OSRS Fairy Tale Part 1 Quest Guide

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Fairy Tale Part 1 Guide OSRS

Fairytale I - Growing Pains embarks on a journey subsequent to the events of Lost City, unfolding within the ethereal realm of Zanaris, the enchanting domain of fairies nestled upon Gielinor's moon. The crux of this quest revolves around the perilous encounter that the Fairy Queen has with a malevolent entity known as the tanglefoot, which poses a significant threat. As the tale unfolds, a pivotal transition occurs as the benevolent Fairy Godfather steps in to take the reins from the Fairy Queen, heralding a new era in the realm of fairies.

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Completion of the following quests:

Lost City

Nature Spirit

The Restless Ghost

Priest in Peril

The ability to defeat a level 111 Tanglefoot with limited weaponry  (50 Combat level)

Items required

Secateurs (obtainable in Sarah's Farming shop north-west of the quest start for 5 coins)

Spade (obtainable multiple times during quest)

Ghostspeak amulet

Dramen staff

Draynor skull (obtainable during quest)

A combination of three items picked for you at random, see list of potential items.

Start point

Speak to Martin the Master Gardener by the pig pen in Draynor Village

start point

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Note: Do not pickpocket Martin the Master Gardener during the quest, or you won't be able to talk to him for 10 minutes of consecutive in-game time.

Initiate the quest by engaging in a conversation with Martin the Master Gardener, positioned adjacent to the bustling marketplace in Draynor Village. For expedient access to the village, the amulet of glory serves as a swift teleportation tool. Within your dialogue with Martin, he'll divulge his concerns regarding the ailing state of his once-thriving rose garden. A sense of suspicion gnaws at him, hinting at an underlying issue. Your task involves reaching out to various fellow members of the esteemed Group of Advanced Gardeners (G.A.G.) to ascertain whether they too are grappling with the same botanical predicaments as Martin.

talk to martin the master gardener

Your quest entails engaging in discussions with a total of five Group of Advanced Gardeners members. This esteemed group comprises diligent gardeners who tend to the agricultural plots scattered across the expanse of RuneScape. For your convenience, a selection of the more accessible members includes:

1. Frizzy, conveniently positioned alongside the demarcation between Port Sarim and Draynor Village.

2. Elstan, situated just to the north of Frizzy. If you're yet to procure Secateurs, they are purchasable for a mere 5 coins from the nearby Sarah.

3. Heskel, stationed at the tree patch nestled within Falador Park.

4. Dreven, overseeing the bush patch in close proximity to the esteemed Champions' Guild.

5. Vasquen, found to the north of Lumbridge Castle.

6. Fayeth, strategically positioned just west of Lumbridge Castle.

7. Treznor, accessible within the confines of Varrock Palace grounds.

8. Alain, diligently attending to the tree patch east of the Taverley house portal.

9. Taria, conveniently located to the west of the house portal in Rimmington.

Engage in discussions with these distinct individuals to glean insights and information crucial to your quest's progression.

Each gardener, upon inquiry, will recount their shared predicament - the recent struggles plaguing their once-thriving crops. Each harbors a distinctive hypothesis for these woes - varying from rain scarcity to insect infestations, even to the antics of inquisitive adventurers disturbing the patches, or an unsettling disruption in the natural seasons.

However, as the narrative unfolds, the final gardener you approach offers a particularly intriguing insight. This perspective implies a possible link to the fairies, sparking curiosity about their involvement. With this newfound perspective in hand, direct your attention once again to Martin. Suggest that the assessment of the last gardener might hold the key to unraveling this botanical enigma.

Prepare for the next leg of your journey, venturing into the enchanting realm of Zanaris, the fairy city. Your ingress into this mystical haven requires you to traverse the Lumbridge Swamp, accessing the city via the familiar shack, all the while wielding the essential Dramen staff. This method echoes the approach you took when first entering Zanaris during the events of the Lost City quest.

talk to elstan

Trouble in Zanaris

Items needed: Dramen staff.

Navigate towards the heart of intrigue within Zanaris, arriving at the sanctified confines of the Fairy Queen's throne room. Positioned just a short distance south of your entry point into the city, this regal chamber now plays host to a figure unfamiliar yet formidable – the enigmatic "Fairy Godfather." In lieu of the Fairy Queen's presence, he has taken the reins.

talk to fairy godfather

As you engage in conversation with this newly established authority, he unveils a disconcerting revelation - the Fairy Queen's health has been compromised by an enigmatic ailment. Consequently, she is presently attended to by the capable Fairy Nuff, who resides in the northwestern reaches of the city.

talk to fairy nuff

Approach Fairy Nuff and partake in a discourse with her. She unveils crucial details pertaining to the nature of the queen's affliction, offering you a comprehensive list of symptoms. Armed with this invaluable document, your next step takes you beyond Zanaris, to the Dark Wizards' Tower.

Within the tower's enigmatic chambers, you seek out a wizard by the name of Zandar Horfyre. He possesses the expertise requisite to decipher the queen's malady. Embark on this new phase of your journey, carrying the weight of the symptoms list to Zandar Horfyre, poised within the confines of the Dark Wizards' Tower.

Investigating the Illness

Items needed: Spade and the symptoms list
Items recommended: Falador teleport and a skills necklace

Embark on a journey to Falador, a city of significance, and from its heart, journey westward to encounter the enigmatic Dark Wizards' Tower. Ascend its floors, reaching its zenith, and initiate a dialogue with Zandar. Present him with the vital list of symptoms, ushering forth his sagely insight. Zandar, in his wisdom, directs your attention towards Malignius Mortifer, a necromancer poised upon the crossroads that extend southward from Falador. To expedite your travel, a skills necklace proves invaluable, whisking you to the Crafting Guild, and thereby hastening your rendezvous with Malignius.

As you engage in conversation with this necromantic figure, he expresses a willingness to assist you, albeit with a stipulation. A favor is sought in exchange for his expertise – the retrieval of a skull, nestled within a grave adorning the backyard of Draynor Manor. This eerie task beckons you to the back reaches of the manor, where the grave awaits. Equip yourself with a spade to fulfill this request, or avail yourself of one stashed within the manor itself. It is noteworthy that if the skull has previously been exhumed, your character will express this, potentially having stored it within their personal bank vault.

zandars location             Malignius location

Draynor skull location             The grave where you will find the skull

Blessed secateurs

Items needed: Three assigned items from the list below, secateurs and the amulet of ghostspeak
Items recommended: Mort'ton teleport

Upon acquiring the skull, retrace your steps to rendezvous with Malignius, delivering the morbid artifact into his care. In hushed tones, he divulges that the Fairy Queen's affliction can be attributed to a nefarious entity known as the Tanglefoot. The eradication of this malevolent being is imperative, a task that solely the enchanted secateurs can achieve, as they alone can inflict harm upon it.

Malignius imparts instructions on acquiring these magical secateurs. You're tasked with journeying to the enigmatic Nature Grotto, armed with a pair of secateurs and a trio of items, handpicked from a predefined list. These items can be sourced through various means, with the quest log offering guidance on the specific requirements.

Once you've meticulously gathered the necessary components, don your amulet of ghostspeak and clutch your secateurs. Embark on a sojourn to the Mort Myre Swamp, where the venerable Nature Spirit awaits. Engage in dialogue, facilitated by your amulet, to communicate your intentions. The Nature Spirit, in his wisdom, shall bestow his blessing upon your secateurs. As a consequence, the once ordinary tool shall radiate an eerie green glow, heralding their transformation into the revered magic secateurs.

talk to nature spirit

Now equipped with this newfound power, you stand poised to confront the Tanglefoot, vanquishing the menace that has ensnared the Fairy Queen's well-being. Your journey culminates in a triumphant resolution, a testament to your resourcefulness and determination.

Killing the Tanglefoot

Items needed: Dramen staff and the magic secateurs

With the enchanted secateurs in your possession, return to the enchanting realm of Zanaris. From the city's entrance, chart a course south-westward, bypassing the agility shortcuts en route to the enigmatic ruins of the Cosmic Altar. A gap situated on the western edge of the room serves as your entry point, leading you into the presence of the vigilant Gatekeeper. Engaging in dialogue, you shall secure passage under the watchful gaze of this custodian.

Venturing deeper into the tunnel, brace yourself for the confrontation that lies ahead. Within these subterranean passages, a pair of juvenile tanglefeet (level 45) will cross your path, preluding your encounter with the formidable foe – the level 111 Tanglefoot.

attack tanglefoot

This adversary boasts a unique trait: it is impervious to all but the magic secateurs. Moreover, the extent of damage you inflict upon the Tanglefoot is contingent upon both your Strength and Farming prowess. It is prudent to employ the "Protect from Melee" prayer during the battle, a measure that can significantly enhance your odds of triumph.

Should you seek tactical advantage, the strategy of flinching the Tanglefoot remains at your disposal.

Upon prevailing over this verdant menace, ensure to seize the Queen's secateurs from its remains prior to your departure from the tunnel. Trace your steps back to the presence of the enigmatic Fairy Godfather, culminating your quest with a discussion that marks its resounding conclusion.

Congratulations! Your quest reaches its fulfillment, a testament to your prowess and determination.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

fairy tale part 1 completed

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