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Between a Rock... Quest Guide OSRS

between a rock

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defence 30 Defence 

minning 40 Mining 

smithing 50 Smithing

The ability to defeat a level 75-125 enemy (depends on how much gold you mine)

Quest Required:

Dwarf Cannon

Fishing Contest

Items Required:

A pickaxe

4 gold bars

A hammer

An ammo mould (can be bought for 5 coins during the quest) or a double ammo mould

~830 coins (for cart and ferry)


50 Combat level

A Falador teleport

A Combat bracelet (to teleport to the Monastery)

A Camelot Teleport

Ring of charos (a)

A lunar or dramen staff

An Amulet of Glory for a teleport to Edgeville for the furnace

Stamina Potion to reduce travel time

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Ok Let’s do this!

Starting the Quest:

  • Begin the quest by going to the Keldagrim mines, which can be found north-east of Rellekka (use the fairy ring code dks or the enchanted lyre for easy access).

       start point

  • Upon entering the cave, you'll see a crack between two dwarf statues directly across from you. Enter the crack.

1. Talking to Dondakan:

  • Speak to the Dwarven Ferryman (not the boatman) inside the crack. The ferry ride will cost 2 coins, or it's free if you have a ring of charos (a) equipped.
  • After crossing the river via the Ferryman, head north to start the quest.
  • Go east and around the rock wall until you reach and cross the bridge west of you that leads to Dondakan's Rock.
  • Speak to Dondakan to initiate the quest.

       The dwarven boatman

3. Conversing with Dondakan:

  • Choose the following conversation options to begin the quest:
    • "Why are you firing a cannon at a wall?"
    • "So why were you trying to get through the rock again?"
    • "Sounds interesting!"

4. Investigating the Rock:

  • Dondakan will ask you to gather more information about the rock and instructs you to talk to the Librarian.
  • Return to the other side of the river by paying 2 coins again or using the ring of charos (a) for free.
  • Speak to the Boatman to be taken to Keldagrim.
  • Head to the western part of the Trading Consortium and find the area with an anvil on the minimap inside the palace.
  • Speak with the engineer inside the room with the anvil.

5. Meeting Rolad:

  • The engineer will direct you to speak with Rolad, located in the eastern building at the Dwarven Mine entrance camp next to Ice Mountain.
  • To reach Rolad, you can either walk the distance from Falador or the Monastery, use Ancient Magics to teleport to Lassar, or take the mine carts from Keldagrim for a fee.
  • Once at the camp, enter the eastern house to find Rolad.

6. Gathering Pages:

  • Rolad will ask you to find the pages from a book containing information about the rock.
  • Make sure to fully complete the dialogue with Rolad to trigger the appearance of the pages.

The Pages

1. Obtaining the Pages

  • You'll need to gather three pages from the Dwarven Mine. They can be obtained in any order, but here's how to find them:
    • The first page can be obtained by killing scorpions in the south-eastern area of the mines. If it doesn't drop on your first attempt, try switching worlds.
    • The second page is found when searching a specific mine cart along the rail tracks.
    • The third page is found by mining clay, copper, tin, or iron rocks inside the mine.
  • Once you have all three pages, return to Rolad.

2. Receiving Dwarven Lore:

  • Speak to Rolad and provide him with the three pages. He will give you the Dwarven lore book.
  • You have the option to either answer, "Of course," or lie to him and keep the book. It's your choice.
  • Read the Dwarven lore book, and you can keep it for later.

3. Creating a Gold Cannonball:

  • You'll need to show Dondakan a gold bar. Use the gold bar on Dondakan.
  • Now, head to any furnace with a gold bar (you only need one cannonball, and the other three bars are for the helmet later).
  • Also, bring your cannonball ammo mould. The closest furnace on foot is in Rellekka, but you can teleport to one in Zanaris, Edgeville, or Falador if you have access.
  • At the furnace, make a golden cannonball. Remember that you can only carry one at a time in your inventory.
  • After making the gold cannonball, return to Dondakan.

4. Firing Through the Wall:

  • Speak to Dondakan again and give him the gold cannonball.
  • Dondakan will fire the cannonball through the wall, but he will need schematics to modify the cannon to fire a human.

5. Crafting the Gold Helmet:

  • You'll need to make a gold helmet (requires 50 Smithing) to protect your head when you get fired through the wall.

Breakthrough design

1. Obtaining Schematics:

  • There are a total of four schematics you need to collect:
    • The first schematic is given to you by Dondakan.
    • The second schematic can be obtained from the engineer in Keldagrim, near the anvil in the western palace on the bottom floor.
    • To find the third schematic, read to the last page of the Dwarven lore book you received earlier.
    • Teleport to Camelot or return to Keldagrim via the mine cart. Take the mine cart to White Wolf Mountain (costs 100 coins). Speak with Khorvak in the small bar area there, and you'll receive the final schematic.

2. Assembling the Schematics:

  • Once you have collected all four schematics, use the one given to you by Dondakan.
  • You will be shown all the schematics, but they won't make any sense initially.
  • Your task is to move the schematics one by one so that they fit together with the original schematic.
  • Select and show one schematic at a time, then rotate and move them to fit. You can use the human stick figure legs, torso, and head to help position the pieces correctly.
  • Keep in mind that even if you move the pieces into the correct relative positions, you might need to select them all and move them together to the correct position on the screen.
  • Once you've arranged them correctly, the screen will show: "That's it! It all makes sense now! If you were a dwarf, that is..."


3. Preparing for the Journey:

  • Return to Keldagrim, bank, and gather combat gear.
  • Make sure you have a pickaxe and your golden helmet. If you haven't made the helmet yet, visit the engineer in the Trading Consortium and use your remaining gold bars on the anvil to create it.

4. Facing the Rock:

  • Equip your golden helmet and any combat gear.
  • Head back to Dondakan with the schematics and your equipment.
  • Speak to Dondakan and tell him to shoot you into the rock.

Riddle of the Rock

1. Mining the Required Gold Ore:

  • Before facing the Arzinian Being of Bordanzan, you need to mine at least six (6) gold ore.
  • It's highly recommended to mine 15 gold ore, as this will lower the combat level of the boss from 125 to 75.
  • Keep the mined gold ore in your inventory.

2. Preparing for the Fight:

  • Ensure you have the required gold ore in your inventory.
  • You'll only have eight (8) minutes to mine the gold ore and defeat the Arzinian Avatar, so be efficient.
  • Make sure you're wearing your golden helmet throughout this process; removing it will teleport you back to Dondakan.

3. Facing the Arzinian Avatar:

  • Go to the center of the area where you will find a set of flames.
  • Go through the first set of flames and talk to the second set of flames.
  • While conversing with the flames, the Arzinian Avatar will attack.
  • The type of avatar you face depends on your highest combat stat: Arzinian Avatar of Magic (melee highest), Arzinian Avatar of Ranging (magic highest), or Arzinian Avatar of Strength (ranged highest).
  • Equip your combat equipment and activate relevant prayers based on the type of avatar you're facing. Adjust your combat style accordingly.

4. Fighting the Arzinian Avatar:

  • You can use Prayer during the battle for an easier fight.
  • The spirit shouldn't take too long to defeat.
  • If you're in danger of dying, you can remove your gold helmet to teleport out of the rock, next to Dondakan.
  • After defeating the Arzinian Avatar, the quest will progress.

       Fighting the Arzinian Avatar

5. Completing the Quest:

  • Upon defeating the spirit, you will be teleported back outside the rock.
  • Speak to Dondakan to finish the quest.
  • If your inventory was full during the boss fight, the helmet will be dropped on the ground. Make sure to pick it up before speaking with Dondakan, or it will disappear.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Between a Rock... completed