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Getting Ahead guide

Getting Ahead" is indeed an intermediate quest, serving as the first installment of the Twisted Tales series. These quests are standalone adventures set in Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands.

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30 Crafting 

26 Construction 

Items required          

Bear fur or grey wolf fur (a Grizzly bear and bear cub spawn west of the farm and two black bears spawn east of the farm)

Soft clay or a pickaxe you can use

Clay rocks are found in the Kebos Lowlands mine passed during the quest;

Gordon's house has a water source and a bucket spawn;

There is a bronze pickaxe spawn at the mine, stuck in some rocks.

Hammer (obtainable near the cattle gate)

Saw (obtainable in the shed north of the house)

2 normal planks (obtainable near the cave entrance)

At least 6 nails of any kind (iron nails can be found in the workbench north of the house, and more than 6 is recommended in case you bend a few)

Knife (obtainable on the kitchen table in the house)

Red dye (obtainable from the shelves in the house)

Pot of flour (obtainable upstairs in the house)

Needle (obtainable upstairs in the house)

Thread (obtainable upstairs in the house)

Start point  

Speak to Gordon in their farm south of the Farming Guild.

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Commence the quest by initiating a conversation with Gordon on his farm, located just south of the Farming Guild. Inquire if he requires any assistance. Gordon will explain that a mysterious creature has been pilfering his livestock, and he is seeking the aid of an adventurer, as the Shayzien soldiers are preoccupied with lizardmen issues. Express your willingness to help.

Gordon, however, is uncertain about the exact whereabouts of the creature. He suggests speaking with his wife, Mary, inside their house for more information.

Consult Mary, who reveals that the creature only appears during the night, making it challenging to observe. She proposes an idea: if the creature were covered in flour, it might become easier to track.

If you don't already possess a pot of flour, retrieve one from the upper floor of the house. While there, also pick up the needle and thread, as these will be necessary later in the quest. Return to Gordon and inquire about the creature's target. He mentions that the creature primarily targets their cattle and has constructed a gate near the cattle pen to keep it out.

Apply the pot of flour to the southern gate (located just north of the bridge). This action will initiate the creation of a flour trail leading southward. Before following the trail, acquire the hammer positioned near the gate, which will be needed later in the quest.


Follow the flour trail to the Kebos Lowlands mine, where you'll find the Headless Beast. Before entering the cave, grab two planks and mine some clay for later use. Engage in battle with the Headless Beast, which primarily uses melee attacks and a special ground-slamming move that can be avoided. You can also safespot it by trapping it around a pond. After defeating the beast, search the nearby skeleton to obtain Neilan's journal, which reveals the creature's origin as the work of a mainland necromancer. Return to Gordon, but he refuses payment since you can't provide proof of the creature's demise.

The trail of flour

Talk to Mary, who proposes a plan to deceive her husband. She suggests crafting a fake head using clay modeling to trick Gordon. Create a clay head by using a knife and a piece of soft clay. If the clay requires softening, take advantage of the nearby bucket and sink in Mary's room.

Return to Gordon with the clay head, but he remains skeptical. To enhance the illusion, attach bear fur to the clay head using a needle and thread, creating a fur head. Converse with Gordon again, but he remains unconvinced. To make the deception more convincing, incorporate red dye, which can be found by searching the shelves next to the stairs in the house, to create a bloody head.


The bloody head will ultimately persuade Gordon, and he requests that you mount the head in his house. A Mounted Head Space will appear near the staircase in the house. To complete this task, you will need a hammer, saw, any type of nails, and two planks.

You can find a hammer near the gate where you applied the flour, and the saw is located by the small barn with ancient machinery. Inside the barn, you can also search the workbench to discover twenty iron nails. After successfully mounting the bloody head, return to Gordon for the final step.


Congratulations, Quest Complete!

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