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Blue Dragons Guide OSRS

Ranked third among the chromatic dragon hierarchy, blue dragons manifest as a formidable force, their strength surpassed only by red and black dragons. As quintessential representatives of dragonkind, blue dragons bear the hallmark ability to unleash fearsome dragonfire, capable of inflicting a considerable 50 points of damage if protective measures aren't in place. To mitigate this peril, adept adventurers often arm themselves with an anti-dragon shield or the more potent dragonfire shield. Supplemented by the use of an antifire potion, these safeguards collectively serve to wholly neutralize the pernicious effects of dragonfire.

In addition to their potent dragonfire breath, blue dragons deploy a precision slash attack to assail their foes.

The tenacity of blue dragons extends to the realm of Slayer assignments, making them a viable challenge for those embarking on Slayer tasks. For those inclined to circumvent direct encounters with these azure behemoths, alternative avenues are available. The pursuit of baby blue dragons within the confines of the Myths' Guild, Isle of Souls, or the Taverley Dungeon serves as a viable substitute. Furthermore, a strategic choice exists for those seeking to evade such challenges altogether. By postponing the completion of the Dragon Slayer quest, players effectively forestall the potential assignment of dragon-related tasks.

Characterized by a remarkably swift respawn rate of approximately 20 seconds, the efficiency of training or resource collection remains unhindered even within areas featuring solitary spawns.

Blue Dragons

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Protections from Dragonfire

Partial Protection:

1. Anti-Dragon Shield or Dragonfire Shield (Permanent): These shields provide substantial protection, significantly reducing damage from dragonfire attacks.

2. Antifire Potion (Temporary):An antifire potion grants partial protection, lowering dragonfire damage. However, there's a chance of receiving moderate damage if the protection is not sufficient.

100% Protection with Pros and Cons:

1. Antifire Potion + Anti-Dragon/Dragonfire Shield:Combining an antifire potion with a shield provides temporary but complete protection. This approach is highly recommended as it's efficient in terms of resource usage. Using the Protect from Melee prayer alongside this setup can negate all damage, making it an effective choice.

2. Antifire Potion or Anti-Dragon/Dragonfire Shield + Protect from Magic:This method involves using the Protect from Magic prayer in conjunction with an antifire potion or a shield. It's costlier in terms of prayer potion consumption and is primarily suitable for players with a high Prayer level. While effective against dragonfire attacks, this setup makes players susceptible to melee attacks.

3. Super Antifire Potion:While more expensive than regular antifire potions, super antifire potions offer complete protection from dragonfire. This allows players to use better shields or defenders for enhanced combat capabilities.

Slayer task/Blue dragons

Blue dragons can be designated as a Slayer task once a player reaches level 65 combat and has initiated the Dragon Slayer I quest. These creatures are commonly assigned by more advanced Slayer masters. Blue dragons inhabit various caves throughout the realm of Gielinor, though accessing these locations often requires specific prerequisites. These prerequisites might involve quest completions, possession of a dusty key, or an Agility level of at least 70.

In combat, blue dragons employ both melee and dragonfire attacks, with the exception of brutal blue dragons that also employ magic. It's essential to take adequate precautions against their diverse attack methods. Utilizing protective measures such as anti-dragon shields, dragonfire shields, or antifire potions can significantly mitigate the damage inflicted by their dragonfire.

Their substantial size makes them susceptible to being exploited for safespotting tactics using ranged weaponry or halberd-style arms. Additionally, blue dragons belong to the dragon category, rendering them particularly vulnerable to the efficacy of dragonbane weapons, which deal amplified damage to dragons.

For players engaging with these formidable creatures, understanding their attack modalities and capitalizing on their weaknesses is crucial for a successful encounter.




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