OSRS Artio/Callisto Guide 2023

Artio Guide

Artio is a boss in Old School RuneScape and is considered a weaker and simpler version of Callisto. Unlike Callisto, Artio can be found in single-plus combat zones, making it a safer encounter for players. Despite being a less formidable opponent, Artio shares the same drop table as Callisto, just like other weaker counterparts such as Spindel and Calvarion. This means that players have the chance to obtain valuable items such as the Dragon Pickaxe, wilderness rings, and even the rare Callisto pet when defeating Artio. As a result, Artio provides a less challenging alternative for players who still want the chance to obtain sought-after drops without facing the same level of difficulty as Callisto.

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Where to fight the Artio

Artio can be found in a cave located in the Wilderness, approximately at level 25. The cave is situated slightly west of the Graveyard of Shadows and slightly north-west of the Ferox Enclave. There are two fast ways to reach the location:

1. Using a Dueling Ring teleport to Ferox Enclave, then exit the enclave and head north-west to reach the cave.

2. Using the Graveyard of Shadows teleport and running west from there to reach the cave.

Both methods will allow players to reach Artio's location quickly and efficiently for an encounter with the boss.

Location cave Artio


Hitpoints 60+ Recommended

Ranged 75+ Recommended

Magic 70 (79+ Recommended (Ice Burst / Entangle))

Prayer 43

Gear and inventory

Gear and inventory Artio

Fight overview

Combat Mechanics:

1. Attacks: Artio will use ranged and melee attacks against players. It is recommended to maintain distance to avoid taking significant damage.

2. Defense: Artio has high defense, so using precise weapons and spells is crucial to maximize the damage dealt.

3. Attack Range: Artio has a long attack range, so players should be prepared to move and change positions to avoid unnecessary damage.

4. Summoning Bears: Throughout the fight, Artio will summon bears to assist her in battle. These bears can deal significant damage, so it's important to focus on eliminating them quickly.

5. PK Skull Protection: The cave where Artio is located is in Wilderness, which means players can be attacked by other players. It is recommended to activate PK Skull Protection to avoid being attacked by other players while fighting Artio.


To fight against Artio in Old School RuneScape, follow these tips and strategies:

1. Preparation: Make sure to bring enough food to keep your health high during the fight. Also, consider bringing prayer restoration potions and super attack or super strength potions to enhance your accuracy and strength in combat.

2. Prayers: Use prayers to reduce the damage you take and increase your accuracy and strength. Protect from Missiles and Protect from Melee prayers can be useful to reduce the damage from Artio's ranged and melee attacks.

3. Maintain Distance: Artio has a long attack range, so it's important to keep a safe distance to avoid unnecessary damage. Use ranged attacks or magic spells to attack from afar.

4. Eliminate Summoned Bears: Throughout the fight, Artio will summon bears to aid her in battle. Bears can deal significant damage, so it's essential to focus on eliminating them quickly. Use area-of-effect attacks or spells to take out the bears at once.

5. Avoid Bear Traps: When Callisto deploys bear traps, be careful not to step on them at all costs. If you get caught in a bear trap, you'll be immobilized and receive more damage. Keep an eye on the ground and move your character carefully.

6. Beware of the Magic Attack: Callisto will also occasionally launch a slow magic attack towards the player. Make sure to pray Protect from Magic to reduce the damage and avoid being knocked back and stunned.

7. PK Skull Protection: Remember to activate PK Skull Protection while fighting in the Wilderness to avoid being attacked by other players.

8. Be Aware of Your Surroundings: Avoid getting cornered or trapped in narrow spaces where you may receive concentrated damage. Maintain a good position to avoid Artio's attacks and the summoned bears.

With these tips and proper preparation, you'll be ready to take on Artio in Old School RuneScape. Good luck in your battle!


List drops unique Artio


In conclusion, Artio is a boss located in a cave in the Wilderness region of Old School RuneScape. It is a weaker and safer version of Callisto, with the possibility of obtaining the same unique rewards. Artio uses both ranged and melee attacks, requiring players to be prepared to maintain distance and use prayer protection to reduce damage. Throughout the fight, Artio summons bears that must be quickly eliminated to avoid additional damage. Players should be vigilant of the bear traps it may deploy and avoid stepping into them to prevent getting stuck. With proper preparation, strategic prayers, and a good understanding of the fight mechanics, adventurers can successfully face Artio and earn valuable rewards. However, due to its location in the Wilderness, caution must always be exercised, and players should be ready to defend themselves from potential attacks by other players. Good luck in your battle against Artio!