OSRS Devious Minds Quest Guide

Devious Minds Guide OSRS

"Devious Minds" is a quest in the popular online role-playing game RuneScape. This quest revolves around a conspiracy against the clergy of Entrana, and it has connections to both the Temple Knight storyline and the Mahjarrat storyline within the game's lore.



65 Smithing 

50 Runecraft 

50 Fletching 

Completion of the following quests


Recruitment Drive

Black Knights' Fortress

Druidic Ritual

The Lost Tribe

Goblin Diplomacy

Rune Mysteries

Priest in Peril

Troll Stronghold

Death Plateau

Doric's Quest

Enter the Abyss

Items required          

A mithril 2h sword

A bow string

A non-degraded large or colossal pouch

Start point  

Talk to the monk outside Paterdomus, next to the River Salve.

start point


Visit the monk located to the west of the temple, and he will instruct you to craft a fresh weapon

speaking to the monk

Bring a Mithril 2h sword to Doric's residence, situated north of Falador. Interact with Doric's whetstone to refine it into a Slender blade. Afterward, attach a bowstring to create a unique weapon known as a Bow-sword.

Please take note that you can enhance your Smithing skill temporarily by consuming a Dwarven stout (m) at level 63 or a regular Dwarven stout at level 64

dorics whetstone

Upon handing back the Bow-sword to the monk, you'll be rewarded with an orb. Place this orb into a spacious pouch and transport it to Entrana. To reach Entrana, access the Abyss and proceed through the Law altar portal.

Once on Entrana, employ the orb at the altar located within the church. This action will trigger a cinematic sequence. Once the scene concludes, return to the monk situated at the River Salve. Please be aware that you will lose your large pouch in the process

employ the orb at the altar located within the church

Examine the deceased monk's body that you encounter in that location, and then make your way back to the high priest residing on Entrana.

The High Priest will instruct you to have a conversation with Sir Tiffy in Falador Park.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Devious minds completed