OSRS Cavin Fever Guide

Cabin Fever Guide OSRS

Cabin Fever marks the second installment in the Pirate quest series. Throughout this adventure, you'll acquire the skills of a pirate as you assist the cunning Bill Teach in managing his ship. Upon completing the quest, you'll gain access to the pirate haven of Mos Le'Harmless.



Completion of the following quests:

Pirate's Treasure

Rum Deal

Zogre Flesh Eaters

Big Chompy Bird Hunting

Jungle Potion

Druidic Ritual

Priest in Peril

42 Agility 

45 Crafting 

50 Smithing 

40 Ranged 

Start point 

Talk to Bill Teach at The Green Ghost inn in Port Phasmatys


Initiate a conversation with Bill Teach at the Port Phasmatys Inn. He will express his need for a pirate to join him on his voyages and inquire if you're interested in becoming one. Respond affirmatively.

Note: If you haven't completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest, ensure you have Ectotokens and a Ghostspeak amulet with you. Alternatively, you can also charter a ship from Catherby or Port Sarim for 3500 coins, which does not require ectotokens

Initiate a conversation with Bill

Bill Teach will inquire whether you are a person who keeps their promises. Reply with 'yes.' He will then instruct you to embark on the Adventurous for a voyage to Mos Le'Harmless. His ship is moored at the easternmost dock. Board it and converse with Bill. He will ask if you are prepared to depart.

talk to bill teach

Prepare for a cutscene depicting an attack on the ship. The captain will instruct you to disable the cannon on the opposing vessel. To do this, obtain a fuse from the gun locker, acquire two ropes from the repair locker, and pick up a tinderbox located near the plunder chest at the rear of the ship.

obtain a fuse

Proceed upstairs and ascend the climbing net. Once atop, fasten one of the ropes to the hoisting sail. This action will automatically propel you to the adjacent ship.

On the enemy vessel, locate a barrel next to the cannon and obtain some gunpowder from it. Combine the fuse with the gunpowder barrel, then ignite the fuse using either a tinderbox or a lantern. The barrel will explode.

Afterward, return to your ship by ascending the climbing rope, attach the other rope to it, and jump back. Finally, engage in a conversation with Bill after your return

 attack the enemy ship

Bill will instruct you to repair the holes in the ship. Descend below deck and gather planks, tacks, a hammer, and some swamp paste. Begin by applying a plank to the hole and then use swamp paste to secure it. Continue this process on the other holes until the ship is fully patched.

repair the holes in the ship

After speaking with Bill once more, he will instruct you to plunder the other ship. If you don't have enough rope, retrieve 2-4 ropes from the repair locker downstairs.

Tie the rope to the mast again and swing over to the enemy ship. On the enemy vessel, descend below deck and raid the plunder-chest, ransack the barrel, and loot the crate. Then, return to your ship and store the plunder in the plunder-chest located downstairs.

Now, head back to the enemy ship and acquire the last portion of plunder, totaling 10 pieces. You couldn't collect it all at once because it needed to respawn. Once you have gathered the last of it, return to your ship, deposit the plunder in the plunder-chest, and then speak to Bill again.

Bill will task you with repairing the cannon and using it to deal with the other ship's crew. Retrieve a cannon barrel from below deck, and then go upstairs to repair the damaged cannon by simply clicking on it.

repair broken cannon

Engage Bill in conversation once more, and he will direct you to obtain a cannister, a fuse, and a ramrod. Descend below deck to gather these items, and don't forget to take some gunpowder from the keg on the deck. Load the cannon with the gunpowder and use the ramrod to pack it down firmly. Then, insert the cannister and the fuse. Fire the cannon when a Pirate (level 57) is within range.

Please note that if you miss your shot, you will need to repeat this step. Failure to properly ram down the gunpowder or neglecting to clean the cannon before firing will result in the cannon exploding, necessitating repairs

Fire the cannon

Now, it's time to clean the cannon with the ramrod before returning to Bill. Upon speaking to him again, he will inform you that you need to fire cannonballs at the enemy ship three times to sink it. In the ship's hold, procure 3 cannonballs and 3 fuses, and on the deck, gather 3 portions of gunpowder.

Once more, load the cannon with gunpowder and firmly ram it down. Follow by inserting the cannonball and the fuse, then fire the cannon. After each shot, clean the cannon with the ramrod and repeat the process. Should the cannon explode, retrieve a cannon barrel from below deck and repair it.

Upon hitting the enemy ship three times, it will set sail for Mos Le'Harmless, triggering a cutscene.

Please note: If you log out during this sequence, the count of hits on the other ship will reset.

Upon your arrival at Mos Le'Harmless, you will receive your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

completed cabin fever