[OSRS] Elves Slayer guide

Elves Slayer Guide OSRS

Elves Slayer Guide OSRS


Elves are mythical and powerful creatures that can be assigned as Slayer tasks starting at combat level 70. Elves are wielding lethal crystal weapons in both ranged and melee combat. Typically found in Tirannwn, the remote western expanse of the main continent, these beings stand as sentinels, safeguarding their cities and encampments against enigmatic intruders.



  • Combat level of 70.
  • Complete the "Regicide" quest to unlock the possibility of receiving Slayer tasks related to elves.
  • To access all elf locations, it's recommended to start the quests "Mourning's End Part I" and "Song of the Elves".


Bests Locations:

  • Iorwerth Camp
  • Iorwerth Dungeon
  • Lletya



Recommended Melee Equipment

Melee Equipment


Recommended Range Equipment:

 Range Equipment:



  • The Cannon Set
  • Cannonballs
  • Super potions (Range or Melee)
  • Telport to…
  • Food


The Strategy:


When it comes to efficiently completing Slayer tasks involving elves in "Old School RuneScape," one location stands out as the prime choice: the Iorwerth Dungeon. This dungeon offers several advantages that make it the ideal spot for taking on these tasks and maximizing your experience gain.

the Iorwerth Dungeon


Advantages of Iorwerth Dungeon:

  1. Mob Density: Iorwerth Dungeon boasts the highest concentration of elf mobs compared to other locations. This means you'll have more opportunities to engage in combat and complete your Slayer task more rapidly.
  2. Variety of Elves: The dungeon hosts a diverse range of elf enemies, including "Elf Warriors" and "Elf Rangers
  3. Cannon Placement: Placing your "Cannon" in the middle of the dungeon offers a strategic advantage. The central positioning allows the cannon to target multiple mobs efficiently, increasing your kill rate and overall experience gained per hour.


Advantages of Iorwerth Dungeon:


How to get there

  • If you have your house located in Prifddinas, you can use a teleport to house
  • Crystal Teleport Seed (Can be obaint by killing the elves)
  • Spirit Tree Teleport


I'd also like to highlight another location, specifically tailored for lower-level players seeking to conserve supplies or avoid using them altogether. This spot is strategically positioned in close proximity to a bank, allowing players to swiftly store any loot they acquire.




How to get there:

  • Use a Crystal teleport seed
  • Use a Charter Ship to travel to Port Tyras for 3200gp. From there, follow the path in the forest to reach Lletya
  • Use Fairy Ring BJS (with 76 Agility)


For less experienced players, employing Ranged or Magic attacks from the safety of the west bench can prove to be the most secure approach. However, it's essential to recognize that the fences are not viable as safe spots. Instead, players can utilize the pillars positioned behind them for protection. Additionally, be aware that the melee strikes of elf warriors mirror the reach of a halberd. Hence, it's advisable to avoid using halberds due to their sluggishness. Notably, a safespot is also accessible at the entrance of Lletya, situated just beyond the bench.

safe spot