OSRS Crafting Wrath Runes Guide

OSRS Crafting Wrath Runes Guide


Wrath runes are the highest-level rune type in the world of Old School RuneScape. They were introduced alongside the "Dragon Slayer II" quest and are used to cast surge spells, which are the most powerful elemental spells available in the standard spellbook. They also grant access to spells in the Arceuus spellbook.

Creating wrath runes is done using the Runecrafting skill at level 95. To create them, the Wrath Altar is used with pure essence, granting 8 Runecrafting experience points for each rune created. To access the Wrath Altar, it's necessary to have completed the "Dragon Slayer II" quest. Once inside the Wrath Altar, players must have a wrath talisman, tiara, or Runecrafting cape. Access to the Wrath Altar is achieved by entering the statue at the Mythic's Guild, heading west, and then south in the dungeon. Passing by the blue dragons and entering through a crack in the south wall, players arrive at an island that houses the ruins of the altar.

It's important to note that wrath runes cannot be obtained through the Ourania Altar, and accessing the Wrath Altar through the Abyss is not possible.

Here is a guide for crafting Wrath Runes in (OSRS):


95 Runecrafting

Dragon Slayer II completed

Mythical cape

Wrath tiara or runecraft cape

Colossal pouch or any of its above

Lunar Diplomacy completed to use NPC Contact to recharge pouch

Pure essence

Anti-dragon shield

Raiments of the Eye (highly recommended)

Crafting the Wrath Runes:

The most efficient way to create wrath runes in the game involves several detailed steps that require planning and precision. Here's the process summarized:

1. Teleport to Mythic's Guild: Use the teleport ability of the mythical cape to reach the Mythic's Guild.

Myths' Guild.png

2. Head to the Basement: Go to the basement of the guild, passing aggressive dragons. Carry an anti-dragon shield to reduce damage.

3. Enter the Cave: Enter the cave that leads to the Wrath Altar. Use a tiara or an eye-tuned hat with wrath to create the runes.

4. Teleport to a Bank: Teleport to a bank to deposit the runes and repeat the process.

5. Eye Outfit: If you have the Eye Outfit, use it to increase the amount of additional runes created by 60%.

If you have the Runecrafting cape (requires level 99 in Runecrafting), you can equip it along with the mythical cape for more efficient trips. You can use the massive pouch to carry up to 66 essences per trip. The wait between each trip is 90 to 96 trips per hour, with an approximate duration of ~38 seconds per trip. You don't need to recharge the pouch due to the advantage of the Runecrafting cape. If you have level 99 in all skills, you can equip the max cape to get the same effect, along with quick access to the bank in the Artisans' Guild.

If you don't have the Runecrafting cape, you'll need to recharge the pouch every seven trips using "NPC Contact" to prevent degradation.

It's important to note that doing 96 trips per hour is intensive and requires nearly perfect execution. A more realistic pace is around ~45 seconds per trip. Recharging the pouch and restoring health will also help to slow down the pace of trips. It might be more realistic to aim for between 75 and 80 trips per hour if you're not executing optimally.

An alternative for bank teleporting is to use the achievement diary cape. This will allow you to teleport to Jarr at Shantay Pass for banking and to the Lesser Fanatic for quick access to the Dark Mage in the Abyss for repairing the pouch. You can use a desert amulet 4 to teleport to Nardah to recharge the run, restore prayer, and health points without the need for stamina potions.

The entrance to the Wrath Altar.