OSRS Biohazard Quest Guide

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Biohazard Quest Guide OSRS

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Quest Required:

Plague City

Items Required:

Bird feed (Can be obtained during the quest. Found in a cupboard in Jerico's house)

Pigeon cage (Can be obtained during the quest. Found behind Jerico's house)

Priest gown top and bottom (can be obtained during the quest for a total of 12 coins from Asyff's Fancy Clothes Store)

Gas mask (can be obtained for free from the cupboard in Edmond and Alrena's house in East Ardougne)


10 Combat level

Stamina or energy potions

Fast travel to several locations:

Rimmington (Rimmington teleport, Teleport to House if your house is in Rimmington, Explorer's Ring 2, Skills necklace to the Crafting Guild or Rat Pits minigame teleport)

Varrock (Varrock teleport, Chronicle or Combat bracelet to the Champions' Guild)

Ardougne (Ardougne teleport)

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Ok Let’s do This!

Head to East Ardougne and locate Elena.

start point

She can be found directly west of the shortcut log. Elena will advise you to speak with her father's friend, Jerico, who maintains communication with West Ardougne through his carrier pigeons.

Infiltrating West Ardougne

1. Talk to Jerico: Jerico resides in a house located just south of the northern bank in Ardougne, and it's situated just north of the chapel. Inside his house, click on the first cupboard on the north wall and search it to find the necessary bird feed. Don't forget to go behind the house to pick up a Pigeon cage.

Optional Tip:If you plan on completing the "One Small Favour" quest, consider grabbing and banking an extra 5 pigeon cages. While this isn't strictly necessary, it can be convenient since the cages are relatively close to the quest objective.

2. Speak to Omart: Omart can be found west of Ceril Carnillean's house in East Ardougne, slightly southwest of the castle.

When you engage him in conversation, he'll mention that moving you over the wall is too risky due to the watchtower guards being too close. To proceed, you'll need to distract the guards to create an opportunity to enter the city.

3. Distract the Guards: Head to the small watchtower along the wall, which is directly north of Omart's location. Position yourself in the corner where two spiked fences meet. Place the bird feed on either of the fences and then click the cage in your inventory.

4. Return to Omart: After distracting the guards with the pigeons, go back and speak to Omart. He'll call out to his assistant, Kilron, who will throw over a rope ladder. Climb over the ladder to access West Ardougne. Make sure to have the gas mask equipped at this point; otherwise, you won't be able to progress further in the storyline.

Infiltrating the Mourner HQ: Disrupting the Mourner Operation

1. Locate the Mourners' HQ: Begin by heading to the Mourners' headquarters, which is situated in the northeastern corner of the city. When you attempt to enter, you'll be denied access because the mourners are engrossed in their stew. You'll need to divert their attention. Move around to the northern part of the headquarters where you'll find a cauldron in the backyard. Slip through a gap in the fence to enter the backyard, and pick up the rotten apple lying on the ground to the east.

 Locate the Mourners' HQ

2. Distract the Mourners: Right-click on the rotten apple and use it on the stew that's brewing in the cauldron. Then, return to the front of the building and try to enter again. One of the mourners will inform you that you can't come in because several mourners are suffering from food poisoning and are awaiting a doctor.

3. Visit Nurse Sarah's House: Proceed to Nurse Sarah's house, a large building located southwest of the West Ardougne church. Search the cupboard in the northern part of her house to obtain a medical gown. Equip the gown, and return to the Mourners' headquarters. The medical gown will easily deceive the mourners into allowing you access to their base. Remember to wear the gown during all subsequent visits to the headquarters throughout the quest.

4. Eliminate a Mourner: Go upstairs in the headquarters and eliminate one of the mourners. A key will automatically appear in your inventory. Use this key to unlock the gate leading into the caged room. Search the crates inside to locate Elena's distillator.

Skiller's Note: If you don't want to engage in combat, speak to the mourner, and he will attack. A ring of recoil can quickly defeat him, and the key will appear in your inventory without having to deal any damage.

5. Return to Elena or Kilron: You can choose to either return to Elena by descending through the manhole in the middle of the city and climbing the mud pile or head back to Kilron, situated in the southeastern corner of West Ardougne. If you choose Kilron, he will assist you in returning to East Ardougne. Deliver the distillator to Elena to proceed with the quest.

Obtaining Touch Paper from the Chemist

1. Collect Chemicals and Plague Sample: Begin by talking to Elena and receiving from her the Liquid honey, ethenea, sulphuric broline, and the plague sample. It's important to note that these chemicals and the plague sample will no longer be deleted from your inventory.

2. Travel to Rimmington: Head to Rimmington using one of the following methods:

Teleport to Falador or Draynor Village.

Utilize the cabbage patch teleport.

Use the single, south-eastern dock in Ardougne and pay 30gp to Captain Barnaby to directly access Rimmington.

3. Locate the Chemist: In Rimmington, you'll find the Chemist in the south-western corner of the town.

4. Obtain Touch Paper: Speak to the Chemist, and he will provide you with the touch paper necessary to advance in the quest.

Foresight: Planning with the Chemist's Runners

1. Discuss the Plan with the Chemist: The chemist informs you that Varrock guards are on the lookout for individuals carrying suspicious materials. He suggests using his three errand runners to discreetly transport the items into Varrock.

2. Meet the Runners: Locate Chancy the gambler, Da Vinci the artist, and Hops the drinker. They can be found just outside the chemist's house, gathered around a fire. Initiate a conversation with each of them to distribute their respective vials.

Chancyreceives one vial.

Da Vinci receives another vial.

Hops gets the last vial.

3. Be Cautious with Vial Distribution: Ensure that you give the correct vials to each runner. If you mistakenly assign a vial to the wrong person, give the remaining vials to the other two runners. Once you've done this, talk to all three runners in Varrock, and then return to Elena to acquire new vials if needed. You may need to repeat this step to ensure the correct vials are with the right runners.

Be Cautious with Vial Distribution

Infiltrating Varrock with the Priest Gown Set


1. Get a Priest Gown Set: Start by heading to Varrock and equipping a complete priest gown set. You can purchase one for 10 coins from Thessalia's Fine Clothes or acquire it for 12 coins from the Fancy Dress Shop owner, located to the north of Guidor's house. Additionally, you have the option to speak with the Fancy Dress Shop owner, who will provide you with an old priest gown that isn't suitable for sale, especially useful if you need to reobtain the vials.


2. Visit the Fenced Area: Proceed to the fenced area in the southeastern part of Varrock. As you attempt to pass through the gate, a guard will conduct a search. Be aware that if you try to pass with the vials, they will be confiscated. However, the plague sample can be brought through safely.

3. Enter the Dancing Donkey Inn: Inside the enclosed area, locate the Dancing Donkey Inn.

Enter the Dancing Donkey Inn

Once there, speak to Hops, Da Vinci, and Chancy to retrieve the vials from them. It's crucial to note that having a full inventory at this point will require you to obtain a new set of vials from the chemist.

Warning: Do not go back through the gate at this stage, as doing so will result in your vials being confiscated again.

4. Retrieve the Plague Sample or Papers (if needed): In case you did not bring the plague sample or papers with you, you can go to Varrock East Bank to retrieve them. Drop the vials at the gate, quickly run to Varrock East Bank to collect the necessary items, and promptly return to pick up the vials.

Note: Telekinetic grab no longer works for obtaining the contents, so ensure you have both priest gown items before entering the fenced area.

Secrets: Unraveling the Plague Deception

1. Retrieve a Priest Gown (if needed): If you happen to forget your priest gown at this stage, worry not. You can acquire one for free by having a conversation with Asyff in the Fancy Clothes Store.

2. Equip the Priest Gown: Ensure that you equip your priest gown, as it's essential for blending in.

3. Visit Guidor's House: Head to Guidor's house, which is situated in the southeastern corner of the enclosed area. Guidor can be found here.

4. Speak to Guidor: Initiate a conversation with Guidor and provide him with the vials and the plague sample. Inform him that Elena has sent a sample that requires processing. After analyzing the sample, he will come to a surprising conclusion. Guidor will reveal that the plague is nothing more than a fabricated deception.

A Revelation and the King's Secret

1. Back to Ardougne: Return to Ardougne and seek out Elena. Share with her the news that Guidor's analysis yielded no results.

2. Elena's Suggestion: Elena, upon hearing this, suggests that the plague might be a hoax. She recommends speaking to the person at the heart of this mystery - King Lathas of East Ardougne. You can find King Lathas just south of Elena's house, in his throne room on the 1st floor of the East Ardougne Castle.

3. Confronting King Lathas: Inform King Lathas that the plague is, in fact, a ruse. His response is revealing; he explains that he orchestrated the hoax for the greater good of his people, believing it protects them from a "far greater danger."

4. The Tale of King Tyras: King Lathas proceeds to share a startling story about King Tyras, his brother and the ruler of West Ardougne. King Tyras ventured west and became corrupted by a dark lord after consuming from the Chalice of Eternity. As a result, the dividing wall was constructed between the two cities to safeguard East Ardougne and, by extension, the entirety of RuneScape.

Congratulation! Quest Complete!

Biohazard completed

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