OSRS Fishing Guild Guide

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Fishing Guild Guide OSRS

Situated north of East Ardougne and west of Hemenster, the Fishing Guild is an exclusive members-only establishment enclosed by fences. Its inception occurred on 17 June 2002. Access requires a Fishing level of 68, though boosts from fishing potions, fish pies, and the Dragon harpoon's special attack (all offering +3 Fishing boost) can elevate your level to the point of admission. Alternatively, admiral pies can provide a +5 Fishing boost, and brown spicy stews can offer a range of Fishing boosts from -5 to +5, potentially lowering the minimum entry level to 63.

Renowned for its proximity to a bank, the Fishing Guild, alongside Catherby, stands as a premier fishing location for many players.

The exterior of the guild is where you'll find the Master Fisher. He offers insights into effective Fishing training and sells Fishing capes for 99,000 coins.

Inside the guild, an unseen +7 level boost is conferred upon players, augmenting their Fishing prowess. This augmentation complements any prevailing boosts in place, such as the visible +3 enhancement from the Dragon harpoon's special attack. It's important to note that while this invisible boost can amplify your effective level, it doesn't enable you to perform actions surpassing your base level.

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Situated to the south-west of Seers' Village and to the north of Ardougne, the Fishing Guild boasts several transportation alternatives:

1. Utilizing a Skills necklace to teleport directly outside the guild's front door.

2. Employing the Camelot teleport and journeying west through Seers' Village, then south-west through Hemenster.

3. Opting for the Ardougne teleport and proceeding north (this requires completion of the Plague City quest).

4. Leverage the lunar spell "Fishing Guild Teleport."

5. Employing a Combat bracelet to teleport to the Ranging Guild and subsequently heading west.

6. Using Kandarin headgear 3 or 4 to teleport to Sherlock, followed by a westward route.

7. Leveraging the Ardougne cloak 2, 3, or 4 to teleport to the farming patch north of Ardougne, then heading west.

8. Utilizing the Fishing cape to instantly teleport to the guild, outside the house containing the cooking range.


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Entrance Hall:

Inside this area, you'll discover a cooking range, providing players with the means to cook their caught food. While there is a bank nearby, it's worth noting that an everlasting fire can be found directly adjacent to the bank in the Rogues' Den. Additionally, spawning in this hall are a lobster pot, harpoon, and fishing net. Although there's a ladder present, ascending it won't yield any significant discoveries.


A bank facility is accessible within this area, conveniently connected to the fishing store. This bank serves as the closest option to both shark and lobster fishing spots. It's also a locale used in Treasure Trails. In fact, performing a raspberry gesture while completing a hard clue scroll will summon a double agent. This swift access to a bank renders the Fishing Guild an excellent spot for both profit and experience accumulation.

Fishing Store:

Fishing Guild Shop..png

Managed by a character named Roachey, the Fishing Guild houses a Fishing Guild Shop. Within this shop, fishing bait is available for 3 coins each, and feathers are offered for 2 coins each. Roachey conducts the buying and selling of player-stocked raw or cooked cod, mackerel, bass, tuna, lobster, and swordfish.


Two docks host approximately 11 cage and harpoon fishing spots, catering to lobsters, tuna, and swordfish. Alongside these are about 9 big net and harpoon fishing spots that accommodate bass, mackerel, cod, caskets, and even sharks. The northern dock lies in closer proximity to the bank, while the southern dock is conveniently positioned near the cooking range. A man can be found walking around on the northern dock. Typically, the northern dock offers more cage and harpoon spots, whereas the southern dock tends to feature more net and harpoon spots. However, there's a chance that the spot distribution might switch between the two docks.

The guild serves as an optimal location for fishing activities involving sharks, lobsters, tuna, and swordfish. The combination of a nearby bank and cooking range enables nearly continuous fishing, rendering it an ideal venue for effective training.

Minnow Platform

On the northern platform of the Fishing Guild, players can engage with Kylie Minnow. She facilitates transportation to another platform housing minnow fishing spots. To access this platform, you must possess a Fishing level of 82, have completed the Fishing Contest quest, and be wearing the angler's outfit when conversing with her.

The designated platform hosts four minnow spots, each minnow moving by one tile in a clockwise direction every fifteen seconds. This dynamic requires players to maintain a heightened level of attention compared to other fishing techniques. Furthermore, there exists a probability that a flying fish will seize some of the player's minnow, necessitating a shift to an alternative minnow fishing spot. The appearance of flying fish is limited to the initial click on a spot. Consequently, once one player is already gathering minnows from a spot, there's no chance of a flying fish emerging for anyone at that location until it relocates.

It's important to note that this platform isn't recognized as part of the guild, hence it doesn't benefit from the guild's concealed level boost.

For every forty minnows captured, Kylie offers a barter, exchanging them for one raw shark.

Fishing Activities and Boosts

Fishing Activities and Boosts

The Fishing Guild provides an unseen +7 boost to your Fishing level, enhancing your capabilities.

This enhancement is compatible with other boosts, such as the Dragon Harpoon's effect, making the guild a prime location for amassing fish, considering its close proximity to a bank.

Various types of fish can be harvested from the docks:

1. Lobster (using a Cage)

2. Swordfish, Tuna, and Shark (using a Harpoon)

3. Mackerel, Cod, and Bass (using a Big fishing net)

4. Minnows (refer to the Minnows section below)

Barbarian Fishing can also be employed as an alternative, negating the need to carry a harpoon.

Furthermore, the north dock is often favored due to its convenient proximity to the bank.

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