OSRS Making History Quest Guide

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Making History Guide OSRS

"Making History" is a quest in RuneScape that involves restoring the outpost located north of West Ardougne and preventing it from being destroyed. Throughout the quest, players uncover significant aspects of Kandarin's history.

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Priest in Peril

The Restless Ghost

Items required


Sapphire amulet

Ghostspeak amulet or Morytania legs 2 or higher

A way to enter Port Phasmatys

Completion of Ghosts Ahoy or

2 ecto-token or

1 bone, 1 pot and 1 bucket to earn 5 ecto-tokens (you still only need two) or

4,100 gold for a Charter ship to Port Phasmatys (cheaper depending upon where you travel from and if you use ring of charos).

Start point  

Talk to Jorral in the outpost north-west of West Ardougne.

start point

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In the "Making History" quest, you should begin by talking to Jorral. He will provide you with information about the history of the outpost and request that you visit three individuals:

1. Erin, the silver merchant in Ardougne.

2. Droalak, the ghost in Port Phasmatys.

3. Dron, the warrior in Rellekka, who is the brother of Blanin.

Visiting these individuals will be crucial to progressing in the quest and uncovering the outpost's history.

talk to jorral

To advance in the "Making History" quest, you should talk to Erin, the Silver merchant, in East Ardougne. Erin will share information about his great-grandfather and mention that he possesses an Enchanted key. You can ask Erin if you can borrow the key, and he will agree to lend it to you. This key has a unique property as it changes temperature while you walk, which will be important in the quest's progression.

talk to silver merchant

To proceed in the "Making History" quest, head to Castle Wars and cross both bridges to the north until you're approximately four steps north from the east side of the second bridge. When you sense the Enchanted key is steaming, use your spade to dig in that spot, revealing a Chest. Open the Chest with the Enchanted key to retrieve a Journal, which is essential for further progress in the quest.

find the buried chest

In the "Making History" quest, visit Rellekka and speak with Blanin, who is located next to the Cow pen, southeast of the Longhall. Blanin will provide you with the following information about his brother, Dron:

Dron wields an iron mace in battle.

He consumes rats for breakfast, kittens for lunch, and bunnies for tea.

His favorite drink is red spider blood.

He is 36 years, 8 months, and 21 days old.

Dron studies the famous 4th and 5th age battles.

He resides on the northeast side of the town.

His brother is Blanin.

His pet is named Fluffy.

5 plus 7 equals 12.

talk to blanin

To learn more about the Ardougne Outpost in the "Making History" quest, visit Dron, located just northwest of the helmet shop in Rellekka. Engage in conversation by saying, "I am after important answers," and acknowledge his fame. Answer all of Dron's questions with the provided answers, and once you've successfully responded to all of them, he will share his knowledge about the Ardougne Outpost, which is a vital part of advancing in the quest.

talk to dron

head to Port Phasmatys and ensure you have your Ghostspeak amulet equipped. Locate Droalak, who can be found south of the general store in Port Phasmatys. Initiate a conversation with him, and he will mention having a timeline of the outpost written on a Scroll. However, he will only give you the Scroll if you craft a Sapphire amulet for Melina.

Note: If you have completed the "Ghosts Ahoy" quest, you can use an Ectophial to teleport to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys and enter the city free of charge. If you haven't completed this quest, you can either pay the guards 2 Ecto-tokens for entry or charter a ship to Port Phasmatys.

talk to droalak

go to the house located slightly northeast of the general store in Port Phasmatys. Present the Sapphire amulet you crafted to Melina. Upon receiving the amulet, she will express a sense of fulfillment and then disappear. This step signifies your progress in the quest as you work towards obtaining the Scroll with information about the Ardougne Outpost's history.

After successfully crafting the Sapphire amulet for Melina and receiving the Scroll from Droalak, you will have spoken to all three individuals as part of the "Making History" quest. Now, return to Jorral and inform him of the progress. Jorral will express his gratitude and provide you with a Letter.

With the Letter in hand, make your way to East Ardougne Castle and seek an audience with King Lathas on the second floor. Present the Letter to King Lathas, and he will read it, agreeing to the museum plans. In response, he will give you another Letter as part of your quest progression.

talk to king lathas

Once you've received the Letter from King Lathas, return to Jorral, who initiated the "Making History" quest. Show him the Letter, and he will read it, leading to the transformation of the outpost into a museum. Inside the museum, you will find a book mentioning your name, acknowledging your contribution.

As a token of appreciation, Jorral will also reward you for your efforts, concluding the quest and providing you with your well-earned reward.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

making history completed