OSRS Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest Guide

Creature of Fenkenstrain Guide OSRS

The "Creature of Fenkenstrain" quest in RuneScape is indeed an intriguing adventure where you assume the role of Dr. Fenkenstrain's assistant. As you progress through the quest, you gradually uncover the history and secrets surrounding Fenkenstrain's castle, which is also known as the Lordship of the North Coast. This quest is known for its mix of humor and horror elements, making it a memorable and engaging experience for players as they delve deeper into the mysteries of the castle and its eccentric owner, Dr. Fenkenstrain.



Completion of Priest in Peril

Partial completion of The Restless Ghost (must have obtained ghostspeak amulet)

20 Crafting 

25 Thieving 

Able to defeat a level 51 monster and run past level 72 monsters

Items required


Ghostspeak amulet

Silver bar

3 bronze wire (unnoted)


5 thread


1 law & 1 air rune for Telekinetic Grab OR 50 coins

Start point  

Read the signpost in the middle of Canifis.



your journey begins by reading the signpost located in the center of Canifis. The signpost serves as a starting point, providing you with information about the quest and guiding you on the path to uncover the mysteries of Dr. Fenkenstrain's castle and the Lordship of the North Coast. Reading the signpost will initiate your adventure and set you on the quest's storyline.

read signpost

make your way northeast of Canifis to reach the castle and initiate a conversation with Dr. Fenkenstrain. When conversing with him, respond to his questions by affirming that you are indeed brain dead and possess proficiency in grave digging. This sequence of dialogue choices will enable you to progress further into the quest, delving into the mysteries surrounding Dr. Fenkenstrain and his castle, setting the stage for your adventure in Canifis.

talk to dr. fenkenstrain

proceed to the southwest tower of Dr. Fenkenstrain's castle. Once there, climb the ladder to access the upper levels of the tower. Inside, you'll discover a clock. Wind the clock to discover a hidden letter that falls out. Take a moment to read the letter, as it will unveil the truth about the events and mysteries that have been transpiring within the castle, shedding light on the secrets and backstory of the quest. This letter will provide essential information to guide you on your quest.

wind clock

After retrieving the Ghostspeak amulet and equipping it, return downstairs in the castle. Head to the backyard of the castle where you'll encounter the Gardener Ghost. Engage in conversation with him, and inquire about what happened to his head. The Gardener Ghost will reveal that his head was severed one day while he was digging a new grave. Kindly offer your assistance to help him find his missing head.

The Gardener Ghost will agree to follow you for the next 10 minutes and provide directions on which way to go in order to locate his head. This interaction is a crucial part of the quest and will lead you on a unique adventure within the castle as you strive to reunite the Gardener Ghost with his lost head.

talk to gardener ghost

once you have the task to retrieve the decapitated head, head to the Haunted Woods east of Canifis. Proceed east of the fairy ring, and you'll come across several graves. Carefully inspect each grave until you locate the one belonging to Ed "Lestwit," which is characterized by a simple pile of sticks. Employ a Spade to dig up the grave, and you'll obtain the Decapitated head you need.

After acquiring the Decapitated head, return to Dr. Fenkenstrain's house. Make your way upstairs and search the bookcases in the northwest and northeast rooms located near the staircases. Choose the book titled "The Joy of Gravedigging" from the northwest bookcase. From the northeast bookcase, select "Handy Maggot Avoidance Techniques," which also includes "Chimney Sweeping on a Budget."

Finally, retrieve the two triangular amulets, one Marble and one Obsidian, and combine them by using one on the other. This action will result in the creation of a star, marking a significant step in your quest progress.

search bookcase

leave the castle and head directly east along a path leading to the memorials on the castle grounds. Once there, utilize the star you obtained earlier by using it with the unmovable grave situated to the far east. This action will trigger the movement of a memorial, revealing a hidden staircase underneath.

Climb down the revealed staircase to enter a cavern beneath the castle. Inside this cavern, you will encounter a level 51 experiment creature. Engage in combat with this creature to defeat it and obtain a cavern key as your reward. This key will be instrumental in progressing further in your quest and exploring the mysteries that lie beneath Dr. Fenkenstrain's castle.

attack experiment creature

take the northwest passage within the cavern, open the gate, and ascend the stairs, leading you to the island on the other side of the broken bridge. There, dig up all three graves to acquire a torso, arms, and legs. Return to Canifis and visit Roavar in the pub, requesting something to eat, which prompts him to sell you a pickled brain for 50 gp. Combine this brain with the previously obtained head. You can choose to bank your spade, and ensure you have your Needle, 5 Thread, 3 Bronze wire, and your Ghostspeak amulet with you. Optionally, consider bringing runes or an item for teleportation to a furnace and your Silver bar. These preparations are essential for progressing in your quest and piecing together the creature for Dr. Fenkenstrain.

talk to roavar

after you have collected all the body parts and given them to Dr. Fenkenstrain, he will request a needle and some thread to continue his work. Provide him with the needle and thread, and he will then ask you to repair the conductor.

To fix the conductor, you'll need the following items: a conductor mould, a silver bar, and a garden brush. To obtain the garden brush, ensure you have your Ghostspeak amulet equipped, then approach the Gardener located north of Dr. Fenkenstrain. Engage in conversation with him, and politely request the shed key. Once you have the key, search the cupboard in the shed to retrieve the garden brush, which is essential for repairing the conductor and progressing further in the quest.

open cupboard

To acquire the conductor mould in the "Creature of Fenkenstrain" quest, start by collecting three canes from the pile located beside the shed. Combine these canes with the garden brush to create an extended brush. Return to the castle and proceed upstairs, heading to the western section. Use the extended brush on the fireplace, and as a result, the conductor mould will dislodge and become accessible for use in the quest, following Dr. Fenkenstrain's instructions.

once you have the conductor mould and a silver bar, you'll need to visit a furnace to create a conductor. The nearest furnace is in Port Phasmatys, but keep in mind that you'll need two ecto-tokens to enter. Use the silver bar on the furnace to craft the conductor.

After crafting the conductor, return to Fenkenstrain's Castle and climb upstairs. Head to the room furthest south and access the roof. On the roof, use the conductor with the lightning rod to repair and fix it. This action is a crucial part of the quest and will contribute to the storyline's progression as you continue to assist Dr. Fenkenstrain.

after returning to Dr. Fenkenstrain and obtaining the key to the tower, you'll be informed that the monster has turned against him, and he instructs you to eliminate it.

Head upstairs to the north-center room, then proceed to the Monster on the upper level. Engage in a detailed conversation with the Monster, during which you'll learn that the Monster was once the owner of the castle, and Dr. Fenkenstrain served as the doctor. The Monster will then request that you intervene to halt Dr. Fenkenstrain's experiments. This pivotal conversation is a turning point in the quest and sets the stage for your subsequent actions and decisions as you navigate the story.

talk to fenkenstrain monster

you can pickpocket Dr. Fenkenstrain to obtain the Ring of Charos. Wearing the Ring of Charos is necessary for the quest's completion, as it allows you to persuade Fenkenstrain to give up the ring willingly. Once you have the ring, you can return to the Monster and have a conversation with him to finish the quest and potentially uncover more about the storyline. The Ring of Charos is a valuable tool for certain dialogue options and interactions in the game.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Creature of fenkenstrain completed