OSRS Enakhra's Lament Quest Guide

Enakhra's Lament Guide OSRS

Enakhra's Lament is indeed a quest in the popular online game RuneScape. This quest is set in an ancient temple located beneath the scorching Kharidian Desert and is notable for introducing players to two significant characters within the RuneScape lore: the Mahjarrat Akthanakos and Enakhra.



50 Crafting 

45 Firemaking 

43 Prayer 

39 Magic 

Items required


One of the following: bread, any kind of pie, any kind of cake, any kind of pizza, or a baked potato with topping (partial pies, cakes and pizzas do not work)


Candle (a black candle will not work)


Oak logs

Willow logs

Maple logs

Pickaxe (unless you already have the required items)

Soft clay (obtainable during quest if you bring a pickaxe and bucket or jug of water)

Coal (obtainable during quest with level  30 Mining

52 kg of sandstone (obtainable during quest with level  35 Mining 

Two 5 kg pieces of granite (obtainable during quest with level  45 Mining 

Runes to cast Fire Bolt, Fire Blast or Fire Wave

Runes to cast Wind Bolt, Wind Blast or Wind Wave

Runes to cast Crumble Undead (multiple casts recommended in case of splashing)

Enough remaining Prayer points to cast Protect from Melee for about five seconds

Start point  

Talk to Lazim just north-east of the Desert Quarry

start point


To embark on this quest, journey to the Quarry located south of the Desert Bandit Camp. There, seek out Lazim positioned just northeast of the quarry. He will share his desire to enhance the desert's aesthetics by constructing a statue. However, due to his inability to wield a chisel, he kindly requests your assistance in crafting it for him.

Note: The most convenient means to reach the Quarry is by employing the Pharaoh's sceptre (3) to teleport directly to Azzanadra's Pyramid. From there, proceed a short distance northwest. Alternatively, you can opt for a Magic carpet ride to Menaphos and then proceed northward on foot.

talk to lazim

Once you've expressed your willingness to assist Lazim, he will initially request that you gather 32 kilograms of sandstone for his project. To fulfill this requirement, follow these steps:

1. Make your way to the stone quarry located to the southwest.

2. Commence mining the sandstone rocks found in the quarry.

Here are some details regarding the weight of different sandstone blocks:

1. Large blocks of sandstone weigh 10 kilograms.

2. Medium-sized blocks weigh 5 kilograms.

3. Small blocks weigh 2 kilograms.

4. Tiny blocks weigh 1 kilogram.

If you find yourself with larger blocks than needed, you can use a Chisel to break them down into smaller ones.

Note: If you happen to forget your pickaxe, you can retrieve a Bronze pickaxe by pulling it out of the rock situated in the center of the quarry.

mine rocks

To continue helping Lazim with his statue project, follow these steps:

1. Hand the previously gathered sandstone blocks over to Lazim. He will provide you with a single block of Sandstone (32kg).

2. Use a Chisel on the Sandstone (32kg) to craft a Sandstone base.

3. Place the Sandstone base on flat ground near Lazim.

4. Lazim will express that the statue needs a little more work and ask for an additional 20 kilograms of sandstone. Repeat the process as before, but this time gather 20 kilograms of sandstone instead of 32 kilograms.

5. Hand over the 20 kilograms of sandstone blocks to Lazim. He will give you a block of Sandstone (20kg).

6. Use a Chisel on the Sandstone (20kg) to create a Sandstone body for the statue.

7. Add the Sandstone body to the statue's base.

8. Speak to Lazim once more, and he will request some further chiseling work on the statue. Complete this request as instructed.

9. Now, Lazim will ask for a head made of granite. You can choose the type of head you want to make.

10. Return to the quarry and mine 2 Granite (5kg) blocks. Keep one for later use in the quest.

11. Use a Chisel on one of the Granite (5kg) blocks, selecting the type of head you've chosen earlier to craft a Stone head (Statue).

12. Place the Stone head on the statue to complete this phase of the quest.

You're making great progress on Lazim's statue project!

talk to lazim again

Once the statue is completed, it will unexpectedly topple over, and you'll find yourself inside a temple alongside Lazim. Engage in conversation with him, and he'll reveal that he's been on a long quest to discover this hidden temple and its elusive treasure. Lazim will then seek your assistance to progress further into the temple, explaining that the door locks can only be unlocked using large limbs.

Agree to help Lazim, and in return, you'll negotiate a share of the treasure. To proceed, employ your pickaxe or Chisel on the statue to acquire all of its limbs:

Stone left arm

Stone right arm

Stone left leg

Stone right leg

If you wish to exit the temple, you can climb up the ladders and then ascend the piles of sand in the corners of the lowest temple level. To re-enter the temple from the surface, use the secret entrances located near the Quarry.

use the chisel in light

Embark on your journey within the temple by venturing along the northern path. As you navigate through its mysterious chambers, carefully inspect each door to determine the specific limb required to unlock it. In the initial entry room, secure the M sigil and apply the matching limb to unlock the doors in your path. Progress deeper into the temple, where you'll discover the Z sigil atop a pedestal. Replicate this process to collect the remaining K, M, and R sigils. Brace yourself for immersive cutscenes that delve into the character Enakhra's story, unfolding each time you successfully unlock a door, revealing the secrets hidden within the temple's ancient walls.

take sigil pedestal

Once you've obtained all four sigils, make your way to the center of the temple. There, closely examine the door to discern which specific sigil is required to unlock it. Utilize the appropriate sigil to unlock each of the four doors within the temple. Once you've successfully unlocked all four doors, ascend the ladder to continue your adventure within the temple.

open door

Upon reaching the next floor of the temple and encountering a mysterious pedestal before a formidable magical barrier, your next course of action unfolds as follows:

First, retrace your steps to the temple's lower level and converse with Lazim, inquiring about the enigmatic pedestal's significance. Lazim will entrust you with the Stone head (Statue), which you will need.

Return to the upper floor, where you'll encounter the pedestal again. In a disheartening turn of events, you'll discover that the Stone head does not fit. To address this, introduce a piece of Soft clay into the pedestal, thus forming a Camel mould (p).

Next, employ your Chisel on a 5-kilogram block of Granite to sculpt a Stone head (Pedestal). Place this newly fashioned head onto the pedestal.

As you do so, brace for yet another captivating cutscene, this time delving deeper into the story of Enakhra.

Once the cutscene concludes, you'll find Lazim appearing beside you. He'll enlighten you about the task at hand: lighting the four globes on the pedestal by successfully navigating and solving puzzles in other rooms. This is the key to passing through the formidable magical barrier.

Keep in mind that after placing the Stone head (Pedestal) in its rightful place, you have the option to utilize the second piece of Soft clay on the pedestal, crafting a Camel mask, adding another layer of intrigue to your adventure.

use stone head in pedestal

Venture into the northwestern corridor of the temple and initiate a conversation with Pentyn. Initially, he may express suspicion and concern, questioning whether you are here to inflict torture, even suspecting you as one of the Mahjarrat. To put him at ease and prove your humanity, offer him a piece of Bread or Cake. This gesture will help persuade him that you are, indeed, a human.

Once Pentyn trusts your intentions, he will provide valuable advice regarding the resolution of puzzles in the other chambers.

Now, proceed into the room located to the west. Inside, employ a fire spell to unleash the flames upon the frozen fountain, successfully melting the icy crust that has formed over it. This action will advance your exploration and bring you closer to unraveling the temple's secrets.

melt crust of ice

As you progress through the temple's mysteries, your next task takes you to the dark room located to the east. Equip a source of light to guide your way effectively within this dimly lit space. Inside, your objective is to meticulously investigate each of the braziers to discern which item was previously burnt within them.

Once you've identified the specific items that were once consumed by the flames in each brazier, it's time to take action. Utilize the appropriate items—whether it be Coal, Logs, Oak logs, Willow logs, Maple logs, or a Candle— to light all of the braziers accordingly, illuminating the room and unveiling its secrets.

However, do exercise caution while in the darkroom. Should you dally for too long without kindling the braziers, a swarm of tiny, menacing insects will swiftly appear, inflicting a minor but bothersome 1 point of damage. Stay vigilant and efficient in your quest to uncover the temple's hidden truths

investigate brazier

With the magical barrier overcome, proceed to climb the stairs ahead. As you reach the upper level, head southward. In this area, you will encounter a Boneguard. Employ the "Crumble Undead" spell to release the spirit trapped within the Boneguard, continuing your progress within the temple.

Now, activate the "Protect from Melee" prayer to shield yourself from attacks. Afterward, descend the ladder. Engage in conversation with the Boneguard while maintaining the "Protect from Melee" prayer to ensure your safety. You can deactivate the prayer once the Boneguard ceases its aggression, allowing you to interact with it more freely as you delve further into the quest.

talk to boneguard

To proceed in the temple, follow these steps:

1. Near the Boneguard, you'll find a pile of rubble. Extract 3 blocks of Sandstone (5kg) from this pile.

2. Head to the southern wall and add one of the Sandstone blocks to it. After adding a block, it's necessary to trim the wall using a Chisel before you can add the next block of Sandstone (5kg).

3. Repeat this process until you have successfully added all three blocks to complete the wall.

4. Once the wall is finished, engage in another conversation with the Boneguard.

5. In return for your efforts, the Boneguard will grant you a Camulet.

6. Following this exchange, prepare for an intriguing and memorable cutscene that will unfold, adding depth to your quest experience within the temple.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!
enakharas lament completed