OSRS Fishing Contest Quest Guide

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Fishing Contest Quest Guide OSRS

"Fishing Contest" is a quest where players must earn the favor of two dwarven brothers by obtaining a fishing trophy for them. In return, the brothers grant the player access to a dwarven passage located beneath the mountain.

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10 Fishing

Items required:

5 coins 

Fishing pass (obtained during quest)

Garlic (obtainable during quest)

Fishing rod (obtainable during quest), 


Red vine worm (obtainable during quest)

Start Point:

Dwarves at the entrances to the tunnel that goes under White Wolf Mountain.

Start Point

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Engage in a conversation with the Dwarf and express your desire to utilize the secret passage across the White Wolf Mountain. Additionally, convey your intention to establish a friendship with him. In response, the Dwarf will present you with a Competition Pass, which signifies your participation in the Hemenster Fishing Competition.

talk to the Dwarf

Proceed westward to the northern boundary of McGrubor's Woods, situated to the north of Hemenster. Keep an eye out for a loose railing in this area. Once you've located a red vine, employ your spade on it or utilize the "Check Vine" option to acquire a red worm. It's recommended to gather 2-3 red worms for your fishing competition.

After collecting the red worms, depart from the woods and travel southwestward to Hemenster, which is situated just north of the Fishing Guild. Please exercise caution inside Hemenster, as there are level 44 Guard Dogs in the vicinity that may attack you if you approach too closely.

check vine

Approach the gate leading to Hemenster and you'll encounter a man guarding the entrance. He will inform you of the requirement for a Competition Pass to gain access. Present your Competition Pass to the guard, and he will grant you entry.

talk to morris

Engage in a conversation with the Sinister Stranger, and he will express his dislike for sunlight. Suggest to him that he may be a vampire, and he will dismiss this notion as nonsense.

talk to sinister stranger

Initiate a conversation with Bonzo and express your intention to commence the fishing competition. Pay the 5 gp fee he requests, and he will designate your fishing spot, instructing you to fish beside the willow tree.

talk to bonzo

Insert your garlic into the nearby pipes, and the vampire will react to the unpleasant odor. Subsequently, Bonzo will direct you to your designated fishing spot, which is located beside the pipes. Proceed to fish in this designated area, and you should successfully catch a carp.

Once you have secured the carp, engage in a conversation with Bonzo, and he will declare you the winner of the fishing competition.

Head back to the dwarf on either side of White Wolf Mountain, and he will express his gratitude for your successful participation in the fishing competition. As a reward, he will provide you with the necessary information to access the dwarven passage underneath the mountain.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

fishing contest completed

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