[OSRS] Goblin Diplomacy quest guide

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Goblin Diplomacy OSRS

A commotion has arisen within the Goblin Village, and it's imperative to assist the goblins in finding a resolution to their discord. By mediating their disagreement, the world can be spared the potential turmoil of goblin unrest. The primary objective is to aid the goblins in reaching a consensus regarding the color they will collectively adopt.

Your task revolves around guiding the goblins toward a harmonious decision. By facilitating open communication and understanding among the goblins, you can help them overcome their differences and unite under a single color choice. This will not only prevent potential disturbances but also foster a sense of unity and cooperation within the Goblin Village. Your efforts in mediating this matter will contribute to the stability and peace of the goblin community.

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Skill/Other Requirements:


Start point

Speak to General Bentnoze or General Wartface in Goblin Village

start point nort falador

Items required

goblin mail (obtained during the quest, all can be found in goblin village)

Blue dye (or 2 woad leaves and 5 coins to obtain a blue dye from Aggie; offer 20 coins to Wyson the gardener and he will give you two woad leaves)

Orange dye – created by combining red dye with yellow dye

Red dye (or 3 redberries and 5 coins to obtain a red dye from Aggie)

Yellow dye (2 onion and 5 coins to obtain a yellow dye from Aggie)

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Engage in conversation with either General Bentnoze or General Wartface, prominent figures in the Goblin Village situated within the Kingdom of Asgarnia. This village can be found to the north of Falador and to the east of Taverley. These goblin leaders will express a pressing concern: their race teeters on the edge of internal strife due to a fervent disagreement concerning the color of their armor. The goblins are determined to adopt a unique shade—specifically, orange—distinct from their customary hue.

In this delicate situation, your intervention is sought to navigate the potentially volatile conflict. By engaging in constructive dialogue with General Bentnoze or General Wartface, you can aid them in finding common ground and a mutually acceptable solution. The prospect of an orange armor color choice could be the bridge that prevents a civil war within the goblin community. Your diplomatic efforts hold the power to avert turmoil and promote unity among the goblins.

conversation with either General Bentnoze or General Wartface

Gathering the required items

Skip this subsection if you already have the items required.

Engage in a discussion with the generals regarding the source of orange armor. Eventually, one of them will reveal that Goblin mail can be dyed orange. Grubfoot, another goblin present, will share that he managed to pilfer yellow dye from a witch residing in Draynor Village, suggesting the possibility of obtaining it there. Additionally, one of the generals will mention that Goblin mail can be located in three separate crates around the village. Acquire the Goblin mail suits from the following crates:

  1. Behind the hut occupied by the generals.
  2. Inside the western hut, positioned between the small square hut and the generals' abode.
  3. Ascend a ladder near the village entrance.

It's crucial to remember not to dye all three pieces of armor. You only require one blue and one orange Goblin mail; leave one piece unaltered. Any accidental dyeing of armor will result in the inability to retrieve new ones from the crates.

An alternative method to obtain Goblin mail involves slaying goblins. The goblins within Goblin Village can drop red or green Goblin mail, both of which can be dyed. However, you will need one uncolored piece from a standard goblin. Ascending the sole ladder in the village will lead you to a set of crates containing a brown Goblin mail.

To acquire the necessary woad leaves, approach Wyson the head gardener in Falador Park. Express your interest in purchasing woad leaves and negotiate the price. Opting for a response like "About 20 coins" will lead to him considering you generous and providing you with two woad leaves. This approach is more economical and straightforward compared to the alternative, which involves stating "About 15 coins" and receiving just one woad leaf. You can repeat this process, resulting in a total cost of 30 coins.

Collect two onions conveniently from the field immediately north of Rimmington. Alternatively, you can find them in other locations such as Lumbridge, particularly in the backyard of Farmer Fred's farm adjacent to the sheep paddock.

For three redberries, visit Wydin's Food Store in Port Sarim, where you can acquire them for 3 coins each. Alternatively, they can be picked west of the south-east mine in Varrock.

Making the dyes

Skip this subsection if you already have Orange dye and Blue dye.

Utilize the components you've collected in the previous steps to create both orange dye and blue dye. Proceed to Draynor Village and seek out Aggie, a skilled expert in dye-making. Present the gathered supplies to her and request her assistance in crafting the necessary dyes. Specifically, ask Aggie to create one yellow dye, one red dye, and one blue dye for you.

Once in possession of these dyes, combine the yellow dye and red dye with each other while they are in your inventory to produce the coveted orange dye. This harmonious fusion of colors will result in the creation of the vibrant orange dye you require.

Making the dyes from draynor village

The generals' verdict

Proceed to dye one piece of Goblin mail orange, another one blue, and intentionally leave the third one untouched.

Return to Goblin Village and hand over the orange Goblin mail to the generals. They will request that Grubfoot try it on, but their response will be one of dissatisfaction. Subsequently, they will express their desire for blue armor. Provide them with the blue Goblin mail, and once again, after having Grubfoot try it on, their verdict will be unfavorable. At this point, they will express an inclination for brown armor. Furnish them with the unaltered brown Goblin mail. Grubfoot will try on this armor for the final time. In the end, the generals will come to the conclusion that the original color, brown, is indeed the most suitable choice.

Congratulations! With this sequence of events, you have successfully completed the quest. Your efforts have played a pivotal role in resolving the goblins' dispute and preventing potential unrest within the Goblin Village.

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