OSRS Grim Tales Quest Guide

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Grim Tales guide OSRS

Is a master-level quest in Old School RuneScape that involves aiding Sylas, a unique collector, in obtaining a few rare and intriguing items. The quest incorporates numerous allusions to various well-known fairy tales from real-world folklore, adding an extra layer of charm and depth to the storyline. Throughout the quest, players will encounter familiar motifs and characters, creating an engaging and immersive experience.

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Witch's House

Skill Required

45 Farming 

52 Herblore 

58 Thieving 

59 Agility  (needed twice)

71 Woodcutting (68 with Dragon axe special attack or 66 with stews)

Ability to defeat a level 138 cloud giant—Glod

Items Required

2 Tarromin potion (unf) or 2 vials of water and 2 tarromins

Seed dibber (leprechaun is nearby)

Watering can with at least 1 dose (can also be stored with the leprechaun)

Any axe

Leather gloves (optional) (obtainable during quest)

High healing food

Good armour and a weapon (Ranged or Magic equipment recommended if you have low melee levels)

Start Point

Talk to Sylas in Taverley, just south of the house portal.

start poin

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To initiate the "Grim Tales" quest, begin by conversing with Sylas. During your conversation with him, he will introduce you to the concept of his magical beans. Sylas will then present you with a task: retrieve a Griffin feather from a griffin known as Grimgnash, located on White Wolf Mountain.

talk to sylas

To acquire the Griffin feather needed for the "Grim Tales" quest, venture to the northeastern region of White Wolf Mountain. There, you will find Grimgnash, the griffin you seek to communicate with. However, exercise caution during your encounter, as any incorrect responses or choices in your dialogue with Grimgnash may lead to him biting you and inflicting a substantial amount of damage.

talk to grimgnash

To successfully engage Grimgnash in a conversation without getting bitten and obtain the Griffin feather needed for your quest in "Grim Tales," follow these steps:

1. Initiate the conversation with Grimgnash by telling him that you've heard he's a powerful Griffin. (Avoid mentioning your intention to obtain his feather, as this will lead to an attack.)

2. You'll then be tasked with telling him a bedtime story to lull him to sleep. Speak to him again to begin the storytelling process.

3. Follow these correct choices to craft the bedtime story:

"There once was a graveyard filled with undead."

"There lived a skeleton named Skullrot."

"Skullrot was insane!"

"Skullrot hungrily grabbed the gnome's hair."

"Started to strangle the poor gnome."

"He saw a big axe leaning on the wall."

By recounting this story to Grimgnash, you will successfully put him to sleep. With Grimgnash asleep, you can safely retrieve a feather from the nearby pile. Once you've secured the Griffin feather, return to Sylas to continue your quest in "Grim Tales."

take feathers

After obtaining the Griffin feather, your next task in the "Grim Tales" quest is to acquire Rupert the Beard's Helmet for Sylas. Follow these steps to progress in the quest:

1. Speak with Sylas, and inquire about the helmet.

2. Sylas will inform you to travel northeast from your current location, which is near Grimgnash's lair. Head to a tower situated between Ice Mountain and the Goblin Village, located right next to Doric's house.

3. Upon reaching the tower, access it by climbing over the crumbling wall on its eastern side.

4. Communicate with Rupert the Beard, who is inside the tower, by speaking into the drain pipe.

5. Engage in an odd conversation with Rupert the Beard via the drain pipe.

6. Speak into the drain pipe once more, and suggest to Rupert that you can climb up. Inquire if there's anything in the tower that could be of assistance.

7. Rupert will extend his beard down from the tower, allowing you to climb up and interact with him further.

Continue following the quest by conversing with Rupert the Beard

climb up beard

Ascend Rupert the Beard's extended beard and engage in a conversation with him. Rupert will request that you visit the princess on his behalf. Approach Princess Miazrqa and select the dialogue option referring to Rupert as her "second cousin, twice removed." In response, the princess will reveal that she will release Rupert in exchange for the pendant she lost. While conversing with her, also request the key to the witch's house before departing

talk to miazrqa

To continue your quest in "Grim Tales," follow these steps:

1. Head to the witch's house near Taverley.

2. Descend into the basement of the witch's house.

3. Equip a pair of leather gloves for protection.

4. Proceed through the gate in the basement.

5. Retrieve the music sheet from the designated location.

Play the notes from the music sheet on the piano to unlock a compartment. The correct notes to play are as follows:

Upper E

Upper F

Upper E

Upper D

Upper C

Lower A

Lower E

Lower G

Lower A

Play the notes                                        

To advance in the "Grim Tales" quest, begin by examining the shrinking recipe you've discovered. Then, follow the recipe to create two "shrink-me-quick" potions using Tarromin and shrunk ogleroots mixed with vials of water. After successfully brewing these potions, make your way upstairs in the witch's house and approach the mouse hole. Consume one of the "shrink-me-quick" potions, and you'll magically shrink in size, allowing you to effortlessly pass through the mouse hole.

Consume one of the "shrink-me-quick" potions

To proceed in the "Grim Tales" quest, swiftly bypass the mouse and ascend the protruding nails. From there, venture southward and follow the path as it turns westward around a bend, then scale the nails once more to access a higher level. Continue around the bend toward the northeast, and descend by climbing down the nails. Traverse northward, then ascend by climbing the nails once more to retrieve the pendant, a crucial step in advancing through the quest's storyline.

climb up nails   

To progress in the "Grim Tales" quest, return to Princess Miazrqa and deliver the pendant, which leads to Rupert's release. Rupert, in gratitude, will entrust you with his helmet. Afterwards, make your way back to Sylas and present him with the helmet. In return, Sylas will provide you with the coveted magic beans. Now, venture southeast to the magic bean patch situated near the clothesline. Plant the magic beans, give them a thorough watering, and witness a colossal beanstalk emerge, enabling your ascent into the clouds to recover a golden goblin and further your quest.Plant the magic beans, give them a thorough watering

To proceed in the "Grim Tales" quest, ascend the towering beanstalk you've grown and confront the formidable adversary known as Glod. Be prepared for a challenging battle, as Glod possesses the ability to drain your prayer, deactivate your prayers at will, and maintain self-healing capabilities when his Lifepoints are running low. It's crucial to exercise caution during this instanced fight, as you won't have the opportunity to recover any lost items in the event of defeat.

Note: If your Woodcutting skill is at least level 68, you have the option to utilize a Dragon axe and employ its special attack, which temporarily boosts your Woodcutting level by 3. However, this method requires a minimum of 60 Attack to wield the Dragon axe effectively.

attack glod

To continue with the "Grim Tales" quest, retrieve the golden goblin after successfully defeating Glod, and make your way back to Sylas to update him on your progress. Sylas will advise you to remove the beanstalk.

Return to the towering beanstalk, and apply the shrink-me-quick potion to it. Proceed to cut down the beanstalk after shrinking it. Finally, return to Sylas to receive your well-earned reward, concluding your adventure in the quest.

Proceed to cut down the beanstalk after shrinking it

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Grim tales completed