[OSRS] Cook's Assistant Quest Guide

Cook's Assistant Quest Guide OSRS

Cook's Assistant Quest Guide OSRS


Items Required:

  • Pot
  • Bucket



  • Egg
  • Bucket of milk
  • Pot of flour



This quest is often one of the first undertaken by new players, aiming to introduce them to the town of Lumbridge. It's important to note that the item collection part can be circumvented by arriving prepared with a pot of flour, a bucket of milk, and an egg. These items are tradeable and accessible through the Grand Exchange. When conversing with the cook while carrying these items, you can mention having them on hand, prompting the cook to inquire about your intentions of baking a cake. This streamlined approach can lead to the quest's swift completion.

Ok Let’s do this!


A Grand Banquet:

Initiate the quest by conversing with the Lumbridge cook, who can be located in the kitchen situated on the ground floor of Lumbridge Castle.

castle lumbridgecook assistant

He divulges that Duke Horacio's birthday is approaching, and he's tasked with crafting a cake for the Duke's celebration. Unfortunately, he's realized he forgot to procure the essential ingredients. Consequently, he solicits the player's assistance in gathering a bucket of milk, an egg, and a pot of flour.

Procuring a Bucket and Pot:

For those wishing to embark on this quest, a bucket can be discovered in the cellar of Lumbridge Castle, while a pot awaits on the center table within the castle's kitchen. Alternatively, you can acquire both a bucket and a pot from the Lumbridge General Store, with the bucket costing 2 coins and the pot costing 1 coin.

If you're a member, it's recommended to procure an extra pot at this juncture, as you'll require a second pot of flour for an upcoming diary task.


Acquiring an Egg:

Depart from Lumbridge Castle by heading east and then proceed north along the path. Your destination is the chicken coop situated northwest of Farmer Fred's house. Enter the coop and collect an egg from within.

 Farmer Fred's house


Gathering a Bucket of Milk:

Armed with an empty bucket, head northward into the cow pasture. Interact with an available dairy cow by utilizing the empty bucket, resulting in the acquisition of a bucket of milk. Optionally, you can engage in a conversation with Gillie Groats, who can provide you with insights on the art of milking a cow. Gillie Groats is positioned across the river, adjacent to the dairy cow in the eastern Lumbridge cow field.


Obtaining a Pot of Flour:

Equipped with an empty pot, exit the cow pasture and journey to the wheat field situated southwest.

Pot of Flour:

Harvest some grain from the field and proceed to the Mill Lane Mill, located northeast up the road. Ascend to the top floor of the mill, place the gathered grain in the hopper, then engage the lever mechanism. Descend to the ground floor, and use the empty pot on the flour bin, now replete with flour, to obtain a pot of flour.

For those seeking more insights, you have the option to converse with Millie Miller within the mill, who can furnish you with an explanation of the flour-making process.

For members engaging in the easy Lumbridge & Draynor Diary, a task entails baking bread on the Lumbridge Castle range. Given this necessitates acquiring another pot of flour for crafting bread dough, you can expedite the process by procuring a second pot of flour now, although this requires additional grain. Remember that you'll need to repeat the milling procedure for each subsequent bucket of flour you prepare.


Completing the Delivery:

Once you have successfully gathered all the required ingredients, engage in a conversation with the cook to deliver the items to him.

And that is! Quest Complete


 Quest Complete