[OSRS] Ernest the Chicken quest guide

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Ernest the Chicken OSRS

"Ernest the Chicken" presents a quest available for free-to-play players, revolving around the enigma of the vanishing Ernest. He ventured into Draynor Manor to seek directions and mysteriously disappeared without a trace.

This quest holds the distinction of being one of the initial quests conceptualized and the very first one introduced following the initial launch of RuneScape.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:


Items required     

Spade (can be obtained during the quest)

Fish food (can be obtained during the quest)

Poison (can be obtained during the quest)

Start point 

Speak to Veronica, south of Draynor Manor by the gate

Speak to Veronica, south of Draynor Manor by the gate

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Initiate the quest by conversing with Veronica, who stands just beyond the courtyard of Draynor Manor. She is fraught with worry over the absence of her fiancé, Ernest. Ernest had ventured into the manor an hour ago to seek directions, but his return has been conspicuously delayed.

conversing with Veronica

Upon entering the manor, ascend the central staircase and proceed up the spiral stairs located immediately to the west. Here, you will encounter Professor Oddenstein. He will elucidate the situation, revealing that Ernest's fate took a peculiar turn. During his involvement in an experiment with the 'pouletmorph' machine, he was inadvertently transformed into a chicken. To reverse this transformation, the professor requires specific components, which were pilfered and secreted away by poltergeists haunting the manor.

you will encounter Professor Oddenstein

Your task is to aid the professor in locating three essential parts: a pressure gauge, a rubber tube, and an oil can. These items need to be recovered in any sequence you find most feasible.

Pressure gauge

To secure the pressure gauge, you'll require both fish food and poison. Locate the fish food in a blue container; one such box can be found on the 1st floor of the manor, positioned directly to the south of the main staircase. Acquire the poison from a green bottle, which can be found on the ground floor in the small north-western room situated to the south of the kitchen.

Blend the poison with the fish food to create a concoction of poisoned fish food. Proceed to the south-eastern room, where you'll discover a spade conveniently positioned near the door leading outside. If you don't possess a spade already, this will serve your purpose. Utilize the spade to extract the rubber tube from this location.

Exit the manor by using the door in the south-eastern room. Make your way to the south-western corner of the manor's grounds, where a fountain is situated. Employ the poisoned fish food on the fountain, causing the piranhas within to succumb to the poison. Following this, search the fountain to retrieve the pressure gauge.

poisoned fish food.

Rubber tube

On the western side of the manor's grounds, your attention should be drawn to a compost heap positioned north of the specialized belladonna patch, in close proximity to a cluster of cabbage plants. Take a moment to investigate this compost heap. Utilize a spade to unearth its contents, which will reveal a key.

Reenter the manor through its front entrance. Progress through the door leading to the room located behind the staircase. This room is home to an aggressive skeleton. Here, seize the opportunity to acquire the rubber tube. If your character is of a lower level, exercise caution, as the skeleton might initiate an attack. It is advisable to retrieve the rubber tube swiftly and make a prompt exit if necessary.

https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/imagethe rubber tubes/thumb/Ernest_the_Chicken_-_Rubber_tube.png/800px-Ernest_the_Chicken_-_Rubber_tube.png?cc0dd

Oil can

In order to retrieve the oil can, follow these steps within the basement of the manor:

  1. Begin in the western room on the ground floor. Search the western side of the wall's bookcase to unveil a concealed doorway, granting access to a hidden room.
  2. Descend the ladder into the basement, where you'll find an arrangement of doors and levers. The oil can is your objective. Follow the sequence outlined below to acquire it:
    • n order to retrieve the oil can, follow these steps within the basement of the manor:Pull down Levers A and B.
    • Enter Door 1.
    • Pull down Lever D and leave Lever C in the up position.
    • Reenter Door 1.
    • Raise Levers A and B.
    • Proceed through Doors 3, 4, and 5.
    • Pull down Levers E and F.
    • Traverse through Doors 6 and 7.
    • Lower Lever C.
    • Reenter through Doors 7 and 6.
    • Raise Lever E.
    • Progress through Doors 6, 8, and 3.
    • Access Door 9 and retrieve the oil can.
  3. Exit the basement and the secret room by manipulating the lever on the eastern wall.

Conclude your quest by ascending to the top floor and engaging in conversation with Professor Oddenstein. Deliver the acquired items to him. In turn, he will rectify his machine, effectively restoring Ernest to his human form.

Note: Remember that you still need to exit the manor via the back doors, as per the quest's requirement.

complete quest