OSRS Cave Slime Guide


Cave Slime Guide OSRS

Cave slimes are Slayer monsters that require level 17 Slayer to kill. They inflict poison regardless of whether they do damage or not, so it is advised that the player brings a form of anti-poison when fighting them. As they are located in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, a rope is needed if you have not entered the dungeon before. A light source is also required, but be aware that any exposed light sources (such as a candle) may explode, dealing up to 25% of the current Hitpoints level in damage if you go into the Northern spawning room. A good option for an enclosed light source is an emerald lantern or a sapphire lantern.

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Slayer Level: 17 Slayer is required to kill Cave Slimes.

Items: None specifically required, but a light source (e.g., a lantern, candle, or bullseye lantern) is recommended for better visibility.

Recommendations Skills:

Combat Skills: Low-level combat stats are sufficient, as Cave Slimes are low-level Slayer creatures.

Prayer: Protect from Melee prayer may be useful for reducing damage.

Mining: Optional but can be useful for mining rocks in the cave.

Getting There: Cave Slimes can be found in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, located beneath Lumbridge Swamp. To reach them, follow these steps:

Head to Lumbridge Swamp, located south of Lumbridge Castle.

Find the entrance to the Lumbridge Swamp Caves, which is a large hole in the ground. You'll need to climb down a ladder to enter.

entrance to Lumbridge Swamp Caves

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Cave Slimes have low Hitpoints and are straightforward to defeat.

They have a slimy attack that deals minimal damage.


Equipment: Basic combat gear is sufficient, as Cave Slimes are low-level. Choose equipment that offers defense bonuses to mitigate damage.

Inventory: A light source (e.g., a lantern, candle, or bullseye lantern) to improve visibility in the cave. Optionally, bring food or use Protect from Melee prayer for additional protection.

Combat Style: Use Melee or Ranged attacks according to your preference and skill levels.


Here's a table listing some common drops from Cave Slimes in OSRS:



Weapons and armour

Weapons and armour



Gem drop table

These drops are some of the common rewards you can expect when hunting Cave Slimes in OSRS. The quantities and rarities may vary depending on your Luck stat and other factors.


Hunting Cave Slimes in Old School RuneScape is a straightforward and accessible task suitable for players with low Slayer levels and combat skills. With a Slayer level of 17, players can venture into the Lumbridge Swamp Caves to take on these low-level creatures.

Cave Slimes pose little threat, making them an ideal choice for newer players or those looking for an easy and low-risk Slayer task. While their drops may not be particularly valuable, the slimy eel can be a source of food for players with cooking skills. Additionally, the Lumbridge Swamp Caves offer mining opportunities for iron and silver ores.

To maximize efficiency, equip basic combat gear and bring a light source for improved visibility in the cave. Optionally, consider using the Protect from Melee prayer for additional protection. Overall, Cave Slimes are a suitable addition to your OSRS adventures, offering a simple and accessible Slayer task.

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