OSRS Hazeel Cult Quest Guide


Hazeel Cult Quest Guide OSRS

A complex web of intrigue unfolds as the Hazeel Cult strives to resurrect Lord Hazeel, while the Carnillean family races to recover their stolen possessions. In an unexpected twist of fate, you find yourself entangled in the midst of this enigmatic conflict.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

No requirements.

Items required          


Start point  

Central Ardougne, south of King Lathas' castle. Talk to Ceril Carnillean

start point

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Proceed to the Carnillean Mansion, located southwest of East Ardougne Castle. Initiate a conversation with Sir Ceril Carnillean and inquire about the issue at hand. He confides in you, revealing that a menacing cult has infiltrated his residence and made off with a valuable set of armor. In his time of need, he beseeches your assistance in recovering the stolen armor.

Accepting his plea, Sir Ceril provides you with a vital clue, directing you to search for a cave entrance located to the south. It is there that you must embark on your quest to retrieve the pilfered armor and unravel the mysteries that lie ahead.

talk to ceril carnillean

Embarking on your journey, you head south from the mansion, crossing a bridge, and continue eastward, passing by the Clock Tower. Eventually, your path leads you to the entrance of the cave. Upon entering, you encounter Clivet, who immediately expresses his disdain for the Carnillean family, branding them as dishonorable snobs.

Intrigued by Clivet's claims, you inquire about the truth he alludes to. Clivet begins to divulge a startling revelation – that the Carnillean mansion was originally constructed by Lord Hazeel, a powerful Zamorakian Mahjarrat. He proceeds to recount a dark chapter in history, detailing how, many years ago, a group of Saradomists, which included Ceril's ancestor, stormed the mansion, resulting in the demise of all Zamorakians within its walls. Clivet hints at Hazeel's plans for a resurgence, foretelling that a momentous day is fast approaching. The intricacies of the Carnillean legacy begin to unravel before you, casting a shadow of doubt and intrigue over the family's history.

talk to Clivet

In response to Clivet's revelations and his offer to delve deeper into his political agenda, you firmly assert that you are not interested in getting involved in such matters. You remind him that you have a specific mission to accomplish.

However, Clivet, undeterred, extends a different proposition your way. He offers you a new job, one that involves assisting him in the endeavor to resurrect Lord Hazeel.

Now, you face a pivotal decision. Will you choose to remain loyal to Sir Ceril and continue your mission on his behalf, or will you opt to aid Clivet in the resurrection of Lord Hazeel, potentially altering the course of this intricate narrative? The choice is yours, and it holds significant consequences for the future.

Helping Ceril

In response to Clivet's offer to assist in Lord Hazeel's resurrection, you firmly declare that you will never lend a hand to such a cause. Clivet, frustrated and disappointed, labels you a fool and promptly departs on a nearby raft.

Determined to thwart his escape, you make an attempt to board the raft, only to find that the prevailing water current hinders your pursuit.

With no other option, you decide to leave the cave and venture out to manipulate the sewer valves, altering the flow of water. Referencing the provided map, you skillfully locate each valve and turn them in the specified direction to change the water current, setting the stage for the next phase of your quest.

valve location 1

Having successfully adjusted the sewer valves to manipulate the water current, you return to the cave and board the raft, steering it towards the cult's hidden hideout. Upon arrival, you head south from the raft and engage in conversation with Alomone, the leader of the cult. In a bold move, you demand the return of the stolen armor.

In response, Alomone discloses a shocking revelation—that Ceril's butler is indeed a member of the cult. Grateful for this crucial piece of information, you express your gratitude. However, Alomone quickly makes it clear that you won't leave the hideout alive. He launches an attack, leaving you with no choice but to defend yourself.

After a fierce confrontation, you emerge victorious, having defeated Alomone. His demise results in the coveted Carnillean armor finally being within your grasp, marking a significant milestone in your quest. Note that if you desire to possess multiple sets of this armor, a clever strategy involves dropping the armor you currently have before engaging Alomone in combat again, allowing you to collect additional sets for your use or trade.

defeat alomona

Returning to Ceril with the recovered Carnillean armor in hand, you also share the unsettling revelation about his butler's alleged involvement with the cult. In response, Ceril calls for Jones, his loyal butler, and demands an explanation.

However, Jones staunchly denies any association with the cult, and Ceril, placing his trust in his long-serving butler, believes his words without a second thought. Ceril then accepts the armor you've retrieved and proceeds to compensate Jones with 1,995 gold coins, viewing your accusations as a false alarm.

In the end, you are left with a mere 5 gold coins as a reward for your efforts, despite your best intentions to uncover the truth and ensure the Carnillean family's safety.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

hazeel cult completed

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Helping Clivet

Should you decide to align yourself with Clivet and accept his sinister offer, he hands you a bottle of poison, instructing you to surreptitiously pour it into the Carnillean family's food.

Returning to the Carnillean mansion, you discreetly climb down the ladder, gaining access to the kitchen. There, you use the bottle of poison on the range, carrying out Clivet's malevolent plan. Subsequently, you ascend the ladder, concealing your actions.

Upon conversing with one of the Carnilleans, you discover the dire consequences of your actions – the poison has not targeted the family but their loyal dog, leading to its untimely demise. Your choice to follow the path of deception and harm has brought about a tragic outcome that may haunt you as you navigate the complex web of this narrative.

use poison in range

With the unsettling deed done, you make your way back to Clivet to report the outcome. He's pleased with the news and rewards you with Hazeel's mark, a distinctive golden symbol representing Zamorak. As you don this mark, you feel its power and significance.

Exiting the cave with Hazeel's mark in place, you proceed to the next phase of your mission. You carefully adjust the sewer valves as instructed, ensuring that all but the one closest to the dungeon are turned right. For that particular valve, you rotate it to the left, following the provided map with precision as you continue to manipulate the flow of water to suit your needs.

valve location

Returning to the cave, you navigate your way to the raft near Clivet. Embark on the raft once more and follow the southern path until you reach Alomone. He instructs you to locate a magical scroll within the Carnillean mansion.

Exiting the cave via the raft, you make your way to the mansion while still wearing Hazeel's mark. Once there, you engage the butler in conversation. Subsequently, you descend the ladder leading to the basement and diligently search the crates until you locate a Chest Key.

After securing the key, you ascend the ladder to the next level and proceed to another set of steps. Here, you knock on the wall, revealing a concealed passage. Continuing upwards, you climb another ladder and use the key to unlock the chest. Within the chest, you find the coveted scroll.

With the scroll in your possession, you converse once more with the butler and take your leave from the mansion, marking the successful completion of another critical step in your quest.

knock at wall

Returning to the cave and once again utilizing the raft to reach the hideout, you engage in conversation with Alomone. As you've fulfilled the required tasks, he proceeds to perform the ritual aimed at resurrecting Lord Hazeel.

Miraculously, Hazeel emerges from the coffin, his presence a testament to the cult's unwavering dedication. He expresses his gratitude to his loyal followers for their efforts.

Turning his attention to you, Hazeel acknowledges your role in this intricate affair. Following a brief exchange, he presents you with a reward in the form of ancient coins, recognizing your contributions.

With his resurrection complete, Hazeel announces his intention to venture northward, seeking to reunite with other Mahjarrat and reclaim his lost strength and power. The chapter of Hazeel's resurrection concludes, leaving you with newfound knowledge and a valuable token for your role in this enigmatic tale.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

zazeel cult completed 1