OSRS Gertrude's Cat Quest Guide

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Gertrude's Cat Quest Guide OSRS

"Gertrude's Cat" is a concise quest that centers around the search for Fluffs, a beloved pet cat belonging to Gertrude. The successful completion of this quest will not only reunite Gertrude with her cherished feline companion but also grant you the privilege of adopting a feline companion of your own.

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Items required:

Bucket of milk

100 coins

Seasoned sardine 

Raw sardine 

Doogle leaves 

Start Point:

Go to Gertrude's house which is just west of Varrock

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Initiate a conversation with Gertrude to obtain the details of her predicament. Gertrude will confide in you, sharing her concern about her lost pet cat, Fluffs. In her plea for assistance, she will direct you to seek guidance from her sons, Wilough and Shilop. These two individuals can be located in Varrock square, situated just north-east of the prominent fountain. Approach them to gather further information about the quest and their mother's missing pet.

talk to gertrude

Journey to the southern area located behind Gertrude's residence. Here, you will discover a Doogle leaf. Retrieve this leaf and proceed to employ it by using it on your Raw sardine. This action will result in the transformation of the raw sardine into a Seasoned sardine, a crucial step in your quest to assist Gertrude in finding her missing cat.

take doogle leaves

Engage in a conversation with Shilop, one of Gertrude's sons. Express your desire to obtain information about the whereabouts of the missing cat, Fluffs. Shilop, upon your request, will provide you with pertinent details regarding the last location where he saw the cat. In exchange for this valuable information, he will require a payment of 100 gold pieces (gp). This expenditure will be necessary to further your quest in locating Gertrude's beloved pet.

talk to shilop

Embark on an eastward journey from Varrock, subsequently veering northeast in the direction of the Jolly Boar Inn. While en route, aim slightly southeast, guiding your path toward the Lumberyard.

Upon reaching the Lumberyard, proceed to the southern side of the fence. Here, you can effortlessly navigate past the broken section of the fence, granting you access to the interior.

Next, direct your attention to the ladder located within the premises. Ascend to the second floor, where you will encounter Gertrude's cat, Fluffs. A notification will appear, suggesting that the cat may be experiencing thirst. To address this need, employ a Bucket of milk on the cat.

Subsequently, repeat the process once more, this time acknowledging the cat's hunger. Provide sustenance to Fluffs by feeding it the Seasoned sardine you prepared earlier.

Following this, make an attempt to pick up the cat once again. However, you will soon discern that Fluffs has no intention of leaving. Instead, you will become aware of faint kitten mews echoing in the distance, hinting at an intriguing development in the quest.

pick up, gertrude cat

Descend from the second floor and commence a search for Fluffs' missing kitten. Your quest to locate the kitten will involve rummaging through crates scattered throughout the area. These crates of interest will be distinguishable by the presence of yellow text, denoting them as "crate."

Thoroughly examine each of these specially marked crates to ascertain the potential location of Fluffs' kitten. Exercise patience and diligence in your search, trying every type of crate with the yellow text until you successfully locate the elusive kitten, Fluff. This discovery will bring you one step closer to resolving Gertrude's predicament and reuniting her with her beloved feline companions

search crate

Return to Fluffs, who is still residing in the Lumberyard. This time, you will be equipped with the valuable knowledge of the kitten's whereabouts. Utilize the kittens you've discovered and interact with Fluffs.

Upon presenting Fluffs with her kittens, a heartwarming reunion will ensue. Fluffs, overwhelmed with joy at the return of her offspring, will embark on a journey back to Gertrude's residence, accompanied by the kittens.

Upon reaching Gertrude's house, a brief conversation will transpire, allowing Gertrude to express her gratitude and appreciation for your assistance in reuniting her with Fluffs and her kittens. As a token of her thanks, she will reward you for your efforts, marking the successful completion of the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Gertrude's Cat completed

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