OSRS Durael Slayer Master Guide

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Duradel Slayer Master Guide OSRS

Duradel is a Slayer Master located in the village of Shilo Village, in the Karamja region. He is one of the higher-level Slayer masters and offers more challenging Slayer tasks for players with higher levels in this skill. Duradel is known for assigning tasks involving more powerful and valuable monsters, making him a popular choice for players seeking to earn experience and significant rewards in Slayer.


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To access Duradel's tasks, players must have a total combat level of at least 100 and a Slayer level of 50. Additionally, completing the initial quest Shilo Village is required to access his location. Once players meet these requirements, they can speak to Duradel to receive Slayer tasks and start hunting challenging monsters.

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How to get there

The most efficient way to find Duradel is by utilizing the Lunar spell, NPC Contact. This spell requires the completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest before you can cast it.

Alternatively, you can use the "Duradel" option on the Karamja gloves 4, which teleports you directly next to Duradel.

Wearing Karamja gloves 3 will teleport you beside the ladder within the Gem mine beneath Shilo Village. Ascend the ladder, cross the southern bridge, and proceed east.

If you have access to the Fairy Rings, use the code "C-K-R" to teleport west of Shilo Village. From there, head south towards the Kharazi Jungle, then east and up to reach the village. Finally, proceed a bit to the north.

After completing the Shilo Village quest, you can also make use of the cart system to travel from Brimhaven for a fee of 200 coins. Once you arrive, head east.

Duradel  Locaticon

once in the village, go up the ladder at the fishing shop located just south of the river.


Next we will show you a list with all the monsters that Duradel can assign, including the weight.


The reason many come to this Slayer master is that Duradel assigns tasks that involve high level monsters and higher difficulty compared to other Slayer masters. These tasks often offer a more exciting combat experience and reward valuable button items, appealing to players looking for a challenge and opportunities to earn in-game wealth.

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