OSRS Enlightened Journey Quest Guide

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Enlightened Journey Quest Guide

"Enlightened Journey" is an adventurous quest during which you assist Auguste, a devoted Entrana monk, in establishing a hot air balloon transportation network.

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Quest points 20 Quest points

Firemaking  20 Firemaking

Farming  30 Farming

Crafting  36 Crafting

Items required

3 unnoted papyrus

1 ball of wool

A full sack of potatoes (item is called Potatoes(10)) (there are potatoes growing in Entrana in the house east of Auguste, bring another empty sack if picking here)

8 empty sacks – bring 9 sacks if planning to fill one with potatoes on Entrana.

1 unlit candle or black candle (can be obtained during quest by stealing candles in Entrana church)

Yellow dye

Red dye

10 unnoted silk

A bowl (obtainable during quest)

At least 10 unnoted normal logs

A tinderbox

12 unnoted willow branches (buy from the Grand Exchange, or plant a willow sapling and wait 4 hours.)

Note: A willow seed is not required, nor is a basket of apples as payment (although planting one beforehand is faster); all players receive a willow sapling and a basket of apples to pay to protect the tree from Auguste during the quest.

Secateurs (only if planting the tree) (can also be exchanged from a Tool Leprechaun if placed there before)

A rake (only if planting the tree) (can also be exchanged from a Tool Leprechaun if placed there before)

A spade (only if planting the tree) (can also be exchanged from a Tool Leprechaun if placed there before)

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Initiate a conversation with Auguste while on Entrana Island. You can find him located to the north of the Herblore shop. Remember that you should not bring any combat-related items with you when visiting Entrana, as they are not permitted on the island.

talk to Auguste

1. Speak with Auguste on Entrana, who is located north of the Herblore shop. Agree to assist him in creating a balloon.

2. Collect the following items:

3 Papyrus

1 Ball of wool

1 Sack containing 10 potatoes

1 Unlit candle

3. Once you've gathered all the required items, return to Auguste.

4. Auguste will request you to craft an origami balloon. To do this, use the Ball of Wool with the Papyrus to create the Balloon structure.

5. Then, use the Unlit candle with the Balloon structure.

6. Talk to Auguste once again, which will trigger a cutscene where you test the origami balloon, observing as it catches fire.

test the origami balloon

Once you engage in conversation with Auguste once more, he'll request the remaining two papyrus scrolls and the sack of potatoes. Oblige by handing them over, and prepare for another captivating cutscene. This time, your attention will be drawn to a thrilling test flight of yet another balloon. However, in an unexpected twist, this flight becomes the target of a frenzied mob attack.

the balloon is attacked

Now, the time has come to assemble the genuine balloon. Auguste will require the following items for this grand endeavor:

1. 10 Silk

2. Red Dye

3. Yellow Dye

4. A Bowl

5. 8 Sandbags (You can acquire these by purchasing 8 sacks and filling them with sand from a sandpit or using buckets of sand on them)

6. 12 Willow Branches, harvested from a special willow sapling that Auguste provides you with.

If you happened to purchase the willow branches from the Grand Exchange, you can skip the step of planting the willow sapling.

However, if you do not yet possess the willow branches, it is strongly recommended to start by planting the willow sapling. Willow trees take some time to grow, and the closest farming patch is located just west of Lumbridge. Once the tree has fully matured, carefully cut off the branches using a pair of secateurs. Be patient, as acquiring the required amount of branches may take some time, as they respawn rather slowly. To expedite this process, consider hopping between worlds to swiftly gather willow branches without waiting for them to naturally regrow. Alternatively, you can also cut willow branches from any other player-grown willow tree.

Important Note: Guard the willow sapling carefully, as losing it will incur a 30,000 coin replacement cost. Auguste will offer you a basket of apples to have a farmer watch over your tree as added protection. If you have other willow trees in your care, you can collect branches from them as well.

Once you've collected all the necessary items, present them to Auguste. You can make multiple trips if needed. Afterward, utilize the willow branches by using them on the basket he provides you, and the construction of the balloon will be underway.


After your prior tasks are accomplished, approach Auguste once more. This time, he'll request that you procure 10 regular logs and bring along a tinderbox. Once you've gathered these items, return to Auguste's location. However, it's crucial to ensure that your weight does not exceed 40 kilograms.

Once you've successfully met these requirements, engage in conversation with Auguste. Following your discussion, you can expect to encounter the following screen:

Balloon Controls panel

To successfully navigate the balloon to Taverley while avoiding airborne obstacles, follow this sequence of actions:

Balloon path (Taverley, 1).png

1. Drop sandbag

2. Burn log

3. Relax x9

4. Pull emergency rope

5. Relax x3

6. Pull normal rope

7. Relax x4

Balloon path (Taverley, 2).png

1. Burn log

2. Relax

3. Burn log

4. Relax x10

5. Burn log

6. Relax x5

Balloon path (Taverley, 3).png

1. Relax x7

2. Pull emergency rope

3. Pull normal rope

4. Relax x3

5. Burn log

6. Relax x4

7. Pull normal rope

Please take note of the following points:

1. If you fail early on, you'll be automatically transported to Entrana.

2. If you fail while over the sea, you'll need to quickly grab a plank located nearby.

3. In the event of failure, you will have to return to Auguste and try again, but this time with an additional 10 logs.

use plank

Certainly, if you happen to fail above land during your balloon journey, follow these steps to proceed:

1. Follow the designated path.

2. Click on the dirt to continue your journey.

Upon successfully reaching Taverley, have a conversation with Auguste to claim your well-earned reward.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

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