OSRS King´s Ransom Guide

King's Ransom Quest Guide OSRS


magic 45 Magic 

mining 45 Mining (if an ironman)

defense 65 Defence

Quests Required

Black Knights' Fortress

Holy Grail

Merlin's Crystal

Murder Mystery

One Small Favour

Rune Mysteries

Shilo Village

Jungle Potion

Druidic Ritual

Items Required

Granite (any size)

Telekinetic Grab runes (1 air rune and 1 law rune) (can be obtained during the quest)

Full black armour (Black full helm, platebody, and platelegs/plateskirt)

Note: Trimmed versions of black armour will work. (h) versions will not work

A bronze med helm (can be purchased from Peksa's Helmet Shop. in the Barbarian Village, or picked up inside Draynor Manor near the exit)

An Iron chainbody (Both the Iron Chainbody and the Bronze med helm can be bought upstairs in the Warrior Guild Armoury. If you can't access the Warriors' Guild you can get an Iron Chainbody from Wayne's Chains in Southern Falador, Horvik's Armour Shop in central Varrock, or the Grand Exchange)

Animate rock scroll (obtainable during the quest).

Note: if you have it in your bank, either destroy it or take it with you. You won't be able to receive another from Wizard Cromperty otherwise.


A teleport to Ardougne to talk to Wizard Cromperty

A teleport to Camelot for a quick access to Seers' Village and Camelot

A combat bracelet, amulet of glory, or Lassar Teleport for fast access to the Black Knight's Fortress.

A Dramen staff or Lunar staff with code C-J-R for quick travel to Sinclair Mansion

Salve graveyard teleports for quick access to fairy ring

Ok Let’s Do This

To commence the quest, have a conversation with Gossip outside the Sinclair Mansion, situated just northwest of Camelot Castle.

poin start

He will inform you that the Sinclairs have left after accusing Anna of being responsible for Lord Sinclair's death. Interestingly, this might not be the same person you previously identified as the culprit in the Murder Mystery quest. Gossip will divulge that a family member presented fresh evidence to incriminate Anna. He will then elaborate on the simultaneous vanishing of King Arthur and his knights around the same time as the Sinclair family's departure. Accept the task of investigating this enigma, thus embarking on the quest.

Afterward, approach the guard who entertains suspicions about the Sinclairs' potential involvement in the perplexing disappearance of the Camelot king and his knights. The guard speculates that due to Lord Sinclair's grant of the castle to King Arthur, the vanishings might be connected to a broader scheme aimed at reclaiming Camelot. The guard explains that the Seers' Council has prohibited anyone from entering Sinclair Mansion or Camelot for an inquiry, leading him to assign the investigation to you.

Note: To successfully complete this quest, ensure you are on the standard spellbook unless you possess 96 Magic for spellbook swap and Lunar Spells. If you're not currently using the standard spellbook, switch back to it before proceeding.

Initiate your investigation by breaking the window located on the mansion's eastern side, granting you access. Subsequently, gather the following crucial pieces of evidence from their designated locations

1.Scrap paper inventory image Scrap paper: Dining room on the ground floor. The paper contains incomplete scribblings about Camelot.

2.Address form inventory image Address form: 1st floor library and take an address form that was never filled out, proving that the Sinclairs left for good, and never intended to tell anyone where they were moving.

3.Black knight helm inventory image Black knight helm: 1st floor library, western bookcase.

Return to the guard by right-clicking the window and selecting 'break' to pass through. Present to him all three pieces of evidence. Acknowledging that there is sufficient evidence to indicate malicious intent towards King Arthur, the guard informs you of the necessity to adhere to formal procedures, which will entail waiting a month before presenting the evidence. You offer a solution to bypass the bureaucracy, prompting him to suggest delving into the Sinclair family history for further insight, a knowledge that town gossips are known to possess.

Commence a conversation with Gossip. Engage in all three available options to glean information about the Sinclair history:

1. Inquire about the family history, where Gossip reveals Lord Sinclair's connection to King Ulthas and his positive contributions to Kandarin. He also describes Lord Sinclair's children as spoiled, although he didn't suspect them of murder.

2. Discuss the mansion's origin, learning that the Sinclairs initially inhabited Camelot under a different name before selling the castle to King Arthur. They subsequently erected the Sinclair Mansion, a move met with resistance from their children.

3. Learn about Anna's whereabouts. Gossip informs you that she's being held in the courthouse in Seers' Village, presenting a defiant attitude towards the authorities.

Journey to the Seers' Village courthouse, situated just south of the mansion and to the southeast of the bank. Speak with Anna inside. She maintains her innocence, asserting that she was framed by the original murderer you suspected in Murder Mystery. She explains that the new evidence against her is forged. Inquiring about her family's whereabouts, she expresses ignorance due to her confinement. As you prepare to leave, she proposes a deal – she'll assist you in gaining entry to Camelot if you help her secure a not-guilty verdict. She hands you the criminal's thread found on the window during the Murder Mystery quest and suggests that the mansion's servants might provide testimony in her defense.

Note: Skipping the following section is possible to obtain a not-guilty verdict. Simply descend the courthouse stairs to initiate the trial. Inquiring of the servants doesn't progress the quest but is valuable for those who want to solve the case themselves.

Return to the mansion to glean insights from various servants about their testimonies during the trial. There are six servants in total – two outside the mansion and four within (enter through the broken window). Interrogate them with all available questions:

1. Gain information about the night of the murder.

2. Determine Anna's whereabouts on that night.

3. Identify individuals they saw handling the dagger.

4. Discern potential owners of the thread.

5. Uncover details about the poison.

After conversing with all six servants, proceed to the lower level of the Seers' Village courthouse to commence the trial.

The Trial

Enter the trial phase where you will interact with witnesses through a dialogue with the judge and the witnesses themselves. During this process, you will have the opportunity to call witnesses and question them, focusing on the inquiries previously posed within the mansion. Your goal is to successfully counter the presented evidence:

1. Anna's fingerprints on the dagger

2. Anna purchasing poison without using it

3. Discovery of a thread from Anna's clothing at the crime scene

4. Anna's presence at the crime scene

To attain a not-guilty verdict for Anna, you must effectively challenge this evidence while avoiding introducing information that could further implicate her (e.g., testimony indicating Anna's proximity to Lord Sinclair's meal before his death). Follow these steps to achieve this:

1. Summon the butler as a witness and inquire about the dagger.

2. Call the dog handler to the stand and ask him about the poison.

3. Request the maid's testimony, focusing on her observations on the night of the murder.

4. Engage anyone present and gather details about the thread to bolster the case for the defense.

Upon questioning the witnesses and presenting your case, the judge will conclude the trial and solicit a verdict. The jury will render a not-guilty decision in favor of Anna.

The trial begins

Back to the Business

Exit the courtroom by clicking the gate and engage in conversation with Anna in her cell. Despite her rudeness resurfacing, she discloses the method to access Camelot.

Proceed to the eastern side of Camelot Castle and inspect the statue adjacent to the temple.

Secret passage

An ensuing cutscene will unveil Anna conversing with David. These siblings jointly bear responsibility for Lord Sinclair's demise, framing you in the process. Their intentions to lend assistance are nonexistent. Abruptly, Morgan Le Faye emerges and incapacitates you with her staff.

Behind Bars

Following Morgan Le Faye's stunning blow, you regain consciousness in a cell alongside King Arthur's Knights and Merlin.

Engage in conversation with Merlin. He unravels the dire situation:

1. King Arthur's form has transmuted into that of a granite statue, seized by the Black Knights.

2. A sinister alliance has formed between the Sinclairs and Morgan Le Faye, aimed at Arthur's destruction and the reclamation of Camelot Castle.

3. The Black Knights have aligned themselves with Morgan Le Faye and the Sinclairs.

4. The Holy Grail has been purloined by Morgan Le Faye.

Liberating Merlin

Inquire of Merlin for guidance and exhaust all the conversational avenues available to you.

Direct your attention to the vent positioned atop the wall opposite the jail gate. An amusing animation will illustrate Merlin's escape, facilitated by a pyramid of knights that propels him toward the vent.

Liberating Merlin

Note: If you must interrupt this segment of the quest, select the vent once more, and the knights will hoist you from the cell. To resume the quest at a later time, revisit Camelot and engage with the gates to be transported back into the cell, courtesy of Morgan Le Faye.

Liberating the Knights

Engage in conversation with all the knights and inquire about any useful items they may have to aid in their escape. A variety of items, including an air rune, a law rune, an empty vial, a cooked shark, a regular log, a bottle of vodka, among others, will be offered. If a lockpick is among the items, utilize it on the metal door; otherwise, apply Telekinetic Grab on the guard attending to his hair outside the cell to procure a hair clip. Utilize the hair clip on the metal door.

Liberating the Knights

You will be required to solve a puzzle in order to unlock the jail door. The puzzle closely resembles the popular game "Mastermind."

To successfully solve this puzzle, you need to adjust each of the four tumblers to the correct height. The most reliable approach (though not necessarily the swiftest) involves setting all the tumblers at the lowest height of 0/5 and attempting to unlock the lock. If a tumbler displays a green circle, avoid altering it further. For the remaining tumblers, increase their height by one and retry the lock. If a red circle appears, refrain from trying that height on other tumblers. Continue this process until the lock unlocks. Following this method, a maximum of six attempts will be needed.

Upon successful unlocking, you will emerge on the ground floor of Keep Le Faye. Arthur's knights will be embroiled in combat against the Renegade Knights.

Recovering the Holy Grail

Proceed to the top floor and search the table situated to the north. At this point, you will be presented with a riddle (click on "Show riddle") and must select the correct container housing the holy grail. The accurate container is the round purple one positioned on the right, the second-to-last box when counted from left to right.

Note: A few of the boxes are rigged with traps that will teleport you to South-west Ardougne outside of Keep Le Faye. To continue the quest, you will be required to retrace your steps back to Keep Le Faye. Once you attempt to open the door, Morgan Le Faye will emerge, teleporting you back to the jail. In this instance, you won't need to resolve the door puzzle anew; simply open the door and ascend to the top floor once more.

Liberating King Arthur

Your next objective is to liberate King Arthur from his petrified state. Head to Wizard Cromperty in East Ardougne.

Cromperty will elucidate that you must free King Arthur in a manner similar to how you released Petra Fiyed during the One Small Favour quest. However, this time, you must also counteract Morgan's spell. He will bestow upon you an "animate rock" scroll. This scroll should be utilized on King Arthur once you possess both the holy grail and some granite in your inventory.

Note: Even if you already possess the Animate scroll, it is imperative to converse with Wizard Cromperty. Failing to complete the dialogue sequence after receiving the scroll will necessitate a return visit to him. Additionally, if you already have an animate scroll in your bank, you will not receive another one from him.

To access King Arthur, you need to be equipped with specific gear: a bronze med helm, iron chainbody, black platebody, black platelegs/skirt, and black full helmet.

Tip: You can obtain the bronze med helm and iron chainbody at Draynor Manor and Wayne's Chains in Falador, respectively, if you still need them.

Proceed to the Black Knights' Fortress located west of Edgeville or north of Ice Mountain. Teleportation methods like the Amulet of Glory or Combat Bracelet can be handy.

Wear the bronze med helm and iron chain, and enter the Black Knights' Fortress by using the guards' door. Subsequently, don your full black equipment and push the wall right behind the guards' door. Note that you can only push the wall if you are wearing a complete set of black armor.

Descend the ladder, where you will encounter King Arthur's statue. Utilize the "free" option from your scroll.

King Arthur turned into a stone statue.

Engage in a conversation with King Arthur, and hand him the guard uniform (consisting of the bronze med helm and iron chainbody).

Return to Camelot and converse with King Arthur within the castle to conclude the quest and receive your well-deserved reward.

And that is! Quest complete!

king´s ransom completed