[OSRS] Forestry Guide

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Old School RuneScape Forestry Guide

A picture of the Old School Runescape Woodcutting update named Forestry: The Way of the Forester.

Immerse yourself in the latest upgrade to the woodcutting skill in Old School RuneScape with the Forestry update! This revision is designed to enhance the social aspects of Woodcutting, eliminate resource rivalry, introduce fresh events, and widen economic prospects related to this skill. These modifications are applicable wherever trees are found throughout Gielinor.

Key Points:

Objective of the Expansion: "Forestry" aims to make the Woodcutting experience more social by removing resource competition, introducing new events, and expanding economic opportunities related to the skill. These changes apply anywhere there are trees in Gielinor.

Official Worlds: Forest events can be found on any world, but dedicated worlds are more likely to have a higher player population in popular woodcutting areas.

Changes to Woodcutting: The main changes to the Woodcutting skill include:

  •    Woodcutting bonus when multiple players cut the same tree.
  •    Trees now fall on a timer after the first cut and regenerate if players stop cutting before the timer is up.

Forestry Kit: Players can obtain a "Forestry Kit" from the Friendly Forester's Forest Shop for free. This kit is an equipable item that can store all the tools, resources, and equipment needed for woodcutting. Some of the items that can be stored in the kit include imbued bark, forester's ration, pruning accessory, nature's offering, Leprechaun charm, Bee on a stick, and tree leaves.

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Forestry Shop:

An image of the Forestry Shop that allows players to purchase rewards from the new Forestry update in Old School RuneScape.

The Forest Rewards shop, run by the Friendly Ranger, is located in Draynor Village or Seers' Village. Here, players can use imbued bark, which is the reward currency obtained by completing forestry events, along with various logs to purchase various unique woodcutting-related rewards.

In addition, two specific items that players can sell at the Forest Rewards shop are mentioned:

Funky-shaped Log: Players, except Ultimate Ironmen, can sell this log to the shop for 80% of its cost.

Log Basket: Similarly, players, except Ultimate Ironmen, can sell the log basket to the Forest Rewards shop for 80% of its cost.

These items can be obtained during forestry events or possibly through other woodcutting-related activities in the "Forestry" expansion. Selling these items in the shop will allow players to obtain imbued bark, which they can then use to purchase other useful rewards and enhancements for the Woodcutting skill.

1. Imbued Bark: It is a reward currency that players obtain by completing forestry events. These coins can be used along with various logs to purchase rewards in the forestry shop.

2. Forester's Ration: It is an item that gives players a 30% chance to restore 20% of their run energy every time they cut trees. This allows players to continue Woodcutting for longer periods without needing to rest as often.

3. Pruning Accessory: This item roughly doubles the amount of leaves players receive when cutting trees. This means that when using the pruning accessory, players will get more leaves from each tree they cut, which can be useful for training the Firemaking skill or obtaining additional resources.

4. Nature's Offering: These offerings provide between a 60% and 80% chance to receive an additional log every time a tree is cut. This means that players have a higher chance of obtaining additional logs when using this offering.

5. Leprechaun Charm: This charm allows players to trigger the "Woodcutting Leprechaun" event. Activating this event will provide additional benefits related to woodcutting.

6. Bee on a Stick: This item allows players to trigger the "Flowering Bush" event. By activating this event, players can receive rewards related to the Woodcutting skill.

7. Tree Leaves: If the kit is equipped or in the inventory, leaves collected from woodcutting will be automatically stored here. This can help keep the inventory clean and organized during woodcutting activity.

8. Lumberjack/Silviculturist Outfit: If the wardrobe bag is used in the kit, the Lumberjack or Silviculturist outfits can be stored inside to receive their benefits without needing to wear them. These outfits can provide additional bonuses to the Woodcutting skill when worn.

With these items stored in the forestry kit, players can take advantage of various advantages while participating in woodcutting and forestry events in OSRS.

A picture showing a players Forestry Kit storage in the game Old School RuneScape.

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The Events:

Summarizing these details provides a more comprehensive understanding of how events are generated and how players can participate in them to earn rewards.

1. Event Generation: Forest events can occur while players are collecting logs in the overworld, with the exception of regular trees, hollow trees, and trees within the Lumberyard. All players can interact with these events and earn rewards, even if they haven't been cutting the same tree. Some events are generated naturally, while others require at least one player to have the required item in their forestry kit.

2. Event Table: When a tree is cut for the first time, the event table rotates to determine which event may generate. The entire event table is considered each time, regardless of whether players have the necessary items to trigger certain events. All events in this table have an equal probability weight.

3. Generation Timing: Once an event has been selected, the timing for it to trigger is determined. The event can be set to play out during the tree's lifespan, selecting a random point along the tree's deplete timer, or to play out once the tree has been cut down.

4. Final Roll for Generation: When the generation timing arrives, a final roll is made to determine whether the event will trigger. The odds are based on the type of tree that was cut and the number of participants. If an event requires a specific item, only one player needs to possess a copy for it to generate. However, if all players have the specific item, all players will lose the item. Therefore, it is beneficial for one player to have all the items to minimize unnecessary costs of generating an event.

5. Generation Restriction: A forest event cannot be generated if another forest event is already ongoing within a 20-tile radius of the tree, forming a 41x41 square centered on the southwest tile of the tree.


Rising Roots Event:

A Old School RuneScape player participating in the "Rising Roots" event for the new Forestry update.

During the exciting "Rising Roots" event, you will witness the appearance of harvestable tree roots around the tree you are cutting. Each time you cut these roots, you will gain valuable Woodcutting experience and receive imbued bark as a reward.

While several roots will arise simultaneously, there is a chance for a special root, the "imbued root," to appear, distinguished by its characteristic green trim. Cutting this imbued root will grant you even greater Woodcutting experience and a more generous amount of imbued bark. The higher your Woodcutting level, the more abundant the reward you will receive from the imbued root. It is undoubtedly beneficial to find and cut these special roots to make the most of the event's advantages.

During the event, the roots will shift locations more frequently than normal tree roots, adding a touch of challenge and excitement to your Woodcutting experience. Note that the event has a predetermined time limit and will end at some point after it starts. Make sure to make the most of this event while it's active!

Additionally, you have the option to mark the roots. This will allow you to easily identify those you consider more valuable or strategic to cut, thus facilitating your participation in the event.


Struggling Sapling Event:

A Old School RuneScape player participating in the "Struggling Sapling" event for the new Forestry update.

In this unique event, you will encounter a sapling struggling in place of a felled tree. Alongside the sapling, you will see several resource piles, such as droppings, green leaves, rotten leaves, splintered bark, and wild mushrooms. Your mission will be to help the sapling grow by collecting and using mulch from these resource piles.

To grow the sapling, you must collect mulch from the resource piles three times. The order in which you collect the mulch will determine its nutritional value. You can use the same resource pile multiple times to make more mulch! Adding mulch to the young sapling will result in a message telling you if the sapling enjoys a particular resource as the first, second, or third ingredient. By default, mulch has a nutritional value of 10%, but it will gain an additional 30% for each correct resource. Feeding the sapling with mulch will reward you with imbued bark, and its value will depend on the nutritional value of the mulch you provided.

To quickly find the perfect mulch, you can take three resources from one pile and give them to the sapling. For example, if you use three wild mushrooms, the sapling will tell you if that's what it likes as the first, second, or third ingredient. Then you would try to make mulch with three resources from another pile and give it to the sapling again until you find the perfect mulch.

Once the sapling has reached full health or the time runs out, the event will come to an end. If you successfully grow the sapling into a thriving sapling, you will be rewarded with an additional imbued bark and 20 leaves of a random level.


Flowering Bush Event:

An Old School RuneScape player participating in the "Flowering Bush" event for the new Forestry update.

When a seasoned woodcutter wields a bee on a stick, a charming event called the "Flowering Bush" event will take center stage. During this event, you will encounter eight beautiful flowering bushes, each of a unique color: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, white, and lilac.

Out of these bushes, only a couple will be capable of providing the valuable strange pollen. Once you find a bush that yields it, you can use that pollen to pollinate the other bush, thus transforming both bushes into "strange bushes" before they disappear. Each time you apply pollen to a bush, you will be rewarded with imbued bark.

Throughout the event, you can find four to five pairs of flowering bushes ready to be pollinated. When you successfully complete pollinating a pair of bushes, you will receive a generous reward of around 20 to 25 imbued barks. Additionally, when the event ends, the same amount of imbued bark will be awarded as a bonus for each pollinated pair, accompanied by strange seeds and fruits. The amount of these rewards will increase proportionally to the number of pollinations you performed.

While having a bee on a stick is not mandatory to participate in this event, players whose sticks are consumed when the event is generated will receive special treatment. For each pollination, they will obtain approximately twice the imbued bark, 50% more experience, and additional barks as rewards at the end of the event.


Woodcutting Leprechaun Event:

A Woodcutting Leprechaun in Old School RuneScape from the "Woodcutting Leprechaun" event for the new Forestry update.

When a skilled woodcutter wears a leprechaun amulet during their woodcutting activity, a charming opportunity presents itself: the appearance of the Woodcutting Leprechaun. This peculiar event does not offer experience or imbued bark as rewards, but the leprechaun has a very special task. It can deposit players' logs for free, either in their inventory or in a log basket or forestry kit!

While players don't need the leprechaun amulet to deposit their logs through the Woodcutting Leprechaun, those whose amulets are consumed when the event is generated receive an additional benefit. In this case, the Leprechaun acts as a convenient bank deposit box, allowing players to store other items acquired during their woodcutting journey, such as bird's nests and seeds.

It is essential to consider that most woodcutting hotspots are located near a bank, and considering that the Leprechaun does not grant imbued bark rewards, it is suggested not to retain the leprechaun amulets if players wish to quickly obtain imbued bark.


Strategy to Obtain Barks Quickly in the Forest Event:

1. Focus on Sapling and Roots Events: To obtain imbued barks more quickly, it is recommended to focus on the Struggling Sapling and Rising Roots events. These events often provide a good amount of imbued barks and Woodcutting experience.

2. Avoid Leprechaun Amulets: If your goal is to get barks more quickly, it is preferable not to wear leprechaun amulets. While they allow you to deposit logs through the Woodcutting Leprechaun, they do not grant imbued barks, which may slow down your progress in obtaining rewards.

3. Utilize Flowering Bushes with a Bee on a Stick: If you have a bee on a stick, the flowering bushes can be beneficial as they roughly double the amount of barks obtained during the event. However, if you do not have a bee on a stick, it is best to focus on other events that grant imbued barks directly.

4. Strategic Teleportation: To maximize efficiency in obtaining barks, it is recommended to cut trees in designated forest worlds and teleport to other Woodcutting access points to find additional events. Use items like the amulet of glory, rune pouch, Xeric's talisman, eternal teleport crystal, and other teleportation tools to move quickly between event locations.

5. Use Proper Equipment and Skills: Some items and unlockable rewards can enhance your efficiency in woodcutting and participating in forest events. Consider wearing the Mythical Cape, Kandarin Headgear 4, enchanted lyre (i), or the Rada's Blessing 3, depending on the areas and trees you wish to cut.

By following this strategy, you can obtain imbued barks more quickly and enjoy a more efficient and social experience in OSRS's Forest event. Have fun and make the most of your Woodcutting adventures!


Available Rewards in the Forest Shop:

1. Log Basket: An item that can hold up to 28 logs. This basket is useful for those seeking to collect a large number of logs before having to bank them.

2. Lumberjack Outfit: A skill outfit that provides a 2.5% increase in Woodcutting experience when worn as a complete set. This outfit can be especially useful for those who want to speed up their Woodcutting training. (Note: It is not recommended to obtain it through this method)

3. Forester Outfit: A cosmetic variant of the lumberjack outfit. While it does not provide skill bonuses, it is an aesthetic choice for those who want a distinctive look while working on their Woodcutting skills.

4. Log Bindings: An item used to create a Stronghold Binding. The Stronghold Binding combines the Log Basket and Forestry Kit into an upgraded Forestry Basket, providing a more efficient way to carry tools and resources during Woodcutting.

5. Wardrobe Blueprints: An object used to craft Wardrobes. Wardrobes are useful for carrying extra equipment and outfits while participating in the Forest event, allowing players to switch outfits quickly and conveniently as needed.

6. Funky Log: A special item given to a beaver pet to unlock metamorphosis options. This reward is mainly cosmetic and offers a playful way to interact with the pet.



In this conversation, we have explored the Forestry expansion in the game Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Forestry is a socially-focused update to the Woodcutting skill, aiming to make the Woodcutting experience more interactive and cooperative for players. This expansion introduces a variety of forest events that occur while players cut trees in the game world.

The forest events offer unique rewards, such as imbued bark and imbued barks, which can be used to acquire various items in the Forest Shop. Some of the rewards include the Log Basket for storing more logs, the Lumberjack Outfit for increasing Woodcutting experience, and the cosmetic variant of the Forester Outfit. Additionally, the events include the possibility of finding imbued roots, struggling saplings, and flowering bushes.

To obtain imbued barks more quickly, players can focus on participating in events that provide a higher amount of rewards. It is also recommended to avoid having leprechaun amulets active if seeking to maximize efficiency in obtaining imbued barks.

Overall, Forestry offers a social and collaborative experience in the Woodcutting skill in OSRS, encouraging players to interact with each other and participate in exciting events while harvesting wood. With a variety of rewards and strategies available, players can enjoy a more enriching and rewarding gaming experience in the world of Gielinor.