[OSRS] Imp Catcher quest guide

Imp Catcher Quest Guide OSRS

Imp Catcher Quest Guide OSRS


Items Required:

  • Black bead
  • Yellow bead
  • Red bead
  • White bead


  • (Members only) Fast travel to the Wizards' Tower (Necklace of Passage, Amulet of Glory to Draynor Village, or Fairy Rings to dis)

Ok Let’s do this!


Begin your journey toward the Wizards' Tower, positioned south of Draynor Village and reachable via a lengthy stone bridge.

start location the Wizards' Tower


Ascend the staircase, advancing to the 2nd floor [UK]. Initiate a conversation with Wizard Mizgog, inquiring about various matters to uncover his requirement for assistance. During this discussion, you'll learn that Wizard Grayzag's imps have made off with Mizgog's precious beads. Mizgog seeks your aid in recovering these beads, and he specifies the following beads:

  • Obtain a black bead
  • Secure a yellow bead
  • Acquire a red bead
  • Attain a white bead


Gathering the Beads:

To acquire the necessary beads, there are a few options available to you:

  1. Purchase from Grand Exchange: You can buy the beads from the Grand Exchange for a total cost of 7,483 coins.
  2. Trade with Other Players: Alternatively, you can trade with another player who might have the beads you need.
  3. Defeat Imps: A more hands-on approach involves hunting and eliminating imps. Imps hold a 5/128 chance of dropping each bead. These creatures can be found throughout Gielinor. Suggested imp-killing spots include east of the Ardougne Monastery, atop the Karamja Volcano (be cautious of level 14 scorpions here), next to the Charcoal Burner, or near the southern entrance to Falador. It's worth noting that imps may teleport away during combat, complicating their elimination. Since bead drops are uncommon, many players opt to trade for beads instead of gathering them independently to save time.

For those who choose to battle imps themselves or for ironman players, utilizing ranged or magic attacks can prove advantageous, as these attacks help mitigate the need to chase imps when they teleport.

Once you have secured all four beads, return to Wizard Mizgog and deliver them to him to successfully conclude the quest. It's important to note that he expects all beads to be turned in together, so if you're an ultimate ironman, make sure to complete this step in one go.


And that is! Quest Complete!

complete quest