OSRS Horror from the Deep Quest Guide

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Horror from the Deep Quest Guide OSRS

Horror from the Deep Quest

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35 Agility

Quest Required:

Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl

Items Required:

Fire rune

Air rune

Water rune

Earth rune

Any sword or longsword that you are willing to lose (except rusty sword and prop sword)

Any arrow (except ogre arrows and training arrows)

Molten glass



60 steel nails

2 regular planks (can be obtained from Barbarian Outpost)

Swamp tar

Means to deal melee and ranged damage

Means to deal damage with air, water, earth and fire spells


50 Combat level

Armour and some food

40 Prayer for Protect from Missiles against the Dagannoth Mother's ranged attacks

Level 13+ Magic, in order to cast required spells to defeat the creature.

Fast travel to the Lighthouse (Fairy Rings to "A-L-P" or walk from the Barbarian Outpost using a Games Necklace or grouping teleport to the Barbarian Assault)

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Ok Let’s do this!

Starting the Quest

Begin your quest by speaking to Larrissa, who can be found outside the lighthouse located north of the Barbarian Outpost.

There's a convenient fairy ring right next to the lighthouse (fairy ring code alp). Larrissa is concerned about her boyfriend, the lighthouse keeper, who has gone missing, leaving the lighthouse locked while the lights remain extinguished. Due to a storm that destroyed the eastern bridge, she's cut off from the mainland Fremennik Province. Larrissa asks for your help in finding her cousin, who has a spare key to the lighthouse, and in repairing the bridge so she can communicate with her family. Agree to assist her and inquire about her specific needs.

Larrissa reveals that her cousin, Gunnjorn, departed from their home in Rellekka to pursue his passion for Agility. Make your way to the Barbarian Outpost, which you can reach using a Games necklace or the Grouping interface. Alternatively, travel south of Larrissa, leaping across the basalt platforms and into the Barbarian Outpost. If you opt for the basalt rocks, bring food as there's a notable failure rate even with decent Agility.

Note for 10 HP accounts: The basalt path can deal up to 10 damage, regardless of your Hitpoints level.

Speak to Gunnjorn at the Barbarian Outpost Agility course, located past the pipe, and inform him about Larrissa's predicament, explaining that she needs her spare key back. Gunnjorn will give you the lighthouse key. You can also obtain your two planks here, which respawn on the north-east end of the Barbarian Outpost along the fence.

Use both planks on the broken bridge, situated to the east of Larrissa (you'll need to cross another bridge to get there). For each side of the broken bridge (east and west), use a regular plank, along with 30 steel nails and a hammer from your inventory.

Repairing the bridge.

Keep in mind that you can cross the bridge before repairing it by jumping over the gap, which may result in some damage based on your agility level. After repairing the bridge, even if it doesn't appear different, you'll be able to cross it without any issues. Double-check your quest log to confirm that it acknowledges the bridge repair.

Investigating the Lighthouse

Lighting the Lightomatic Deluxe 500.

Return to Larrissa, and she will ask you to enter the lighthouse and uncover what happened to Jossik. Upon entering the building, you'll find yourself in an instance with Larrissa. The interior is in disarray, with broken furniture, blood splatters, and claw marks adorning the floor and walls. Larrissa implores you to repair the lighthouse's light mechanism to prevent potential shipwrecks. She admits she doesn't know how to do it herself but speculates that Jossik might have left some manuals lying around. Proceed to the next floor.

You may want to search the bookcase to gather all the books to unravel the mystery further. Among these books is Jossik's journal, which chronicles his journey as the lighthouse keeper following his uncle Silas's mysterious disappearance. He mentions hearing strange voices and the local Fremennik's belief in sea monsters beneath the lighthouse. There are references to a strange metal door that Silas had installed in the basement. After meeting Larrissa, Jossik discovered his uncle's 'bizarre' diary and added it to the bookcase. The voices and unsettling sounds he heard continued to intensify, prompting him to give Larrissa a spare key. The journal ends with Jossik deciding to investigate the strange noises from the basement. Silas's diary also reveals cryptic passages about creatures called dagannoth and their connection to the ocean. It mentions the metal door as 'the key' and provides clues involving colors, elemental runes (white, blue, brown, and red), and weapons (yellow and green: sword of the warrior and arrow of the huntsman). The door's purpose is to bind the dagannoth to the lighthouse, and Silas suggests that one can become the other.

The lighthouse manual provides instructions on maintaining the Lightomatic Deluxe 500, including a troubleshooting FAQ section. If the light is not functioning, it recommends using a tinderbox to ignite the Light Source Module producing the flame. If that doesn't work, it may be a fuel issue, and the book suggests using official Lightomatic Non-Renewing Light Source Fuel, though swamp tar can serve as an alternative. If the light is on but dim, it advises removing the dark shipping wrapping from the Light Amplifying Lens System (LALS) or utilizing the official LALS Maintenance Pack to address any cracks, with molten glass as an alternative solution.

Proceed to the top floor and use molten glass and swamp tar, in either order, on the lighting mechanism to repair it. Then, light the tar with a tinderbox to restore the Lightomatic. Once the light is fixed, return to Larrissa, who implores you to do everything possible to find Jossik.

Exploring the Basement

Descend the iron ladder into the basement, where you find the mysterious metal door described in Jossik's journal. This door leads to a sea cavern with a large face and six icons: the four elemental runes, a sword, and an arrow.

The strange door.

To unlock the door, use all your basic elemental runes (fire, water, earth, and air), along with a sword (any type) and an arrow (except ogre and training). Bolts won't work. Once the door unlocks, prepare for a battle.

For the upcoming fight, ensure you have good armor (rune or better for melee, or magic armor like Mystic robes), bring an ample supply of mind, chaos, death, or blood runes, and have enough elemental runes (wind, water, earth, and fire) for multiple spells. Arm yourself with a strong melee weapon and some ranged equipment. If you need to prepare further or bank, you can use your games necklace or the fairy ring to return.

Confronting the Dagannoth Threat

Proceed through the eastern part of the unlocked door and descend the ladder. In this spacious cavern, you'll find Jossik, injured and sitting by the ladder. Talk to him, and be prepared for a battle with a dagannoth. Remember, these fights are not safe; if you die, you'll lose your items as usual.

Jossik explains that he was attacked by mysterious monsters while investigating his uncle Silas's disappearance. Suddenly, he was assaulted by powerful creatures that trapped him here. You suggest returning to Larrissa to let her know he's safe, but at that moment, a level 100 dagannoth emerges from the sea and attacks!

This dagannoth primarily uses melee attacks, so it's wise to activate Protect from Melee. You can also use the rocks in the room to safespot the creature. You can defeat it using any combat style.

Safespotting the first dagannoth.

After the battle, Jossik reveals that the creature you just fought was one of the dagannoth's offspring, and a larger, stronger dagannoth mother emerges from the waters in a cutscene. She attacks with both Ranged and melee, periodically changing color every 18 seconds. To deal damage to her, you must use the correct combat style depending on her color at the time.

It might be possible to safespot the Dagannoth mother in the southwest corner of the room, preventing her colors from changing and allowing you to defeat her using a single type of elemental spell, such as Wind Blast.

A safespot for fighting the dagannoth mother. Protect from Missiles should be active at all times during the fight.

To effectively combat the Dagannoth Mother, it's essential to adapt to her color changes. If you're having trouble discerning these changes visually, keep an eye on the chat box. Using the wrong attack style won't damage her. She's smart enough to detect Prayers and will automatically switch to the opposite attack type. By default, she uses Ranged attacks from a distance and melee attacks up close, with her melee attacks being stronger.

Since her defensive melee stats are high, it's often easier to focus on her Ranged form or switch between Ranged and Magic attacks. Any air staff can be handy for quickly switching between the correct spell types.

The stalagmites in the room provide safe spots where you can wait for the desired color change without taking damage. You can then attack her from a distance with Protect from Missiles active or flinch her using a melee weapon. Another tactic is to climb the ladder until she changes to the right color.

Keep in mind that any dropped items in the boss room when the Dagannoth Mother is defeated will become inaccessible. You can still recover your belongings if you died within the boss room, but only before defeating the Dagannoth Mother.

After defeating the Dagannoth Mother, you'll receive a rusty casket, and the quest will automatically conclude. If your inventory is full during the battle and you don't receive the casket, speak to Jossik upstairs, who will inform you that he picked up the casket after you left it on the ground.

Upon closing the reward scroll interface, you urge Jossik to leave the cave swiftly. He concurs, emphasizing the urgency as the mother's offspring are approaching. He instructs you to follow him upstairs, where you'll have the opportunity to open the familiar-looking casket.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

horror from the deep completed

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