OSRS Druidic Ritual Quest Guide

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Druidic Ritual Quest Guide

"Druidic Ritual" stands as a novice quest, serving as a gateway into the intriguing world of Herblore. This quest unfolds entirely within the enchanting environs of Taverley and is characterized by its concise and straightforward nature.


Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

No requirements.

Items Needed at Quest Start:


Items required

Raw bear meat

Raw rat meat

Raw beef

Raw chicken

Start point  

Speak to Kaqemeex in the stone circle north of Taverley.

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Initiating your quest, approach Kaqemeex, who can be found to the north of Taverley within the mystical stone circle. In conversation with him, you'll discover the pressing need to purify the altar south of Varrock, which has fallen under the ominous influence of Dark wizards. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Kaqemeex directs you to seek guidance from Sanfew, an expert in these matters.

talk to Kaqemeex

Embark on your journey southward toward Taverley, where you'll find Sanfew located on the second floor of the herblore shop, marked by an herb icon on your minimap. Approach him and explain your purpose—to aid in the purification of the stone circle, as directed by Kaqemeex.

Sanfew, the knowledgeable herblore expert, will inform you of the requirements to complete the ritual: 4 different types of raw meats, including raw beef, raw chicken, raw bear meat, and raw rat meat. These can all be conveniently acquired from the Grand Exchange if you prefer a straightforward approach.

However, if you seek to gather the meats personally, you'll find that the required animals are in close proximity. Here's a suggested method:

1. Teleport to Lumbridge.

2. Head to the pen northeast of Lumbridge, where you can slay a Cow to obtain raw beef.

3. Continue to the farm just northeast of the cow pen, where you can acquire raw chicken by defeating a Chicken.

4. Journey northwest from the chicken farm, southeast of Varrock, to confront and defeat a Bear, yielding raw bear meat.

5. Finally, proceed just north of the bear's location to find and vanquish a Rat, securing raw rat meat.

talk to sanfew

With the four essential meats in your possession, make your way in a southwesterly direction towards Taverley Dungeon. This subterranean entrance can be found nestled amidst a cluster of withered, lifeless trees. Prepare to venture into the depths below as you embark on the next phase of your quest.

climb down ladder

Descend into the dungeon and navigate your path to the north until you reach a forbidding prison door. An attempt to open this door will trigger the aggression of the Suits of Armor, which will engage you in combat. If your combat level is 55 or higher, you may proceed without concern, but if you find yourself less experienced in combat, it's advisable to bring food to sustain yourself during the confrontation.

You have the option to defeat these foes in combat or bypass them altogether, depending on your preference and combat capabilities. Once you've dealt with the situation, open the prison door to access the room beyond.

Within this room, execute the ritual by using the raw meats on the Cauldron of Thunder. Witness as the meats undergo a mystical transformation, turning into enchanted versions with a distinct blue hue.

With the ritual successfully completed, retrace your steps and return to Sanfew to report your progress and actions within the dungeon.

use raw bear meat in cauldron of thunder

Sanfew, upon receiving the enchanted meats from you, will express his gratitude for your assistance. In appreciation of your efforts, he'll then instruct you to pay a visit to Kaqemeex.

When you meet with Kaqemeex, he will not only present you with your well-deserved reward but also take the time to provide you with a comprehensive introduction to the art of Herblore. He'll explain the fundamental principles of this skill and direct you to the Council's instructions in the Skills section of the website for more in-depth information.

As an illustrative example of how Herblore works, Kaqemeex will walk you through the creation of an Attack potion, offering you valuable insight into the practical applications of this skill.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

druidic ritual completed

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