[OSRS] Crafting 1-99 F2P Guide

Crafting 1-99 F2P Guide OSRS



The Crafting skill enables players to craft items such as jewelry, pottery, and armor for personal use or trade. It's available for free-to-play (F2P) as well as members in OSRS.

The firsts levels



  • Sheep Shearer: Grants 150 Crafting experience
  • Goblin Diplomacy: Rewards 200 Crafting experience
  • Misthalin Mystery: Provides 600 Crafting experience

Completing all of these quests will yield sufficient experience to advance Crafting from level 1 to level 8.


The fastest methods but expensive


1-99 Making Leather Armours

Create the most advanced tier of leather armors accessible for your current crafting level. Starting at level 1, players can fashion leather gloves, yielding 19,000 F2P crafting XP per hour. Progressing to Leather Chaps, you can attain up to 38,000 experience per hour by the time you reach level 18 crafting. Players are advised to switch between training methods as needed, as the cost of specific methods may vary over time.


table Making Leather Armours


20-99 Cutting Gems

Cutting Diamonds has the potential to yield as much as 290,000 crafting experience per hour. Nevertheless, the incurred losses linked to this activity are substantial, particularly for free-to-play (F2P) players. Sapphires and Emeralds present the possibility of reaching a breakeven point, contingent on the prevailing Grand Exchange prices. Sapphires generate 145,000 crafting XP per hour, while emeralds provide 175,000 XP. It has the potential to be quite costly and demand a significant amount of capital.


table Cutting Gems


Other methods/low cost


5 – 20 Gold Jewellery

Creating Gold Jewelry proves to be a lucrative approach to crafting training. This method necessitates a furnace, a Jewelry mold, and gold bars for production. The optimal location for this endeavor is Edgeville, given the furnace's proximity to the adjacent bank.


table Gold Jewellery



Barbarian Village boasts a potter's wheel at a moderate distance from the nearest bank (West Varrock bank). However, there are no clay rocks or water sources in close proximity. For Edgeville, the furnace is conveniently situated closest to a bank. In the Crafting Guild, a nearby bank is absent, yet clay rocks and water sources are available in close proximity. Additionally, two spinning wheels can also be found within the guild.


When crafting jewelry at the Al Kharid furnace, the process requires two items, and on average, you can craft around 750 items per hour. With the aid of energy potions, this figure can be elevated to around 975 items per hour. Highly optimized procedures can potentially reach up to 1,000 items

per hour, resulting in an optimal rate of 100,000 Crafting experience per hour.

A complete crafting trip consumes approximately 20% of your run energy. Consequently, a single energy potion can facilitate two trips. After utilizing a potion, you can conveniently discard the empty vial.

An alternative method, which is slower yet more lucrative in terms of both crafting and smithing experience, involves using silver ores instead of silver bars to create unstrung holy symbols. For each run, carry a holy mould and 27 silver ores. Employing this approach at the Al Kharid bank eliminates the need for energy potions since the time taken to smith and craft 27 silver ores into unstrung holy symbols will rejuvenate enough energy to commute between the bank and the furnace.

For the swiftest journey, you can utilize the furnace located in Edgeville, to the west of the Grand Exchange. This site is the nearest point featuring both a bank and a furnace within the free-to-play world.