OSRS Mage Arena 1 Guide 2023

Mage Arena 1 Guide[OSRS]

Mage Arena 1, led by the esteemed Kolodion who has constructed a formidable arena to assess your prowess in battle in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Known as the Mage Arena, this challenging test will determine your ability to endure and overcome his trials. Should you prove your mettle and emerge victorious from the Mage Arena, Kolodion will bestow upon you the knowledge and powers of the gods themselves. You will have the rare opportunity to acquire one of the coveted staves associated with the mighty deities. Prepare yourself for a test of strength, skill, and magical prowess as you step into the Mage Arena to face the trials that await. May the gods favor you on your journey to greatness!


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To embark on the Mage Arena challenge, you must meet certain requirements. Having a Magic level of at least 60 is essential to participate. Additionally, it is strongly advised to possess a Prayer level of 37 to enhance your chances of success.

Before setting foot in the arena, make sure to gather the necessary items. Ensure you have an ample supply of runes for combat spells to unleash your magical prowess. Bring along high-quality food to sustain yourself during the battles. You will also need a weapon with a slash attack or a knife to cut through obstacles you may encounter.

To initiate your journey, head to the Mage Arena bank, conveniently located just north-west of the Member Wilderness Gate in the treacherous Level 55 Wilderness.

Picture of the Mage Arena and Mage Bank in Old School RuneScape.


To start your journey in the Mage Arena, venture into the perilous Level 56 Wilderness, but be cautious of player-killers lurking in the area. Fortunately, the arena itself has a bank, so you won't need to bring any equipment with you except for a knife, sword, or another slashing weapon.

To reach the Mage Arena quickly, utilize the lever in the ruins of Edgeville or the one in the small building near the gate to West Ardougne. Activating either lever will teleport you to the Deserted Keep, a small island surrounded by lava in Level 54 Wilderness. From there, head north and use your slashing weapon to cut through the web, granting you access to the northern entrance of the Mage Arena.

Seek out a broken-down house northwest of the actual Mage Arena. Use a knife or a weapon with a 'slash' attack style to cut down the webs obstructing the house. Once the webs are cleared, pull the lever on the wall inside the house. This action will teleport you into a small cave where you'll find safety from player-killers. Inside the cave, you'll discover a rune store, a bank, and Kolodion, the non-player character who will guide you through the Mage Arena miniquest.

Initiate a conversation with Kolodion to begin the miniquest. After engaging in a lengthy dialogue, you will face him in a battle. Remain focused and determined during this encounter to proceed further in the Mage Arena's challenges.

Battling Kolodion       

Fighting Kolodion





During the Mage Arena miniquest, Kolodion's form will change as the battle progresses. Initially, he appears in the form you see when you speak to him, and he can only be damaged using Magic attacks. Once you defeat this form, he transforms into an ogre-like creature. Despite being in Melee range during this form and all subsequent forms, Kolodion's attacks remain magic-based, making the Protect from Magic prayer an effective defense against his attacks. The next forms he takes on include a giant frost spider, a ghost, and finally, a formidable level 112 black demon.

Throughout these battles, it is recommended to use the most powerful spell you have available for your Magic level. As each form changes, Kolodion's Hitpoints increase, so be prepared for progressively tougher fights. With the aid of Prayer and decent food, the battles can be relatively easy to win. For instance, if you have a Magic level of 70 or higher and utilize the Ahrim's armour set, you may only need around 100 casts of the Wave spells to defeat all five of Kolodion's forms. Alternatively, Iban Blast is also a viable option, and with its significant power, you could defeat Kolodion in as little as 50 casts, even at level 60 Magic while wearing only Mystic robes.

Remember that you can exit the fight at any time by running out of the arena and pulling the lever to the north. When you return, Kolodion will be in the form you left off at. Additionally, you have the option to use a powered staff for this fight, eliminating the need to bring runes with you. This can be a convenient way to ensure you have a sufficient supply of magical attacks throughout the battle.


Once players successfully defeat Kolodion in the Mage Arena miniquest, they will be teleported out of the arena, and Kolodion will congratulate them on their victory. He will then offer them a choice to align with one of the three gods: Saradomin, Guthix, or Zamorak. To make this choice, players need to head into the nearby "Sparkling pool," which will transport them near a staff merchant. From there, proceed into the room with the three god statues and choose the desired god to pray at their respective statue. Upon doing so, players will receive one of the god capes, based on the god they chose. After obtaining the cape, return south and speak to the chamber guardian to receive the corresponding god staff, completing the set.

Players can obtain multiple copies of their chosen god cape by returning to the Mage Arena bank and praying at the statue through the pool.

To unlock and use the god spells outside of the arena, players must cast the chosen spell 100 times inside the arena. To do this efficiently, it is recommended to bring only 100 casts of the spell they want to unlock, along with some prayer potions for using Protect from Magic or inexpensive food like wines. For equipment, players can opt for cheap and replaceable prayer items to extend the duration of Protect from Magic prayer, or black d'hide armor to provide decent magic defense at a low cost. The goal is to cast the spell 100 times, so dealing damage is not necessary; the focus is solely on casting the spell repeatedly. The use of d'hide armor can be an economical choice, as it offers good defense for relatively low cost. Players should be mindful of their inventory and avoid bringing unnecessary items to the arena. By checking the items lost on death screen, they can ensure they have only what is essential for the task.

With the god cape and staff in hand, and the god spells unlocked, players will now wield the powers of their chosen deity, making them formidable champions in their adventures throughout the world of Gielinor.

To obtain additional god staves and cast other god spells outside the arena, players can speak to the merchant who will charge them 80,000 coins as a fee for the staff. Once they have obtained the desired god staff, they must then cast the corresponding spell 100 times inside the Mage Arena to unlock it for use outside. It is important to note that god staves cannot be wielded with a cape from a different god. For example, if a player is wielding a Guthix staff, they cannot wear a Saradomin cape at the same time. Each cape is tied to its respective god staff, and players must adhere to this restriction.

The god capes are especially important for casting the Charge spell at level 80+ Magic. To switch between the different god capes, players simply need to pray at the desired god's statue inside the Mage Arena. This will allow them to change their allegiance and use the corresponding god spell associated with the cape they are currently wearing.

By unlocking and utilizing the powers of different god spells, players can adapt their combat strategies and gain significant advantages against various foes they encounter in their adventures. Mastery of the god spells will undoubtedly make them formidable champions in their quest for power and glory in the world of Gielinor.

Runes required to learn each spell

Saradomin striker:

200 blood rune-400 air rune-200 fire rune.

Claws of Guthix:

200 blood rune-400 air rune-100 fire rune

Flames of Zamorak:

200 blood rune-100 air rune-400 fire rune

Completion of mage arena I is a prerequisite for two significan achievements in the game:

1. Mage Arena II: Once players have successfully completed Mage Arena I, they will be able to participate in the sequel quest, Mage Arena II. In this continuation of the storyline, players will face new challenges, powerful foes, and have the opportunity to obtain even greater rewards, including upgraded versions of their god capes and staves.

2. Wilderness Hard Diary: The Wilderness Hard Diary is a set of challenging tasks and achievements that players can complete in the Wilderness. Among these tasks, one of the requirements is to complete the Mage Arena I miniquest. By doing so, players will demonstrate their mastery over the arena and gain progress toward completing the Wilderness Hard Diary.