OSRS A Soul´s Bane Quest Guide

A Soul's Bane Guide OSRS

A Soul's Bane is an adventure that revolves around combat and is centered on aiding Launa Talvoy in her quest to locate her son, who mysteriously vanished into a rift a quarter-century ago


Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

No requirements. The ability to defeat level 40-49 enemies.

Items required          


A weapon

Start point  

Go east of Varrock, through the gate by the Earth Altar and just south of there, speak to Launa.

start point


Engage in a conversation with Launa and express your willingness to assist in the search for her son and husband.

talk to launa

Employ your Rope to lower yourself into the rift, then ascend down. You'll discover the Rage Room. Select a weapon from the rack and equip it. Feel free to switch weapons whenever you like.

Select a weapon

Each weapon corresponds to a specific type of monster. Eliminate these monsters to increase your rage level.

Weapon Name

Monster Name


Angry unicorn


Angry bear


Angry rat


Angry goblin







fill the anger bar

When your rage level reaches a sufficient point, you will witness a brief flashback depicting Tolna's departure from Launa. Once the flashback concludes, proceed through the East exit to access the Fear room.

Inside the Fear room, navigate the area and inspect various openings until you encounter level 42 Fear reapers with 25 HP each. Defeat these creatures until your fear subsides.

After defeating a sufficient number of reapers, another cutscene will unfold, and the black hole will illuminate. Pass through it to enter the Confused Room.

Inside this room, you'll encounter level 43 Confusion beasts with 28 HP each, capable of inflicting poison. Only one of them is genuine, while the rest are mere illusions. Engage them in combat until you identify the one you can actually damage. The others will only register 0 damage until the 8th hit, at which point they will vanish. Once you've vanquished the real Confusion beast, a door will disappear. Continue battling them until only one door remains

Find the real one

Proceed through the opened door, and you'll find yourself in the Hopeless Room. Confront and eliminate each level 40 Hopeless creature. Each of them requires three defeats to truly perish. Once you've dispatched all of them, a Hope Bridge will materialize. Cross over it and make your way to the exit.

Following a brief cutscene, you'll need to brace yourself for a confrontation with Tolna. Engage and vanquish each of his three level 46 heads, each with 37 HP. Be cautious, as the heads can inflict poison for 1 damage. Once all three heads are defeated, Tolna will revert to his human form

confrontation with Tolna.

Initiate a conversation with Tolna, and you'll find yourself outside the rift. Afterward, speak with him again.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

a souls bane completed