teleported by the gnomes.

Escape the island as you prefer, either through the main gates as a monkey, using any form of teleportation, or by jumping off the bridge in the southeastern part of the city. Return to the Gnome Stronghold.

Speak to King Narnode at the Grand Tree to conclude the quest.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

Afterward, Narnode will redirect you to Daero to receive your training as a new member of the Tenth Squad, so speak to Daero to claim your experience rewards.

3. Rewards:


After completing the quest, you will receive the following benefits:

- 3 quest points.

- 10,000 coins.

- 3 diamonds.

When speaking to Daero after the quest, you will have the option to choose between two experience configurations:

Option 1:

- 35,000 experience points in Attack and Defense.

- 20,000 experience points in Strength and Hitpoints.

Option 2:

- 35,000 experience points in Strength and Hitpoints.

- 20,000 experience points in Attack and Defense.

The skills you choose will receive 35,000 experience points each, while the others will receive 20,000 experience points each.

Additionally, you will gain the following benefits:

- The ability to purchase and wield the dragon scimitar.

- The ability to transform into a monkey in Ape Atoll and the Ardougne Zoo using the Monkey Greegree.

- Full access to Ape Atoll, with the exception of the bank and javelin store, which are unlocked after completing Monkey Madness II.