[OSRS] Calvar'ion Guide

Calvar'ion OSRS Guide

Calvar'ion is a weaker variant of Vet'ion, one of the well-known bosses in the game. It is located in the Skeletal Tomb, a single combat area at level 21 Wilderness. The battle against Calvar'ion is faster and safer compared to Vet'ion, but the loot value obtained from the battle is lower. Killing Calvar'ion counts towards an assassination boss task related to Vet'ion. These tasks are usually challenges and additional objectives that players can complete to earn special rewards and achievement points.

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Recommended Skills:

The recommended skills to face Calvar'ion in Old School RuneScape are as follows:

1. Attack: It is recommended to have a level of 60 or higher in Attack to equip the Viggora's chainmace, which is effective against the boss due to its weakness to crush attacks.

2. Strength: A Strength level of 85 or higher is recommended to increase the damage of your melee attacks and defeat Calvar'ion more efficiently.

3. Defense: Having a Defense level of 70 or higher is advised to access the Piety prayer, which will significantly boost your accuracy and damage during the boss fight.

4. Prayer: It is recommended to have a Prayer level of 70 or higher to use the Piety prayer, providing valuable combat bonuses during the battle against Calvar'ion.

5. Magic: A Magic level of 80 or higher will allow you to easily escape potential PKers who might be lurking in the area.

While these are the recommended skills, as mentioned, it is still possible to defeat the boss with lower stats if you have solid skills and strategies. Additionally, ensure you carry enough food and potions to restore your health and prayer during the battle.


This setup takes advantage of the boss's weakness to crush attacks and provides significant strength bonuses. Here are the key features of each equipment piece:

1. Neitiznot Helmet/Dwarven Helmet: Both helmets are solid choices to increase your defense and provide combat bonuses. The Neitiznot Helmet is especially useful due to its additional strength bonus and the ability to switch between attack styles.

2. Salve Amulet (e): This amulet is an excellent choice as it provides additional accuracy and damage bonuses against undead enemies, including Calvar'ion.

3. Black d'hide body and Black d'hide chaps: Black d'hide armor provides good defense against magic attacks and also has ranged attack bonuses. Make sure to wear both the body and chaps for balanced coverage.

4. Viggora's chainmace/Ursine's chainmace: Both chainmaces are excellent choices, as they provide crush attacks. Choose whichever you prefer or is more readily available to you.

5. Avernic Defender/Dragon Defender: Both defenders are good options. The Avernic Defender offers strength bonuses and a useful passive effect, while the Dragon Defender is easier to obtain and still a strong choice.

6. Any blessing: Blessings are useful to boost your combat and prayer stats. Choose the one that best suits your playstyle and needs.

7. Dragon boots: Dragon boots provide attack and defense bonuses, making them suitable for the battle against Calvar'ion.

8. Ferocious gloves/Barrows gloves: These gloves are solid choices to increase your accuracy and damage in melee combat.

9. Berserker ring (i)/Tyrannical ring (i): Both rings are excellent choices to increase your strength and accuracy. Choose the one that suits you better.

optimal gear to go to Calvarion


Here is a detailed list of the recommended items for your inventory:

1. Saradomin brews: These are useful to restore hitpoints while temporarily reducing your attack level, which can be beneficial to keep your life high during the battle without increasing Calvar'ion's accuracy.

2. Super restores: Super restores are essential to restore your prayer points and keep your prayer active during the fight. Prayer is crucial to increase your accuracy and damage with the Piety prayer.

3. Regular food: Bring a variety of regular food, such as fish or seafood, to restore your hitpoints during combat.

4. Divine super combat potion: This potion will boost your Attack, Strength, and Defense levels, allowing you to deal more damage and increase your defense against Calvar'ion's attacks.

5. Stamina potion: The stamina potion is useful to keep your energy high, allowing you to move more quickly during the fight and easily dodge lightning attacks.

6. One-click teleport (real seed pod): This is a smart choice to quickly escape from the Skeletal Wyverns' cave if you find yourself overwhelmed by enemies or potential PKers.

7. Looting bag: The looting bag will allow you to collect items obtained from Hellhounds and other defeated enemies during the fight, saving you time and inventory space.

Remember to organize your inventory efficiently for quick access to your potions and food during the combat.

Optimal inventory to go to Calvarion

Calvar'ion's Attacks and Abilities:

This boss has several interesting and challenging mechanics that players should consider during the fight. Here's a summary of its abilities:

1. Magic Attack: Calvar'ion will unleash lightning strikes that hit several tiles in the arena. Each lightning inflicts damage in a 3x3 area, but the tiles about to be hit will glow, allowing players to dodge the attack. When solo, one lightning will always target the player or an adjacent tile, while four more will target random tiles around the arena. In groups, a lightning will appear for each player in the chamber, with a limit of seven.

2. Hellhounds: When Calvar'ion reaches half of its health, it will summon two Skeletal Hellhounds to attack the players. During this phase, it will be immune to damage while the Hellhounds are present. It will summon them again in its enraged form.

3. Shield Swipe: Calvar'ion will raise its shield to strike an area in front of and below it. Shadows will appear, warning about the range of the attack. If the player does not move out of range, they will receive up to 35 damage and will not be able to attack for the next 4.8 seconds. This attack is only used in melee combat.

4. Enraged Form: If Calvar'ion loses all of its health in its first form, it will summon orange lightning in a circle around itself and fully restore its health. In its second form, it will repeat the Hellhound summoning mechanic but will die after losing all of its health in this form.

Battle against Calvar'ion:

Here is a step-by-step version of the strategy:

1. Enter the room and activate your offensive melee prayer to increase your accuracy and damage. Also, drink a divine super combat potion to enhance your combat skills.

2. Start the combat by hitting the boss with your melee attacks. Maintain a safe distance to avoid being hit by the lightning attacks.

3. When Calvar'ion launches its lightning attacks, make sure to move at least 2 tiles away to avoid taking damage. The lightning attacks occur every 4 ticks, so be prepared to change position after each attack.

4. Dodge Calvar'ion's shield swipes by staying out of its range. Avoid receiving damage and being unable to attack for a few seconds by staying away from the attack's area.

5. When Calvar'ion reaches half of its health, it will summon two Skeletal Hellhounds. Activate your protection prayer to reduce the damage you receive from them.

6. Focus your attacks on the Hellhounds while continuing to avoid the boss's attacks.

7. Once you have defeated the Hellhounds, return to attacking Calvar'ion until it loses all of its health in its first form.

8. Flee from the boss when it is about to change its form to avoid its special phase-changing attack. Then, continue attacking it in its second form.

9. Repeat this process of evading lightning attacks, shield swipes, and killing Hellhounds until you have completely defeated Calvar'ion.

Remember that practice and patience are key to mastering the fight.

A brave team of players fight Calvarion


In conclusion, facing Calvar'ion requires careful preparation and a well-planned strategy. This boss is resistant to magic and ranged attacks but weak to crush attacks. Therefore, it is crucial to bring a good crush weapon and armor that boosts your strength.

The recommended skills for this battle include an Attack level of 60+ to use Viggora's chainmace, Strength of 85+, Defense of 70+ (to access the Piety prayer), and Prayer of 70+ (to use the Piety prayer). It is also suggested to have a Magic level of 80+ to escape easily from potential PKers in the area.

Regarding the inventory, it is recommended to bring Saradomin brews to restore hitpoints without increasing the boss's accuracy, super restores to maintain prayer, and regular food to restore hitpoints during the fight. Additionally, divine super combat potions will enhance your combat skills, and stamina potions will keep your energy high to easily dodge lightning attacks.

Don't forget to bring a one-click teleport (such as a real seed pod) to quickly escape if needed, and the looting bag to collect items obtained during the fight.

With the right combination of equipment, skills, and items in your inventory, you will be well-prepared to face Calvar'ion and overcome this challenge in Old School RuneScape. Good luck in your encounter, and may you have a successful adventure in the game!