[OSRS] Heroes Quest

Heroes Quest OSRS 

Welcome to the thrilling guide of the Heroes Quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS)! In this epic adventure, players join secret societies and collaborate to face a formidable challenge. The mission involves acquiring the powerful "Mage's Staff" and the knowledge of "A Tale of Fire and Ice" to confront a fearsome dragon in its lair. We'll take you step by step through this exciting journey, providing useful tips and strategies to successfully complete it. Get ready to face dangers, demonstrate bravery, and forge unbreakable friendships in the "Heroes' Quest"!


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Start point :Outside the Heroes' Guild; north of Taverley. Speak with Achietties.

Official difficulty: Experienced

Length: Medium-Long (can be completed in less than 30 minutes if you already have a partner and all the required items)


A partner

55  Quest points

Completion of the following quests:

Boosts allowed:


  • 70  Agility (boostable) - For lava eel if going to Taverley Dungeon. Saves a lot of running, although Stamina potion is an easy workaround.

Items required

  • A fishing rod (obtainable during the quest)
  • Fishing bait (obtainable during the quest)
  • The Dusty key (obtainable during the quest; if travelling to Taverley Dungeon for the lava eel, without 70 Agility)
  • A knife or a slash weapon (if travelling to the Lava Maze for the lava eel)
  • A harralander potion (unf) (or a harralander and a vial of water)
  • A pickaxe
  • Ice gloves (obtainable during the quest)

If you are a Black Arm Gang member:

  • A black full helm
  • A black platebody
  • Black platelegs
  • Note: If you are returning to the mansion after the quest to help another player, you do not need the black armour any more.

If you are a Phoenix Gang member:

  • Some form of Ranged or Magic attack method


  • Weapons and armour to kill the Ice Queen
  • Energy/stamina potions
  • The anti-dragon shield or a dragonfire shield to protect against the blue dragons' dragonfire breath

Enemies to defeat

Quest Start

Start: Head to Achietties at the entrance of the Heroes' Guild and request to join. She will ask for three items: a fire feather from an Entrana firebird, a cooked lava eel, and a Master Thieves' Armband. Obtain these treasures by showcasing bravery, skill, and cunning to achieve the coveted membership.

  • Master Thieves' armband

During this stage of the quest, enlisting the assistance of a player from the rival gang becomes essential. Fortunately, those who have already triumphed in the quest can lend a helping hand to others. To find a suitable quest partner, utilizing the Minigame Group Finder proves to be invaluable. Additionally, during peak hours, the 'Osrs Soa' clan chat often provides a platform to connect with potential allies.

  • Note: You do not need to meet the quest's skill requirements (Cooking, Fishing, Herblore, Mining) in order to complete this part of the quest. This means that you can obtain help from someone who does not meet these requirements, or complete it ahead of time yourself if you do not meet those requirements. You can also partner up with someone if you have finished the quest - see Trivia for more details.

For Black Arm Gang members

Items required: A black full helm, a black platebody and black platelegs.

To begin this part of the quest, obtain the black full helm and black platelegs from the Champions' Guild, and acquire the black platebody from Horvik's Armour Shop in Varrock. Proceed to Varrock and locate Katrine just west of the south entrance. She will disclose the gang's password, "four-leafed clover," and inform you of the task to steal ScarFace Pete's candlesticks in Brimhaven. Make your way to Brimhaven and find the gang office along the fence, east of the bar and south of the Agility Arena. Speak to Trobert in the building south of the agility arena to obtain the necessary ID papers for access to ScarFace Pete's mansion.

The location of ScarFace Pete's mansion in Brimhaven during the Heroes Quest in Old School RuneScape.

Equip the black full helm, black platebody, and black platelegs, then make your way to the mansion. When attempting to enter ScarFace Pete's Mansion, Garv will halt your progress. Present the ID papers to him, and he'll grant you passage. Once inside, engage in a conversation with Grip, inquiring about your duties and if there's anything you can assist with. He will hand you a miscellaneous key (which must be obtained if not already in your possession or banked). Exit the building and pass the key to your partner from the Phoenix Gang.

In case Grip doesn't hand you the key, it's likely due to already having one in your inventory or bank. The tradeable nature of the miscellaneous key often leads players to leave them in banks, where others may pick them up.

Returning inside, head to the northeastern room near the entrance. Wait for your partner to be on the other side of the wall (east side), then search the cupboard. A guard will warn you that Grip dislikes his drinks being touched; ignore the comment. Grip will then enter the room, admonishing you to keep your hands off.

Your Phoenix Gang partner will seize the opportunity to eliminate Grip through the slot in the hidden room. If Grip moves away from your partner, search the cupboard again to reposition him. Once he's defeated, collect the key he drops. Note that Grip avoids walking through other characters and prioritizes moving west within the room when struck, so ensure a clear path (guards may be defeated) for him to walk west. Otherwise, he might exit the room, requiring you to search the cupboard again.

Using the key, access the treasure room (located on the ground floor, featuring coins on the floor beside the staircase in the North-West corner) and unlock the North chest in the first room to obtain two candlesticks. Share one candlestick with your Phoenix Gang partner. Return to Varrock and communicate with Katrine to receive the Thieves' armband.

  • Note: The door to the treasure room will not open and give you a message if you attempt to open it with Grip's keyring without having obtained a miscellaneous key at least once.
  • Note: The chest containing Pete's Candlesticks (position to the North), will be empty if you have a Pete's Candlestick in your inventory or bank. If you have a traded Pete's Candlestick in the bank, you will need to discard it then come back to search this chest as you will not be able to turn in a traded Pete's Candlestick to Katrine at any time.
  • Note: Be sure to pick up the candlesticks yourself; otherwise, Katrine will say you weren't the one to retrieve the candlestick and you will have to go back to do it all over again.

For Phoenix Gang members

Items required: A bow and arrows (brutal arrows will not work) or runes for Magic.

Begin your journey in Varrock, where you must seek out Straven at the hideout to obtain the password for Alfonse. Before heading to Brimhaven, ensure you equip yourself with a bow and arrows. Additionally, secure the miscellaneous key from your Black Arm Gang partner, a vital item for your mission.

In Brimhaven, locate The Shrimp and Parrot bar (not the southern one) and approach Alfonse the waiter, then converse with Charlie the cook. Share the password with them to gain valuable information about a secret pushable wall. Find this wall in the kitchen, near Charlie, and navigate past the guard dogs.

Once inside the mansion through the western door, use the miscellaneous key on the northern door to access a closet with a window overlooking a room containing a cupboard. Utilize your ranged or magic skills to shoot through the hole in the wall and defeat Grip. He will drop the key for your Black Arm Gang partner.

Your Black Arm Gang partner will acquire two candlesticks, and it's essential to trade one of them with you. Return to Varrock, and converse with Straven to claim the Thieves' armband, a symbol of your accomplishment in this daring quest.

  • NOTE:You must kill Grip! If you don't, Straven will NOT accept your candlestick.

Fire feather

Items required: Ice Gloves or a pickaxe and combat equipment if you do not already own a pair.

To acquire the coveted fire feather, ensure you possess the ice gloves, which can be obtained by defeating the level 111 Ice Queen below White Wolf Mountain.

If you already have the ice gloves, equip them and make your way to Entrana to confront the firebird and obtain the feather.

For those without ice gloves, travel to White Wolf Mountain, situated east of Catherby and west of Taverley. Enter the mountain through the southern entrance and head north until you reach a rock slide. Utilize a pickaxe on the rock slide (50 Mining required) to pass through. On the other side, you'll encounter level 57 ice warriors and three ladders.

Descend via the southern ladder and proceed through the southwestern tunnel. Ascend the ladder shortly after the tunnel bends north, bringing you to a section with level 53 ice giants. Descend the eastern ladder and venture north through the long tunnel, inhabited by level 61 ice spiders and ice giants (note that the spiders don't appear on the minimap). The tunnel forms a loop and leads to a ladder. Ascend the ladder, then descend the adjacent one. Continue through the tunnel until you arrive at a spacious room teeming with ice warriors and the formidable Ice Queen.

Be cautious, as this area is multicombat, and you'll face multiple foes attacking simultaneously. Take on the Ice Queen and claim the ice gloves to pave your way towards obtaining the precious fire feather.

The location of the White Wolf Mountain entrance to the Ice Queen in Old School RuneScape.

Compass pointing north; location of the rockslide to get into the lair.

To secure the ice gloves, adopt a strategic position behind the throne, allowing you to evade the ice warriors while maintaining the ability to attack the Ice Queen effectively. Engage in combat and eliminate her to claim the precious ice gloves as your reward. After obtaining the gloves, exit using the same route taken earlier, or if available, use a convenient teleportation method.

Bank your weapons and armor for safekeeping, but retain the ice gloves. Proceed to Port Sarim and seek out the Monk of Entrana, who can facilitate your travel to Entrana. Alternatively, teleport to Castle Wars and utilize the hot air balloon service to reach your destination. Upon arriving at Entrana, make your way to the northeastern region of the island, where you'll encounter the formidable Entrana firebird. Confront and defeat the creature, and it will relinquish the coveted fire feather.

Before picking up the fire feather, ensure your ice gloves are properly equipped to handle its scorching heat. With the feather now in your possession, you're one step closer to completing your quest successfully.

The route to the Ice Queen in Old School RuneScape.

The Ice Queen's Lair

Cooked lava eel:

Items required: A fishing rod, fishing bait, Dusty key (if you don't have 70 Agility), harralander potion (unf) (or a harralander and vial of water), and a slashing weapon or knife (only if going to Lava Maze in Wilderness).

Recommended: energy/stamina potions, fishing boost (if needed).

Embark on your journey by heading to Port Sarim and engaging in conversation with Gerrant at the fishing shop. Upon speaking to him, he will generously provide you with a bottle of blamish snail slime. With the necessary items in hand, ensure your inventory includes fishing bait. Combine the Harralander with the vial of water, followed by the unfinished potion with the blamish snail slime. Now, perform a right-click action on the blamish oil and apply it to a normal fishing rod, transforming it into an oily fishing rod.

To catch the elusive lava eels, there are two potential locations to consider: the Taverley Dungeon or the Wilderness Lava Maze. Although reaching the lava eel fishing spot in the Taverley Dungeon may take slightly longer (unless you possess 70 or 63 Agility to skip the throwing axe room), it proves to be a safer option compared to traveling to levels 40-45 in the Wilderness to reach the Lava Maze. As you prepare for this endeavor, don't forget to bring along your dusty key to navigate through the dungeon's locked doors.

Lava Maze

Items required: A knife or a slash weapon, oily fishing rod, fishing bait.

If you're going to the fishing spot in the Lava Maze, there are several methods to reach there:

  • Teleporting there with the burning amulet. This is the quickest way.
  • Casting the Ghorrock Teleport spell (or tablet) in the Ancient Magicks spellbook, although this requires completing the quest Desert Treasure.
  • Use a Waka Canoe from Edgeville into the Wilderness. This requires 57 Woodcutting. From there, simply walk west to arrive near the entrance.
  • Use the Wilderness Obelisks to arrive in level 35 or 44 Wilderness. Either teleport will place you close to the entrance of the maze.

Make your way through the aggressive black knights at the entrance. Make your way through the maze until the fishing icon appears on your minimap. This is where the lava eels are caught.

Fishing a lava eel here will also complete a Hard Wilderness Diary objective.

Taverley Dungeon

Items required: The Dusty key (if you don't have 70 Agility), oily fishing rod, bait.

Recommended: The anti-dragon shield or a dragonfire shield.

Bring your fishing rod, bait, and other items. Teleport to Falador and walk west over the Agility shortcut (requires 5 Agility) or teleport to your house if it is in Taverley.

If you have70 Agility (which can be boosted), enter the pipe (be sure to wear your anti-dragon shield) and run south. The fishing spot is near some baby blue dragons and catch a few lava eels.

If you don't have 70 Agility, follow the cyan path on the image to the right. Walk through the dungeon and use the Dusty key on the door between the lesser demons and blue dragons. If you have 63 Agility, you can save a bit of time by squeezing through loose railings to go straight to the lesser demon area.

If you don't have the dusty key, go past the bridge, continue south-west past the Hill Giants, and you will enter a fortress with a few black knights. Go to the east into a jail, kill the jailer, and then pick up his key. Use it with the jail cell holding Velrak the explorer. Talk to him to get the dusty key. Head back north past the hill giants and follow the cyan path to the fishing spot. Use the key on the door between the lesser demons and blue dragons. The fishing spot is near some baby blue dragons; from here, catch a lava eel.

Cook the raw lava eel on a fire or a range (remember that you are not able to burn them).

Route to lava eels and dusty key during the Heroes Quest in Old School RuneScape.

Quest end

Go back to the Heroes' Guild, talk to Achietties outside and give her the three collected items.

Quest Complete scroll for the Heroes Quest in Old School RuneScape.

CONGRATULATIONS! I hope this guide has been of great assistance in completing your thrilling adventure in Old School RuneScape! Remember, determination and perseverance are key in this world full of challenges and treasures waiting to be discovered. May fortune favor you in your future endeavors, and may you continue to enjoy each epic quest that comes your way! Until next time, brave adventurer!