OSRS marks of grace

OSRS Mark of Grace

A mark of grace is a type of currency that can only be obtained while training Agility on Rooftop Agility Courses. The marks are used to purchase the pieces of the graceful outfit and amylase, which is the secondary ingredient for creating stamina potions. In addition, marks can be exchanged with Osten in Shayzien to recolour pieces of the graceful outfit.

Obtaining Marks of Grace

Mark of grace detail.png

Marks of grace appear randomly as players complete laps of Rooftop courses, with higher level courses having a greater chance of spawning marks. Marks spawned are player-specific, meaning players are only able to see and pick up marks spawned for them and not for other players.

When a mark appears on the course, players have 10 minutes to pick it up before it will disappear. Marks spawn at semi-random times at specific locations along a course. It is possible for multiple marks to spawn on the same tile, which stacks the marks and resets the despawn timer to 10 minutes. Ardougne is an exception, as the marks can only spawn on one tile, and each new mark refreshes the 10 minute timer. Marks will stay on the ground even while logged out.

Achievement Diary boosts

Completing the easy, medium and hard Kandarin Diary increases the chance of receiving marks of grace during the Seers' Village Rooftop Course by rerolling for a mark after a failed spawn roll with a 5, 10, or 15 percent chance respectively. This translates to an effective 10, 20, or 30 percent increase to the base rate of spawning marks (1/3).

Similar to the Seers' course, completing the elite Ardougne Diary adds a 25% reroll to failed mark rolls on the Ardougne Rooftop Course. In addition to this, 50% of the time the usual 3 minute cooldown is reduced to 2 minutes, which with the approximate 45 second lap time leads to an approximate 21% increase to the marks spawned per hour.

Optimal Strategies

Canifis Rooftop Course has the greatest chance at spawning marks for players between level 40 to 89 Agility, due to its higher-than-normal spawn rate of 2/3 instead of 1/3, and the lack of the 20-levels-over debuff that is applied to the other courses. However, if one plans on training Agility beyond what is needed for the graceful outfit, they may consider switching to the Falador or the Wilderness courses when they can for increased experience rates. Compared to the Canifis course, the Falador course offers 25%–50% higher experience rates but sacrifices ~33% of the marks generated.

Marks of Grace per hour

The following values are the approximate number of marks of grace spawned per hour of rooftop Agility training, assuming the player's Agility is not more than 20 levels above the course requirement (excluding the Canifis course).

Draynor: 10-13.8 per hour

Al Kharid: 8-11.5 per hour

Varrock: 8-11.3 per hour

Canifis: 16-18.0 per hour

Falador: 10-12.1 per hour

Seers: 11-13.8 per hour (with up to ~14.4, ~15, or ~16.6 per hour with the different tiers of the Kandarin Diary completed)

Pollnivneach: 9-11.9 per hour

Rellekka: 13-15.5 per hour

Ardougne: 16-18.1 per hour (~22 with the elite tier of the Ardougne Diary completed)

Spawning Mechanics

Each course has a chance to spawn a mark of grace upon completion given that enough time has passed since the last mark of grace was spawned. For most courses this is three minutes. (The Ardougne course has a 50% chance to have the timer be two minutes instead with completion of the elite tier of the Ardougne Diary)

This timer works on the scale of minutes, so if a mark of grace spawned at 00:00 game time, you would have another chance starting from the first tick of game time 00:03, regardless of what tick the mark spawned at during 00:00. This timer persists even after logging out or changing worlds.

Upon completing a lap after the timer has expired, the chance to have a mark of grace spawn is 2/5 for the Rellekka Rooftop Course, 2/3 for the Canifis and Ardougne Rooftop Course, and 2/6 for all other rooftop courses. If the unboosted Agility level of the player is 20 levels or more over the course requirement, the chances of getting a mark are five times lower than normal for that course. Due to a coding error, this rate reduction does not apply to the Canifis Rooftop Course.

If the initial roll for the mark of grace is failed, another roll may happen depending on Achievement diary completion. With the easy, medium, and hard Kandarin Diary, failing to roll for a mark of grace on the Seers' Village Rooftop Course results in a second roll for a 5%, 10%, or 15% chance for a mark respectively. With completion of the elite Ardougne diary, failing to roll for a mark on the Ardougne rooftop course results in a second roll for a 25% chance to spawn a mark of grace.

Rooftop Agility Course Spawns

Although the spawning of marks on the rooftop courses is randomly timed, the positions are consistent within each course:

Draynor Village Rooftop

Draynor Village Rooftop Course (3).png

Roof of the course's start point

Roof of Diango's Workshop

Roof of Slayer shop/tasks

Roof of Ned's Handmade Rope shop

Al-Kharid Rooftop

Al Kharid Rooftop Course.png

Roof of Plateskirt Shop

Roof of Bank

Roof to right of Water Source

Roof of Furnace

Roof of house at the end of the course

Varrock Rooftop

Varrock Rooftop Course (9).png

West of roof from ledge after balance beam

South of roof from ledge after balance beam

Ledge after jump from Clothes Shop

Roof between cooking ranges

Tavern Roof

Canifis Rooftop

Canifis Rooftop Course (6).png

Roof of Clothes shop

Roof of Tannery

Roof of General store

Roof of Taxidermist

Falador Rooftop

Falador Rooftop Course (9).png

Second house

Tall house

North mining guild

North-west mining guild

South-west mining guild

Seers' Village Rooftop

Seers' Village Rooftop Course (5).png

Roof of the bank

Elemental Workshop roof (2 spawns)

Middle house roof

Weather vane roof

Church roof

Pollnivneach Rooftop

Pollnivneach Rooftop Course (7).png

Camel shop roof

Kebab shop roof

Central houses

Large houses

Ali the Dyer roof

Rellekka Rooftop

Rellekka Rooftop Course (4).png

Yrsa's Accoutrements

Building south-west of Peer the Seer's house

Building south-east of Peer the Seer's house

Ardougne Rooftop

Ardougne Rooftop Course (6).png

Northern house ledge

Spending marks of grace

Marks of grace can be traded in at the Rogues' Den through Grace, an NPC who sells the graceful outfit as well as Amylase packs for marks of grace. As 10 marks of grace can be traded in to receive 100 amylase crystals, and each crystal can be used to make one dose of stamina potion, each mark of grace is good for two and a half four-dose stamina potions. The price of each piece of the graceful outfit varies, some costing more or less than others, with the full set costing 260 marks of grace.

Sells at: 100.0% • Buys at: 80.0% • Change per: 0.0%

Graceful outfit and amylase

Considering the price of amylase crystals, a mark of grace can be valued at 15,820 coins.

When amylase crystals are purchased and used to make stamina potions, each mark of grace is worth the equivalent of 255 Herblore experience.

Recolouring a Graceful Outfit

Players can pay 90 marks of grace to recolour an entire graceful outfit, or 15 marks of grace per graceful article, to one of six different colours by talking to Osten in Shayzien as long as the player has 100% favour. Players can also buy a dark blue recolour, matching the agility cape's colour, by paying 250 agility arena tickets to Pirate Jackie the Fruit at the Brimhaven Agility Arena entrance. Additionally, players can spend 300 Hallowed Marks gained from the Hallowed Sepulchre to obtain the Dark dye to recolour a piece of a Graceful Outfit black. There is an adventurer's outfit variant of the outfit which is based on the appearance of the Quest Point Cape, obtainable by using pieces of the tier 3 Adventurer's outfit on graceful pieces, with the adventurer's outfit costing 1,800 Quest Speedrunning points to purchase. Players may also use the trailblazer graceful ornament kit, introduced as a reward purchasable from the League Reward Shop after the Trailblazer League ended. This is the only tradeable way to recolour the graceful outfit.