[New World] Leveling Guide

New World leveling guide

Unleash your potential in the New World MMO with our comprehensive power leveling guide. Explore efficient strategies to achieve maximum level, discover the impact of the Brimstone Sands update on character progression, and learn how to navigate factions, quests, and weapon selection for an optimal leveling experience. This guide, crafted with insights from popular New World MMO search terms, empowers players with effective leveling techniques for a rich and rewarding adventure in Aeternum.

Power leveling signifies the attainment of in-game goals swiftly and effectively by employing top-tier farming and leveling strategies. It involves accelerating a specific in-game task's progression. This comprehensive guide will enable you to rapidly and easily reach the maximum level for your New World character.

The main storyline has undergone significant alterations with the introduction of the Brimstone Sands expansion, and several modifications have been implemented to optimize the leveling process. This guide is ideal for you if you are a novice player or initiating a character on the newly launched servers and are seeking the quickest leveling approach in New World. Implement our leveling advice, and you should be able to attain the maximum level in approximately 30 hours!

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Main Points Here's the quickest leveling method for New World following the Brimstone Sands update:

  • Accomplish the primary storyline quests
  • Engage in side quests while progressing through the narrative missions
  • Enroll in a faction for enhanced character power leveling and additional XP
  • Only undertake faction missions if they're beneficial
  • Avoid town board missions during leveling
  • Defer your trade skills progression until you reach the maximum level
  • Consistently use the same type of weapons during your character's leveling
  • Optimize your travel efficiency

Now, let's explore how character power leveling operates in New World, including useful tips and techniques for reaching the maximum level with ease. Let's get started!

Modifications to Leveling in the Brimstone Sands update The Brimstone Sands update brought significant modifications to the main storyline in New World and numerous enhancements to smoothen the leveling process. A notable change in leveling in New World is the significant reduction in character experience required to reach the maximum level.

Here are some key elements that expedite the leveling journey in the Brimstone Sands update:

  • The entire 1-25 leveling journey has been restructured with improved starting zones and efficient quests
  • Reduction in character XP requirement by 140% up to level 45
  • Reduction in character XP requirement by 160% up to level 60 For a clearer perspective of the XP required per level and the total XP required to reach level 60, you can refer to this article in the New World Database. Now let's examine how to power level your character and reach the maximum level in the shortest possible time.


  1. Complete the main story quests Main story quests, also known as "MSQ", form the primary source of XP during your character's leveling process. It's essential to complete the main storyline to acquire your Azoth Staff, which will be useful for various activities during and after reaching level 60.

While you level up, the campaign will guide you through different areas in Aeternum. However, the XP earned through the primary missions won't be enough to reach the maximum level, so you'll need to accumulate additional XP, termed as filler XP, by engaging in various activities such as side quests, faction missions, corrupted portals, and expeditions.

Important: Previously, the highest amount of filler XP was acquired through town board missions, but this technique has been significantly debuffed.

  1. Complete side missions while progressing through the storyline quests In the Brimstone Sands update, the fastest leveling approach in New World involves simultaneously working on main missions and side quests. However, be cautious! Not all side quests are worthwhile in terms of XP while leveling your character. When you accept side missions, ensure that they lead you to the vicinity of the primary quests' location. Side missions are beneficial for quick character leveling as they offer significant amounts of XP and are typically very easy to complete.

Nonetheless, I strongly advise against going out of your way to accept a side mission if the quest marker is located far from the main mission area, or you don't have a nearby fast travel point. These missions are usually part of a chain that requires you to travel back and forth to accomplish various tasks, and all that additional travel won't be worth it. Ideally, you should opt for those side missions you can pick up and complete in the towns, as you will inevitably visit the settlements to work on the main storyline.

  1. Join a faction for quicker character leveling If you wish to hasten your leveling process and reach the maximum level in the shortest time possible, it's imperative to join one of New World's three factions. You can do this as soon as you reach level 17. But how does joining a faction impact our character leveling? How can it expedite the leveling process in New World? - You might wonder.


When leveling your character up to level 60, there are two significant advantages to being part of a faction: you unlock faction missions and receive a 10% increase in XP while playing with PvP mode on. There are three factions in the game (Marauders, Syndicate, and Covenant), and regardless of which faction you choose to join, they all offer the same benefits.

  1. Complete faction missions only if they're worthwhile Almost every settlement has a faction vendor, and you can accept up to six faction missions from any faction quartermaster - three PvE missions and three PvP missions. It's strongly advised to only accept and complete the PvE ones! This is because when accepting PvP missions, you can't teleport back to the town and will have to manually return to the settlement to submit your quests. As we aim for the quickest way to level up, we will definitely avoid this.

So, every time you visit a settlement to accept/submit your main or side missions, check out which faction missions are available in that area. The only PvE faction missions worth accepting will be the ones that lead you to the vicinity of the main and side missions areas and don't require extra travel to complete. Additionally, if you're leveling your character through expeditions, the expedition-related faction missions are definitely worthwhile.

  1. Avoid town board missions while leveling Town board missions used to be one of the most effective leveling methods in New World, but this approach was drastically debuffed by approximately 70% with the introduction of the Brimstone Sands update. Therefore, these missions are extremely inefficient nowadays!

If you plan to use the town board missions to level up your character, you'll end up wasting a lot of time and resources. It would be more beneficial to sell those resources on the trading post, earn some gold, and invest it in your post-level 60 character progression.

  1. Postpone your trade skills progression until you reach the maximum level If you aim to level up in New World in the quickest time possible, it's best to avoid focusing on your trade skills in the early stages. I strongly recommend leveling up the trade skills only after you reach level 60. You do earn character XP when using any of your trade skills (gathering, refining, and crafting), but it will significantly decelerate your leveling process.

You'll spend a lot of time gathering resources and refining reagents needed for crafting. You can focus on leveling your trade skills once you've reached the maximum level and unlocked all the areas and travel points on the map.


There are 18 trade skills you can develop in New World, but do yourself a favor and consider this part one as of your end-game projects and disregard it while power leveling your character.


  1. Stick to the same weapon types while leveling your character New World offers 14 weapon types to choose from, but you can only equip and use two at a time. My strongest advice is to decide on the types of weapons that best suit your playstyle and stick with them throughout your leveling 

    process. Every time you earn experience while wielding a particular weapon type, you're also gaining weapon mastery experience for that weapon, which allows you to unlock more skills and abilities.

    Continuously swapping your weapons around might seem fun, but it won't help you power level your character. To maximize your damage output and killing speed, it's best to focus on leveling two specific weapons. This strategy will ensure that you can unlock and use the most powerful abilities of these weapons, which will be invaluable when you're tackling the tougher quests and fighting against other players.

    Here's an additional tip: when selecting your weapons, try to choose two that complement each other and your preferred playstyle. For example, if you enjoy playing a melee character, consider using a sword and shield in combination with a greataxe or war hammer. If you prefer ranged combat, a bow or musket might be a good option.

  2. Optimize your travel efficiency Time spent traveling around Aeternum can add up and slow down your leveling process. You can cut down on this travel time by optimizing your use of fast travel points and inns.
  3. When you first visit a settlement, make sure to visit the inn. You can "check in" to an inn once every hour, which allows you to fast travel back to that location from anywhere in the world. This is especially useful if you're working on a long quest chain that takes you far from the settlement. Additionally, if you're ever in a situation where you're out of quests and don't know where to go, you can always teleport back to the inn and pick up some new ones.

    Also, keep in mind that there are fast travel shrines scattered around Aeternum. Once discovered, these shrines can be used as teleportation points, greatly reducing your travel time between different areas. They do cost azoth to use, but this resource can be easily acquired through quests, defeating enemies, and various other activities.

    Finally, remember that it's always quicker to die and respawn at a nearby settlement or camp than it is to travel long distances by foot. If you're far from a fast travel point and have finished your quests in that area, consider letting an enemy kill you so you can respawn closer to your next destination.

New World is a role-playing and adventure game that offers players an immersive experience in a vast world full of exploration, combat, and progression. With a focus on online play and interaction with other players, the game features a variety of activities such as quests, PvP battles, trading, and crafting.

The game stands out for its dynamic and strategic combat system, where players can choose from different weapons and abilities to face challenging enemies and engage in thrilling battles. Furthermore, New World offers a faction system that allows players to join groups and compete for control of territories.

Character progression is based on quest completion, skill improvement, and obtaining equipment and rewards. As players level up, they unlock new abilities, improve their equipment, and gain access to more advanced content.

The game also features a beautiful visual environment with diverse and detailed landscapes that invite players to explore and discover new places. Additionally, the in-game economy is player-driven, meaning that trade and economic interaction play a significant role in the gameplay experience.

In summary, New World offers an immersive and challenging experience for fans of online role-playing games, providing multiple gameplay options, exciting combat, and the opportunity to build and conquer in a vast persistent world. Using these strategies should significantly speed up your power leveling in New World. Remember, the most important aspect is to enjoy the journey as you explore the vast world of Aeternum. Good luck!